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2019978-90-04-39577-0Juan Luis VivesDe Europae dissidiis et republica (Selected Works of J. L. Vives)
  ''978-90-04-39581-7Clarissa BreuBiblical Exegesis without Authorial Intention? (Biblical Interpretation Series)
  ''978-90-04-39603-6Tyler SmithThe Fourth Gospel and the Manufacture of Minds in Ancient Historiography, Biography, Romance, and Drama (Biblical Interpretation Series)
2018978-90-04-39605-0Gregor SchwarbIndex Islamicus Volume 2017 (Index Islamicus Yearbooks)
2019978-90-04-39607-4David Kromhout · Adri K. OffenbergHugo Grotius's Remonstrantie of 1615: Facsimile, Transliteration, Modern Translations and Analysis
  ''978-90-04-39613-5Dorothée CambouThe Yearbook of Polar Law Volume 10, 2018
  ''978-90-04-39618-0Derek R. FordKeywords in Radical Philosophy and Education (Critical Understanding in Education)
2019978-90-04-39620-3Thomas JülchZhipans Account of the History of Buddhism in China
  ''978-90-04-39621-0Rocco RanteThe Oasis of Bukhara, Volume 1 (Arts and Archaeology of the Islamic World) (English and Russian Edition)
  ''978-90-04-39622-7Pál FodorThe Battle for Central Europe
  ''978-90-04-39626-5Ted L. McDormanRegulation on Navigation of Foreign Vessels (Maritime Cooperation in East Asia)
  ''978-90-04-39629-6Guorong YangPhilosophical Horizons (Modern Chinese Philosophy)
2019978-90-04-39631-9Kilian StumpfThe Acta Pekinensia or Historical Records of the Maillard De Tournon Legation: September 1706 – December 1707 (Studies in the History of Christianity in East Asia)
  ''978-90-04-39641-8Ann Tracy HayesStorytelling: Global Reflections on Narrative (At the Interface / Probing the Boundaries)
  ''978-90-04-39642-5Dianne SiemonResearching and Using Progressions (Trajectories) in Mathematics Education (Global Education in the 21st Century)
  ''978-90-04-39643-2Dianne SiemonResearching and Using Progressions (Trajectories) in Mathematics Education (Global Education in the 21st Century)
  ''978-90-04-39645-6Carmella J. BranigerCritical Storytelling in Millennial Times
2019978-90-04-39646-3Carmella J. BranigerCritical Storytelling in Millennial Times
  ''978-90-04-39648-7Jean-Jacques ThibonLes générations des Soufis (Studies on Sufism) (French Edition)
  ''978-90-04-39650-0Seungho MoonThree Approaches to Qualitative Research through the ARtS
  ''978-90-04-39651-7Seungho MoonThree Approaches to Qualitative Research through the ARtS
  ''978-90-04-39653-1Graham BrightYouth Work
2019978-90-04-39654-8Graham BrightYouth Work
  ''978-90-04-39658-6EustathiusCommentarii Ad Homeri Iliadem Pertinentes Ad Fidem Codicis Laurentiani Editi (English and Latin Edition)
  ''978-90-04-39671-5Jennifer KlingPacifism, Politics, and Feminism (Value Inquiry Book / Philosophy of Peace)
  ''978-90-04-39673-9Eric JorinkNetherlands Yearbook for History of Art / Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek 68 (2018)
  ''978-90-04-39674-6Christopher MooreBrill's Companion to the Reception of Socrates (Brill's Companions to Classical Reception)
2020978-90-04-39680-7Valsamis Mitsilegas · Violeta Moreno-Lax · Niovi VavoulaSecuritising Asylum Flows: Deflection, Criminalisation and Challenges for Human Rights (Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy in Europe)
2019978-90-04-39683-8Samantha J. HopePreventing Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War / Verhinderung sexueller Gewalt als Kriegswaffe / Prévenir la violence sexuelle en tant qu'arme de ... Ethics) (English, German and French Edition)
2019978-90-04-39686-9Paolo SantangeloThe Culture of Love in China and Europe (Emotions and States of Mind in East Asia)
  ''978-90-04-39696-8Christian KlotzFichtes Bildtheorie im Kontext (Fichte-studien) (German and English Edition)
  ''978-90-04-39700-2Joanna CruickshankWhite Women, Aboriginal Missions and Australian Settler Governments (Studies in Christian Mission)
  ''978-90-04-39702-6Ivory A. ToldsonNo BS (Bad Stats): Black People Need People Who Believe in Black People Enough Not to Believe Every Bad Thing They Hear about Black People (Personal/Public Scholarship)
  ''978-90-04-39703-3   ''No BS (Bad Stats) (Personal/Public Scholarship)
