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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-88-89127-00-1Mario MarchiòThe hole in the hedge
  ''978-88-89127-01-8Jerome NelWhere are the sons in the house?
2005978-88-89127-03-2Manickam ChandrakumarOvercoming temptation. Effective strategies to defeating temptation
  ''978-88-89127-04-9Richard FlemingThe glory returns to the workplace
  ''978-88-89127-05-6Brian WattsWhat do you learn in school? How to choose or develop a curriculum for church-based and home-school teaching programs
  ''978-88-89127-06-3Rowan McRaeMy legacy
2005978-88-89127-07-0Matthew BotsfordJohnny Rocket and his comrades in faith
  ''978-88-89127-08-7Abayilo LamiWait on the Lord. How to connect your soul to the Lord by waiting on him
  ''978-88-89127-10-0Catherine BrownConfessions of a fasting housewife. One woman's journey with Jesus
  ''978-88-89127-11-7Amanda WellsCan a nation be changed in a day? How to transform our cities for true reformation
  ''978-88-89127-12-4Peter ToddHeavenly worship. Releasing your spirit to faith, hope and destiny
2006978-88-89127-13-1Joe IbojieDreams and visions. How to receive, interpret and apply your dreams: 1
2005978-88-89127-14-8   ''The illustrated Bible-based. Dictionary of dream simbols
2005978-88-89127-15-5Michael HowardIntercession: your power to possess nations (and everything else around you)
2006978-88-89127-16-2Joe IbojieHow to live the supernatural life in the here and now
2005978-88-89127-18-6Baruch BattelsteinCovenant: G-D's plan for Israel in the last days
2006978-88-89127-19-3Tommy TenneyInseguitori di Dio. Alla ricerca di colui che ama la tua anima
  ''978-88-89127-25-4Matthew BotsfordJohnny Rocket. Surprise return to south middle school
  ''978-88-89127-26-1Dag C. Mills HewardTransform your pastoral ministry
2007978-88-89127-28-5Joshua M. JostThe ancient path. Understanding your journey from creation to creator
2006978-88-89127-30-8Nick PengellyDo not forget the angels
  ''978-88-89127-31-5Obii Pax HarryProphetic engagement. The Issachar Mandate. Unlocking the hidden power of the interpretive function in the gift of prophecy
  ''978-88-89127-32-2Marion MeyersThe ABC's of emotions. A guide to understanding how people think and feel
2007978-88-89127-33-9Antony HowsonA journey of change. The supernatural power of truth
2007978-88-89127-34-6Sandy RosenOff the map. The compelling story of believers who learned the power and love of god during a spirit led five years journey
  ''978-88-89127-38-4Christine DargMiracles among muslims. The Jesus vision
  ''978-88-89127-39-1Tony LingThe lion and the lamb. Reflections on the Book of Revelation: 1
  ''978-88-89127-40-7Ronda ShooterMy cappuccino kids. From motherhood to ministry: a portrait of grace
2008978-88-89127-41-4Manickam ChandrakumarWedlock or deadlock? Discovering and maintaining the union god intended
2007978-88-89127-42-1Sheena RyanPathways to destiny. Understanding your journey toward true purpose in life
  ''978-88-89127-43-8Harry O. PaxBreaking the bonds of wickedness in the last days. How to release your past and embrace your future
2007978-88-89127-44-5Bev MurrillCatalysts. You can be God's agent for change
  ''978-88-89127-45-2Baruch BattelsteinCovenant: conflict & salvation in the end times. The redemption of Israel and the nations
  ''978-88-89127-46-9   ''Covenant: the end-times prophecy of Daniel. The rise of the fourth kingdom
2008978-88-89127-47-6Amoabeng OppongUnderstanding the laws of divine healing
  ''978-88-89127-48-3Rex ObengWhat manner of child shall this be! How to influence your child's destiny
  ''978-88-89127-49-0Judy FlanaganWhat every saint needs to know about lucifer
2008978-88-89127-50-6Tony LingThe lion & the lamb. More reflections on the book of revelation: 2
  ''978-88-89127-51-3Pei Lin ShangEvery believer's guide to the supernatural experiencing heaven's rain
  ''978-88-89127-52-0Willem J. GlashouwerWhy Israel ? Understanding Israel, the Church, and the Nations in the last days
  ''978-88-89127-53-7Charles Agyin-AsareHow anybody can become somebody
  ''978-88-89127-54-4Terry Smith-LittleDeveloping the D.I.V.A (Divinely insired virtuous assett) in you
2008978-88-89127-55-1Brian ByrneBe my disciple. A christian's search to follow Jesus in the twenty-first century
  ''978-88-89127-56-8Ernest Cowper-SmithWhen God smile. Understanding the heart of God in painful circumstances
2009978-88-89127-57-5Michael Tayo AdenitireThe Generational Curse Stops Here: How the Blood of Jesus Crushes the Enemy's Power
2008978-88-89127-60-5Levi LandStep out of the boat. God is waiting to do miracles through you!
