year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-89-90545-21-3Russel Roberts 러셀 로버츠The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance (Korean Edition) 보이지 않는 마음:MIT 경제학
2007978-89-90545-29-9unknownPatch Lucky Star(Easy Story House Beginner1)(Tape1) (Korean edition)
2010978-89-90545-30-5ANNA PAIKPatch's Lucky Star (Korean edition)
2007978-89-90545-33-6RICHARD HARRISJUMP UP READING. 1 (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-34-3RICHARD HARRISJUMP UP READING. 2 (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-35-0   ''JUMP UP READING. 3 (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-36-7A REALLY GOOD SCARE (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-37-4DANIEL AND THE DOORS (Korean edition)
2007978-89-90545-38-1TOP COW (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-39-8SQUARE EYES (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-40-4MARTIN STREET PRESS (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-41-1THE ALIBI (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-42-8LILLIAN S LIZARD IS MISSING (Korean edition)
2007978-89-90545-43-5A FRIEND IN NEED (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-44-2TO THE RESCUE (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-45-9SPARK (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-46-6THE HOUSE ON JACOB STREET (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-48-0CARL S CAFE (Korean edition)
2007978-89-90545-49-7CHARLIE CHICKY AND THE EGGS (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-50-3MARA S BRILLIANT IDEA (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-51-0QUACKER (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-52-7THE CASE OF THE DISAPPEARING SEALS (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-53-4OLIVIA ADAMS PRIVATE EYE (Korean edition)
2007978-89-90545-54-1PUPPY PUZZLE (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-55-8UNDERCOVER CLOWN (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-56-5A LITTLE PROBLEM (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-57-2ALEX AND JOSIE (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-58-9BIRD MAGIC (Korean edition)
2007978-89-90545-59-6LIAR LIAR (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-61-9New Strategic Reading. Level 1 (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-62-6Alice WrigglesworthNew Strategic Reading Level 2 (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-63-3   ''New Strategic Reading Level 3 (Korean edition)
2007978-89-90545-67-1RICHARD HARRISBuildUp Reading Level 1 (Korean edition)
2007978-89-90545-68-8RICHARD HARRISBUILD UP READING. LEVEL 2 (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-69-5   ''BUILD UP READING. LEVEL 3 (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-70-1   ''BuildUp Reading Level 4 (Korean edition)
2008978-89-90545-71-8unknownWEATHER WORDS ?? (Korean edition)
2008978-89-90545-72-5unknownTHE STORM ?? (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-73-2   ''DINNERTIME AT THE ZOO ?? (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-75-6   ''RUN RABBIT ?? (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-76-3   ''MY PET RABBIT ?? (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-78-7LITTLE DUCKLING IS LOST ?? (Korean edition)
2008978-89-90545-79-4WATER PLAY ?? (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-81-7unknownPIZZA FACES ?? (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-83-1   ''KEEPING FIT ?? (Korean edition)
2008978-89-90545-86-2unknownTHE MOTH ?? (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-87-9THE BIG BLUE SEA ?? (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-88-6unknownLIVING THINGS ?? (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-95-4GETTING THERE ?? (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-97-8BOATS ?? (Korean edition)
2008978-89-90545-98-5unknownNAMES ARE EVERYWHERE ?? (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-90545-99-2   ''WHAT CAN I WASH TODAY ?? (Korean edition)