2019978-90-04-39761-3Howard ChiangThe Making of the Human Sciences in China (China Studies)
  ''978-90-04-39763-7Marco MoriggiAramaic Graffiti from Hatra (Culture and History of the Ancient Near East)
  ''978-90-04-39769-9Ernst van AlphenHow to Do Things with Affects (Thamyris/Intersecting: Place, Sex and Race)
  ''978-90-04-39770-5Pål RepstadPolitical Religion, Everyday Religion: Sociological Trends (International Studies in Religion and Society)
  ''978-90-04-39775-0Johannes HauboldKeeping Watch in Babylon (Culture and History of the Ancient Near East)
2019978-90-04-39781-1Ruth Jackson RavenscroftThe Veiled God (Studies in Systematic Theology)
  ''978-90-04-39789-7Robert A. StebbinsSociability Associations (Brill Research Perspectives)
  ''978-90-04-39791-0Alwin KloekhorstKaniite Hittite (Handbook of Oriental Studies)
  ''978-90-04-39800-9Tawfiq DaadliEsoteric Images: Decoding the Late Herat School of Painting (Jerusalem Studies in Religion and Culture)
  ''978-90-04-39810-8Shai BidermanPlato and the Moving Image (Value Inquiry Book / Philosophy of Film)
2019978-90-04-39813-9Coalter G. LathropBaselines under the International Law of the Sea (The Law of the Sea: Brill Research Perspectives)
  ''978-90-04-39818-4Davor VidasInternational Law and Sea Level Rise (Brill Research Perspectives: The Law of the Sea)
  ''978-90-04-39821-4Norbert OberauerLegal Pluralism in Muslim Contexts (Studies in Islamic Law and Society)
  ''978-90-04-39823-8Kathryn O'SullivanMinority Religions under Irish Law (Muslim Minorities)
  ''978-90-04-39828-3Marcel DanesiMemes and the Future of Pop Culture (Brill Research Perspectives)
2019978-90-04-39835-1Ammeke KatemanMuammad Abduh and His Interlocutors: Conceptualizing Religion in a Globalizing World (Numen Book)
  ''978-90-04-39836-8Gwynaeth McIntyreImperial Cult (Brill Research Perspectives: Brill Ancient History)
  ''978-90-04-39852-8Jan DuekAramaean Borders (Culture and History of the Ancient Near East)
  ''978-90-04-39854-2Graham AdamsTheology of Religions (Theology: Brill Research Perspectives)
  ''978-90-04-39860-3Laurie MookA Review of Social Economy Research in Canada (Brill Research Perspectives)
2019978-90-04-39882-5André Reyes NovaesMaps in Newspapers (Map History)
  ''978-90-04-39884-9Lorenzo AndolfattoHundred Days Literature (East Asian Comparative Literature and Culture)
  ''978-90-04-39930-3Helen C. JohnBiblical Interpretation and African Traditional Religion (Biblical Interpretation Series)
  ''978-90-04-39970-9Maria-vittoria Giugi CarminatiWhat Does Risk Mean in This New Risky Space Business?: Managing Liability Exposure for Injuries to Crew and Passengers Resulting from Us Commercial Space Activities (Studies in Space Law)
  ''978-90-04-39976-1Doreen G. FernandezTikim: Essays on Philippine Food and Culture (Gendering the Trans-Pacific World)
2019978-90-04-39989-1Dan RickettSeparating Abram and Lot (Themes in Biblical Narrative)
  ''978-90-04-39995-2Bastian StillThe Social World of the Babylonian Priest (Culture and History of the Ancient Near East)
  ''978-90-04-39997-6Jacqueline LeonardRecruiting, Preparing, and Retaining STEM Teachers for a Global Generation
  ''978-90-04-39998-3Jacqueline LeonardRecruiting, Preparing, and Retaining STEM Teachers for a Global Generation
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2020978-90-04-40088-7Thomas HaddadMaps of the Moon: Lunar Cartography from the Seventeenth Century to the Space Age (Brill Research Perspectives)
2019978-90-04-40105-1Karl A. E. Enenkel · Jan L. De JongArtes Apodemicae and Early Modern Travel Culture, 1550-1700 (Intersections: Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Modern Culture)
2019978-90-04-40109-9Gert BiestaObstinate Education (Educational Futures: Rethinking Theory and Practice)
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  ''978-90-04-40148-8Olga VoroninaA Companion to Soviet Children's Literature and Film (Brill's Companions to the Slavic World)
  ''978-90-04-40170-9Javaid RehmanThe Asian Yearbook of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
