year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-89-90620-02-6unknownRiver Town (his two years in the Yangtze River) (Korean edition)
2004978-89-90620-04-0John Muir's Mountain nulwa window of essays (5) (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90620-05-7unknownThe end of the world house (Korean edition)
2005978-89-90620-08-8   ''I leave nomads like the wind, like the sun stays (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90620-09-5Today's art (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90620-11-8National Palace Museum Opened to (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90620-12-5Itho and Michael Cunningham IkutaroMoon Jars: The Splendor of Joseon White Porcelain
2005978-89-90620-13-2Han MijaBeautiful obsession (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90620-14-9In the shade (Korean edition)
2006978-89-90620-17-0Palaces, Changdeokgung true of Korea (Korean edition)
2008978-89-90620-19-4Kungnip Munhwajae YongusoUri Nara Chontong Munui. 2, Tojagi = Korean Traditional Pattern 2 Ceramics
2006978-89-90620-20-0Korea traditional pattern fabric (Korean edition)
2009978-89-90620-26-2Jang SeoksinKings longer than any of our new (Korean edition)
2008978-89-90620-27-9unknownAndalusia optimism (Korean edition)
2007978-89-90620-29-3NulwaKorean Portrait Paintings: Encountering with People in History
  ''978-89-90620-32-3unknownHistory of forest Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty (Korean edition)
2008978-89-90620-35-420 architects' (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90620-36-1Mun HwajaecheongPassion of Cultural Property (Korean edition)
2009978-89-90620-39-2Kungnip Munhwajae Yonguso PyonKorean Traditional Pattern 3: Lacquerware Inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl, Woodenware Adhered with Painted Ox-horn Sheet
2010978-89-90620-41-5Shin JungsubHan River Goes (Korean edition)
978-89-90620-44-6Korean art history lectures. 1: Three Kingdoms prehistoric Bohai (Korean edition)
2010978-89-90620-45-3unknownRoh Moo-hyun of the grave: for those who self-exiled landscape (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90620-46-0Moon HwajaechungKorean palaces and Jongmyo (Korean edition)
2010978-89-90620-48-4Korea's World Heritage (Korean edition)
2011978-89-90620-49-1World Heritage in Korea(1995-2011) (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90620-50-7Shin Sang WonCorporate Culture Odyssey 2 (Korean Edition)
  ''978-89-90620-51-4Wan-sik AnAll of our plum blossoms (Korean Edition)
  ''978-89-90620-53-8Hong Joon YooYuhongjun national treasure pilgrimage (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90620-57-6Heung SunStone Lanterns (Korean edition)
2012978-89-90620-58-3unknownHistory of urban tourism (Korean edition)
2012978-89-90620-59-0Quantified address book (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90620-60-6Shin EungsooWooden building techniques (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90620-61-3Yoo HongjunYuhongjun of Korean art history lectures. 2: Unified Silla consideration (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90620-63-7unknownWander through the woods horim of cultural property (Korean edition)
2013978-89-90620-64-4Kim ChuljuUnderstanding of historic preservation of the management and maintenance (Korean edition)