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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-88-96447-00-0Ciro DiscepoloLunar returns and earth returns. Two supporting methodologies for active astrology: Volume 1
  ''978-88-96447-01-7Ciro DiscepoloTransitos y retornos solares. Un nuevo sistema de analisis para dos metodos antiguos: Volume 1
2008978-88-96447-02-4   ''Transits et revolutions solares. Un nouveau systeme pour deux methodes anciennes: Volume 1
2009978-88-96447-03-1   ''Aimed solar and lunar returns. What you can do when you cannot leave: Volume 1
2008978-88-96447-04-8   ''Die transite und das solarhoroskop. Ein neues system fur zwei klassische methoden: Volume 1
2010978-88-96447-05-5   ''Lunar Returns: The many things you should know about this fantastic tool of forecasting
2011978-88-96447-08-6Ciro DiscepoloThe Protocol for Correction of Birth Time: A Practical Method to Correct Your Birth Time: Volume 1