Holland Academic Graphics

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-90-5569-007-7Johanna CaspersPitch movements under time pressure: Effects of speech rate on the melodic marking of accents and boundaries in Dutch (HIL dissertations)
1996978-90-5569-015-2Rob Goedemans · Harry van der Hulst · Ellis VischStress Patterns of the World (HIL publications)
  ''978-90-5569-018-3Caroline SmitsDisintegration of inflection: The case of Iowa Dutch
1997978-90-5569-038-1Rick de GraaffDifferential Effects of Explicit Instruction on Second Language Acquisition (HIL dissertations)
1998978-90-5569-052-7Rob GoedemansWeightless Segments: a Phonetic and Phonological Study Concerning the Metrical Irrelevance of Syllable Onsets (LOT international series)
  ''978-90-5569-054-1Paul BoersmaFunctional Phonology
1999978-90-5569-066-4Joost Robbert Michiel DekkersDerivations & Evaluations: on the Syntax of Subjects and Complimentizers (LOT international series)
2000978-90-5569-116-6Edith Maria SchoutenThe Role of the Native Language in the Non-Native Acquisition of Hypothetical Conditional Structures: Door Edith Maria Schouten (LOT)
  ''978-90-5569-117-3Brechtje Maria Bowine PostTonal and Phrasal Structures in French Intonstion (LOT)