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1961978-88-7653-013-5David M. StanleyChrist's resurrection in Pauline soteriology
1978978-88-7653-021-0Dennis J. McCarthyTreaty and covenant. A study in form in the ancient oriental documents and in the Old Testament
1989978-88-7653-023-4William J. DaltonChrist's proclamation to the Spirits. A study of 1 Pt. 3, 18-4, 6
1965978-88-7653-025-8Joachim BeckerGottesfurcht im Alten Testament
1969978-88-7653-036-4Schuyler BrownApostasy and perseverance in the theology of Luke
  ''978-88-7653-038-8Quentin QuesnellThe Mind of Mark
1970978-88-7653-039-5Luis I. StadelmannThe Hebrew conception of the world
  ''978-88-7653-040-1Jorge Sánchez BoschGloriarse segun san Pablo
  ''978-88-7653-044-9William G. ThompsonMatthew's Advice to a Divided Community (Mt. 17, 22-18, 35)
  ''978-88-7653-045-6Edward L. BodeThe first easter morning. The gospel accounts of the women's visit to the tomb of Jesus
1998978-88-7653-048-7Stanislas Lyonnet · Léopold SabourinSin, redemption and sacrifice. A biblical and patristic study
1971978-88-7653-050-0Sean McEvenueThe narrative style of the priestly writer
1976978-88-7653-067-8John J. KilgallenThe Stephen speech
1980978-88-7653-076-0Michael L. KleinThe fragment-Targums of the Pentateuch. According to their extant sources
2006978-88-7653-081-4Charles ConroyAbsalom Absalom!
1978978-88-7653-082-1Richard J. DillonFrom eye-witnesses to ministers of the word
1979978-88-7653-083-8Brendan ByrneSons of God-seed of Abraham. A study of the idea of the sonship of God of all christians in Paul against the Jewish background
1994978-88-7653-085-2Georg PanikulamKoinonia in the New Testament. A dynamic expression of christian life
1981978-88-7653-087-6John P. HeilJesus walking on the sea
1982978-88-7653-088-3Paul KalluveettilDeclaration and covenant
2006978-88-7653-089-0T. J. DeidunNew covenant morality in Paul
1981978-88-7653-094-4James SwetnamJesus and Isaac. A study of the Epistle to the Hebrews in the light of the Aqedah
1982978-88-7653-099-9Fritz ChenderlinDo this as my memorial
1983978-88-7653-102-6Armand Puig i TárrechLa parabole des dix vièrges Mt. 25, 1-13
1985978-88-7653-103-3Yehuda T. Radday · Haim ShoreGenesis. An authorship study in computer-assisted statistical linguistics
1984978-88-7653-104-0Adrian GraffyA Prophet confronts his people. The disputation speech in the prophets
1985978-88-7653-107-1Charles H. GiblinThe destruction of Jerusalem according to Luke's gospel
1985978-88-7653-108-8Dennis J. McCarthyInstitution and narrative. Collected essays
1987978-88-7653-112-5John P. HeilRomans-Paul's letter of hope
1998978-88-7653-114-9James McCaffreyThe house with many rooms. The temple theme of Jn. 14, 2-3
1988978-88-7653-115-6Stephen F. MileticOne flesh: Eph. 5, 22-24. Marriage and the new creation
1989978-88-7653-116-3Carol K. StockhausenMoses' veil and the glory of the new covenant. The exegetical substructure of 2 Cor. 3, 4, 6
2011978-88-7653-117-0George MlakuzhyilChristocentric literary-dramatic structure of John's gospel
1988978-88-7653-118-7Abraham MariaselvamThe song of songs and ancient tamil love poems. Poetry and symbolism
1991978-88-7653-122-4Barbara A. BozakLife «Anew». A literary-theological study of Jer. 30-31
1990978-88-7653-123-1Scaria KuthirakkattelThe beginning of Jesus' ministry according to Mark's Gospel (1, 14-3, 6): a redaction critical study
1991978-88-7653-126-2Fearghus Ó FearghailThe introduction to Luke-acts
  ''978-88-7653-127-9Michael KolarcikThe ambiguity of death in the book of Wisdom 1-6. A study of literary structure and interpretation
1997978-88-7653-136-1Franco ManziMelchisedek e l'angelologia nell'Epistola agli ebrei e a Qumran
1998978-88-7653-139-2Craig G. BartholomewReading Ecclesiastes. Old Testament, exegesis and hermeneutical theory
2000978-88-7653-142-2Robert NorthMedicine in the biblical background and other essays on the origins of hebrew
  ''978-88-7653-143-9Dean P. BechardPaul outside the walls: a study of Luke's socio-geographical universalism in Acts 14:8-20
  ''978-88-7653-144-6John P. HeilThe transfiguration of Jesus: narrative meaning and function of Mark 9:2-8, Matt. 17:1-8 and Luke 9:28-36
  ''978-88-7653-145-3Robert NorthThe biblical jubilee... After fifty years
2000978-88-7653-146-0Jacob PrasadFoundations of the christian way of life according to 1 Peter 1, 13-25. An exegetico-theological study
2001978-88-7653-147-7Jan LambrechtCollected studies on Pauline literature and on the book of Revelation
  ''978-88-7653-148-4Sang-Won SonCorporate Elements in Pauline Anthropology. A study of selected terms, idioms, and concepts in the light of Paul's usage and background
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2003978-88-7653-150-7George KeerankeriThe love commandment in Mark. An exegetico-theological study of Mark 12, 28-34
2004978-88-7653-155-2Roberto FornaraLa visione contraddetta. La dialettica fra visibilità e non-visibilità divina nella Bibbia ebraica
2005978-88-7653-158-3Thomas StegmanThe Character of Jesus. The Linchpin to Paul's argument in 2 Corinthians
2006978-88-7653-161-3Dariusz IwanskiThe Dynamics of Job's intercession
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1998978-88-7653-238-2Cyrus H. GordonUgaritic textbook
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1978978-88-7653-252-8Jerrold S. CooperThe Return of Ninurta to Nippur: an-gim dím-ma
2006978-88-7653-254-2Rykle BorgerBabylonisch-assyrische Lesestücke
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1985978-88-7653-341-9   ''Creation and the teaching of the Qur'an
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2005978-88-7653-351-8Agustinus GiantoBiblical and oriental essays in memory of William L. Moran
1972978-88-7653-401-0Xavier JacquesList of Septuagint Words Sharing Common Elements. Supplement to concordance or dictionary
1982978-88-7653-405-8Roger Le DéautThe message of the New Testament and the Aramaic Bible (Targum)
1952978-88-7653-412-6Joseph MolitorAltgeorgisches Glossar zu ausgewählten Bibeltexten
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