In Pobuk

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-89-8054-428-8unknownDEBUGGING ASP (Korean edition)
2001978-89-8054-430-1unknownWINDOWS 2000 TCP/IP (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-431-8   ''C # for programmers (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-435-6   ''Dreamweaver Ultra Dev 4 21 days (for beginners) (S / W) (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-436-3   ''Using the Java 2 XML) (CD-ROM chapter includes utilizing (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-442-4FABIO ARCINIEGASXML Developer's Guide (CD-ROM 1 includes chapters) (Korean edition)
2001978-89-8054-443-1PHILIP COX ?WINDOWS 2000 ?? ??? (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-447-9Networking Linux TCP / IP Practical Guide (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-448-6Lee Changhoon3D STUDIO MAX 4.X(CD-ROM 1? ??) (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-449-3Web site development using PHP and MYSQL (CD-ROM 1 includes chapters) (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-451-6PATRICK BLATTNERUSING ??????? ?? ?? 2002(SPECIAL EDITION) (Korean edition)
2001978-89-8054-452-3BOB DUCHARMEXSLT (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-453-0PATRICE-ANNE RUTLEDGEUSING Microsoft Korean PowerPoint 2002 (Korean edition)
2002978-89-8054-457-8ERIC MAIWALDNetwork Security Handbook (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-460-8GAL SHACHOR ?JSP tag library (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-463-9ERIC GUNNERSONProgrammers for C # (2nd Edition) (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-465-3JOEL SCAMBRAY ?HACKING EXPOSED WINDOWS 2000(???? ?? ??? ???) (Korean edition)
2002978-89-8054-466-0DAVID HARRINGTON ?INSIDE AUTOCAD 2002 (CD-ROM 1 ? ??) (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-467-7DUNCAN MACKENZIE ?Hangul Visual BASIC.NET 21 il completed (for beginners) (CD-ROM 5) Chapter (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-477-6DAN APPLEMANMOVING TO VISUAL BASIC.NET ?? ?? ??? ?? (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-479-0CISCO SYSTEMS INC.Internetworking Technology Handbook (3rd Edition) (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-483-7Database Programming and Korean VISUAL BASIC.NET (Korean edition)
2002978-89-8054-486-8SCOTT WORLEYINSIDE ASP.NET (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-487-5STEVEN A.null (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-491-2BLAKE DOURNAEEXML SECURITY (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-493-6SOO MEE FOO ?XML Programming (Korean edition)
2003978-89-8054-499-8unknownComparison of C # for JAVA programmers utilize (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-505-6   ''JDK 1.4 Tutorial (Korean edition)
2003978-89-8054-513-1Java bug patterns and (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-522-3PHP and MYSQL (Successful Web Programming) (2nd Edition) (CD-ROM) Chapter (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-523-0unknownC++ NETWORK PROGRAMMING VOLUME 2 (Korean edition)
2004978-89-8054-525-4unknownLinux Socket Programming (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-8054-527-8   ''Fascinating C + + (Korean edition)