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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-88-95604-00-8Lance StormThe enigma of numbers
  ''978-88-95604-01-5Claire Saunders · John SaundersShakespeare's 100 greatest dramatic images
  ''978-88-95604-02-2Lance StormSynchronicity. Multiple perspectives on meaningful coincidences
  ''978-88-95604-03-9F. David PeatGentle action. Bringing creative change to a turbulent world
  ''978-88-95604-04-6Gloria Cappelli«I reckon I know how Leonardo da Vinci must have felt...». Epistemicity, evidentiality and english verbs of cognitive attitude
2009978-88-95604-05-3Jeff VezinaNecessary chances. Synchronicity in the encounters that transform us
2009978-88-95604-06-0Donna Kennedy-GlansUnveiling the breath. On woman's journey in to understanding Islam and gender equality
2010978-88-95604-08-4David DuncanFrom Object to Life: An Extraordinary Journey Through Austistic Worlds
  ''978-88-95604-09-1F. David PeatFlickering Reality. Cinema & the Nature of Reality
2011978-88-95604-10-7William B. Shanley · Nick HerbertAlice and the Quantum Cat
  ''978-88-95604-12-1Remo F. RothReturn of the world soul. Wolfgang Pauli, C.G. Jung and the challenge of psychophysical reality: 1
  ''978-88-95604-13-8Colin TudgeGood food for everyone forever. A people's takeover of the world's food supply
  ''978-88-95604-14-5Massimo SchincoThe composer's dream. Essays on Dreams, Creativity and Change
2015978-88-95604-26-8F. David PeatSynchronicity. The marriage of Matter and Psyche