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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-89-7300-823-0Leshan Amuse-Ballet · Hak-ro YoonSpecial effects (Korean Edition)
2002978-89-7300-824-7unknownKorean words teuyineun 4 S / B (Korean edition)
2009978-89-7300-826-1unknownGerman studios. 1: 1890s -1920's (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-7300-827-8Chang Sun-YoungA Korean Mother's Cooking Notes, Completely Revised and Expanded Deluxe Hardcover Edition
  ''978-89-7300-828-5JaejoongOrigins of East Asian Women (Korean Edition)
  ''978-89-7300-829-2unknown(INTRODUCING INTERPRETING STUDIES) (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-7300-830-8   ''Ewha bungee jumping (Korean edition)
2009978-89-7300-831-5Hong SeokpyoChina's modern history (Korean edition)
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  ''978-89-7300-833-9Lee Young HeeDesign play (Korean Edition)
  ''978-89-7300-835-3I HwainmungwahakwonDistrict era of cultural boundaries (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-7300-836-0   ''The boundaries of gender and ride terrain (Korean edition)
2009978-89-7300-837-7Ewha Institute of HumanitiesInter-media and demarcation culture (Korean Edition)
  ''978-89-7300-840-7IN GERMAN PLEASE: GLOSSARY SOLUTIONS (Korean edition)
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  ''978-89-7300-843-8Spirit of Korean Culture. 26: Classical Poetic Songs of Korea (Korean edition)
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2009978-89-7300-845-2Pathfinder in Korean Korean words teuyineun 1 (English) (Korean edition)
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  ''978-89-7300-849-0   ''Korean words teuyineun 3: S / B japanese (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-7300-850-6South Korea's Korean Metal Ornaments Decorative metal (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-7300-851-3Jang Yun-jaeChristian theology in the age of globalization (Korean Edition)
2009978-89-7300-852-0Lee Chan-sooKorean Christian Criticism (Korean Edition)
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  ''978-89-7300-854-4unknownCivil affiliates (Korean edition)
2010978-89-7300-859-9Kim Young-wookNonprofit Communications (Korean Edition)
2009978-89-7300-860-5Brendan M. Howe · Jason JarvisThe High School Debate Primer (Korean Edition)
2010978-89-7300-861-2unknownKorean teuyineun say. 5: S / B (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-7300-865-0Shin Sang Mi · Kim Jae-riReading body and movement (Korean Edition)
  ''978-89-7300-866-7Elena Bodrova · Deborah LyonMental Tools (Korean Edition)
2010978-89-7300-867-4Kim Mal-BokDance and body (Korean Edition)
2011978-89-7300-868-1Traditional Korean Painting (Korean edition)
2010978-89-7300-869-8Jasper KimMini Messaging: The Art of Smart Texting
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  ''978-89-7300-874-2Lee HwainmoongwahakwonInterface and multi-media aesthetics (Korean edition)
2010978-89-7300-876-6Ewha Womans University Language Education CenterEwha Korean. 1-1 (in English) (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-7300-877-3unknownEwha Korean. 1-1 (in Japanese) (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-7300-878-0Ewha Korean. 1-1 (in Chinese) (Korean edition)
  ''978-89-7300-879-7Ewha Womans University Language Education CenterEwha Korean. 1-2 (English language version), (Korean edition) (Korean)
2011978-89-7300-880-3이화이화 한국어 1-2(일본어판) CD1장포함
2010978-89-7300-881-0Ewha Womans University Language Education CenterEwha Korean 1-2 Chinese Edition (Korean Edition)
  ''978-89-7300-882-7Jung TaesooHistory of the World of Motion Picture Arts and (Korean edition)
2011978-89-7300-885-8Ewha Korean. 2-1 (in English) (Korean edition)
2010978-89-7300-888-9Ewha Womans University Language Education CenterEwha Korean. 2-2 (in English) (Korean edition)
2010978-89-7300-889-6Ewha Womans University Language Education CenterEwha Korean 2-2 Japanese edition (Korean Edition)
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2010978-89-7300-897-1unknownEwha Women's University Alumni Association 100th Anniversary (1908-2008) (Korean edition)
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2011978-89-7300-912-1Choi ByungokCharcot Marie Tooth bottle (Korean edition)
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2011978-89-7300-921-3Lee HwainmoongwahakwonConvergence of the digital era (Korean edition)
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2012978-89-7300-944-2Yong Seung ChoMathematics in Nature and Civilization (Korean Edition)
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2012978-89-7300-950-3Korean Genealogical Records (Korean edition)
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