  ''978-88-89127-62-9Johannes AmritzerHow Jesus healed the sick (and how you can too!)
  ''978-88-89127-64-3John Oteniya RotimiBe who you are meant to be overcoming what hinders the call of god on your life
  ''978-88-89127-65-0Jaerock LeeUnderstanding the message of the cross of Jesus Christ. Why Jesus is the only way to salvation
2008978-88-89127-66-7Abayilo LamiBeyond limits. Discover life's winning strategies
2009978-88-89127-67-4Tom InglisThe worshiping you prophetic and practical insights into worship
  ''978-88-89127-69-8Mike Kola EwuoshoBehind enemy lines. How to be victorious in the anti-christ culture of the end times
  ''978-88-89127-70-4Haavard SandBecoming the bride of Christ in the last days. How Jesus will make the church ready in the endtimes
  ''978-88-89127-71-1Ann GoodfellowGod is waiting to meet you building your relationship with God. Father, Son, and Holy spirit through daily prayer
  ''978-88-89127-73-5Kirstie WellsAtheist's journey to the cross. A path finder's guide to the real C hrist (An)
2009978-88-89127-75-9Gayle ClaxtonThe secrets of walking with god you can experience a personal friendship with lord
  ''978-88-89127-77-3Lydia NewtonThe journey to sonship. Possessing your inheritance
  ''978-88-89127-79-7Emmanuel OlumideHow to establish financial security. Biblical solutions to manage your money
  ''978-88-89127-80-3Edward K. PoussonJesus mentor me becoming a personal apprentice of Jesus
  ''978-88-89127-84-1Glenn ArekionSeven ways to increase your anointing
2010978-88-89127-85-8Azuka OkahSet apart. Overcoming the single's hidden struggle to find your place in the body of Christ
2009978-88-89127-87-2PreacherBeyond the potter's house. The call, the consecration, and the commissione of the holy spirit
2009978-88-89127-88-9Clinton C. BakerFrom dream to destiny keys to unlocking your future
2010978-88-89127-89-6Rick KronkDreams and visions. Muslim' miracolous journey to Jesus
  ''978-88-89127-90-2Kevin BasconiDancing with angels how you can work with angels in your life
2009978-88-89127-91-9Joe IbojieThe watchman. The ministry of the seer in the local church
2010978-88-89127-92-6Rosalie Willis StormentWalking on with Jesus. 90-day devotional journey from God's heart to your heart
  ''978-88-89127-94-0Musa BakoI am who God says I am walking in the finished work of Christ
  ''978-88-89127-95-7Graeme LoftusA little lower than the angels. God created you awesome and powerful: how to keep your body, soul, and spirit strong and healthy
  ''978-88-89127-96-4Kathleen McAnear SmithParents an the move! Preparing your family for a successful and creative relocation
2010978-88-89127-97-1Ann GoodfellowGod wants you to know him a journey of discovery who God through daily prayer and reflection
  ''978-88-89127-99-5Gerald RowlandsThe Messiah comes to Israel. Will a major prophecy Soon be fulfilled in Israel?