  ''978-90-04-40199-0James TrierGuy Debord, the Situationist International, and the Revolutionary Spirit (Breakthroughs in the Sociology of Education)
2019978-90-04-40200-3James TrierGuy Debord, the Situationist International, and the Revolutionary Spirit (Breakthroughs in the Sociology of Education)
  ''978-90-04-40254-6Jonathan E. SoyarsThe Shepherd of Hermas and the Pauline Legacy (Supplements to Novum Testamentum)
  ''978-90-04-40266-9Josef Van EssTheology and Society in the Second and Third Century of the Hijra (English and Arabic Edition)
  ''978-90-04-40452-6Douglas KellnerThe Critical Media Literacy Guide (Brill Guides to Scholarship in Education)
  ''978-90-04-40544-8Olgun AkbulutMinority Self-Government in Europe and the Middle East (Studies in International Minority and Group Rights)
2019978-90-04-40552-3Mark AwabdyLeviticus: A Commentary on Leueitikon in Codex Vaticanus (Septuagint Commentary)
  ''978-90-04-40575-2Cécile DogniezLes Douze Prophètes dans la LXX (Supplements to Vetus Testamentum,) (French and English Edition)
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2019978-90-04-40678-0Antti LaatoUnderstanding the Spiritual Meaning of Jerusalem in Three Abrahamic Religions (Studies on the Children of Abraham)
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2019978-90-04-40823-4Carlos MontemayorTime's Urgency (Study of Time)
2020978-90-04-40841-8Timo Koivurova · Sanna KopraChinese Policy and Presence in the Arctic (Studies in Polar Law)
2019978-90-04-40854-8Charbel N. El-Hani · Maurício Pietrocola · Eduardo F. Mortimer · Maria Rita OteroScience Education Research in Latin America (Cultural and Historical Perspectives on Science Education)
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2019978-90-04-41010-7Tom Holmén · Stanley E. PorterPb Handbook for the Study of the Historical Jesus (English and German Edition)
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2019978-90-04-41096-1Nicola SimmonsCritical Collaborative Communities (Critical Issues in the Future of Learning and Teaching)
  ''978-90-04-41097-8   ''Critical Collaborative Communities (Critical Issues in the Future of Learning and Teaching)
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2019978-90-04-41560-7Mauro PeraniThe Ancient Sefer Torah of Bologna (Studies in Jewish History and Culture: European Genizah Texts and Studies)
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  ''978-90-04-41897-4   ''International Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education: Volume 2: Tools and Processes in Mathematics Teacher Education (Second Edition)
2019978-90-04-41921-6Gwendolyn M Lloyd · Olive ChapmanInternational Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education: Volume 3: Participants in Mathematics Teacher Education
  ''978-90-04-41922-3Gwendolyn M Lloyd · Olive ChapmanInternational Handbook of Mathematics Teacher Education: Volume 3: Participants in Mathematics Teacher Education
2020978-90-04-42051-9Hayeon KimMultiple Authorship of the Septuagint Pentateuch: The Origin of the Septuagint (Supplements to the Textual History of the Bible)
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2020978-90-04-42251-3Sean AllisonA Grammar of Makary Kotoko
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  ''978-90-04-42348-0Rebekah Welton'he Is a Glutton and a Drunkard'. Deviant Consumption in the Hebrew Bible (Biblical Interpretation)
  ''978-90-04-42354-1Henk de WaardJeremiah 52 in the Context of the Book of Jeremiah (Vetus Testamentum, Supplements)
2020978-90-04-42373-2Douglas Charles EstesThe Tree of Life (Themes in Biblical Narrative)
2019978-90-04-42409-8Council of EuropeAnnuaire Européen 2018/ European Yearbook 2018 (European Yearbook / Annuaire Européen) (English and French Edition)
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2020978-90-04-42621-4Aldo Chircop · Scott Coffen-Smout · Moira L McConnellOcean Yearbook 34
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  ''978-90-04-43082-2Elsaid Badawi · Muhammed Abdel HaleemArabic-english Dictionary of Qur'anic Usage (English and Arabic Edition)
978-90-04-94094-9Abseits ?! - Film zur Gewaltprävention