Pontificia Univ. Gregoriana

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1938978-88-7652-013-6Ricardo García VillosladaLa universidad de Paris durante los estudios de Francisco de Vitoria
1959978-88-7652-079-2Urbano NavarreteLa buena fe de las personas jurídicas en orden a la prescripción adquisitiva. Estudio histórico-canónico
1960978-88-7652-082-2James F. ConnellyThe visit of archbishop Gaetano Bedini to the United States of America (1853-1854)
1975978-88-7652-169-0Louis J. CameliMinisterial consciousness: a biblical-spiritual study
  ''978-88-7652-171-3Kenneth E. BoccafolaThe requirement of perpetuity for the impediment of impotence
1976978-88-7652-174-4William KellyPope Gregory II on divorce and remarriage
1978978-88-7652-181-2William J. MalleyHellenism and christianity
1982978-88-7652-197-3William A. Van RooBasics of a roman catholic theology
1983978-88-7652-200-0John M. McDermottLove and understanding. The relation of will and intellect in Pierre Rousselot's christological vision
1900978-88-7652-330-4Bartholomew M. KielyPsychology and Moral Theology
1973978-88-7652-348-9Edward MalatestaThe epistles of st. John. Greek text and english translation schematically arranged
1980978-88-7652-350-2Carlo Maria MartiniLa parola di Dio alle origini della Chiesa
1994978-88-7652-357-1Urbano NavarreteStructura iuridica matrimonii secundum Concilium Vaticanum II
1970978-88-7652-358-8John NavoneThemes of St. Luke
2003978-88-7652-374-8Luigi RullaDepth psychology and vocation. A psicho-social perspective
1983978-88-7652-405-9Paul Beauchamp;Francesco Rossi De Gasperis · Reinhard NeudeckerBible and inculturation
1976978-88-7652-407-3Luigi M. RullaEntering and Leaving Vocation: Intrapsychic Dynamics
1983978-88-7652-425-7Karl NeufeldGeschichte und Mensch A. Delps Idee der Geschichte. Ihr Werden und ihre Grundzüge
1973978-88-7652-432-5Peter BroweDie Judenmission im Mittelalter und die Päpste
1943978-88-7652-433-2A. Castano · L. Hertling · E. Kirschbaum · L. Lopetegui · I. ZunzuneguiXenia piana... Pio Papae XII dicata
1972978-88-7652-453-0Luis M. Martínez FazioLa segunda basílica de San Pablo extramuros. Estudios sobre su fundación
1974978-88-7652-457-8Gerald FogartyThe vatican and the Americanist crisis. Denis J. O'Connell, American agent in Rome (1885-1903)
1977978-88-7652-463-9Sophie Olszamowska SkowronskaLes accords de Vienne et de Rome entre le Saint-Siège et la Russie (1880-1882)
1973978-88-7652-474-5Mariasusai DhavamonyPhenomenology of Religion
1979978-88-7652-480-6Cyriac MuppathyilMeditation as a path to God-Realization. A study in the spiritual teachings of Swani Prabhavananda and his assessment of Christian spirituality
1982978-88-7652-482-0Mariasusai DhavamonyClassical hinduism
  ''978-88-7652-483-7Hervé CarrierHigher education facing new cultures
1986978-88-7652-538-4Raymond Leo BurkeLack of discretion of judgment because of schizophrenia. Doctrine and recent rotal jurisprudence
1984978-88-7652-539-1Peter TeteA Missionary social worker in India: J. B. Hoffmann, the Chota Nagpur tenacy acts and the catholic cooperatives 1893-1928
1986978-88-7652-543-8Giacomo MartinaPio IX (1851-1866)
1985978-88-7652-545-2James R. SpenceConsent to marriage in a crisis of personality disorder
1986978-88-7652-548-3William A. Van RooTelling about God: 1
  ''978-88-7652-565-0Soosai ArokiasamyDharma, hindu and christian, according to Roberto de Nobili
1987978-88-7652-568-1Georges HellinghausenKampf um die Apostolischen Vikare des Nordens J. Th. Laurent und C. A. Lüpke
  ''978-88-7652-569-8William A. Van RooTelling about God: 2
1986978-88-7652-571-1Luigi RullaAnthropology of the christian vocation: 1
1987978-88-7652-573-5William HennThe hierarchy of truths according to Yves Congar
1987978-88-7652-575-9Antonio OrbeIntroducción a la teologia de los siglos II y III
  ''978-88-7652-576-6William A. Van RooTelling about God: 3
1988978-88-7652-580-3Aidan McGrathA Controversy concerning male impotence
1987978-88-7652-582-7Bartholomew KielyPsychology and moral theology. Lines of convergence
1995978-88-7652-586-5Luigi Rulla · Joyce Ridick · Franco ImodaPsychological structure and vocation. A study of the motivation for entering and learning of religious life
1988978-88-7652-596-4Joseph BajadaSexual impotence. The contribution of Paolo Zacchia (1584-1659)
1989978-88-7652-597-1Ion Dumitriu SnagovLe saint-Siège et la Roumanie moderne (1866-1914)
  ''978-88-7652-598-8Luigi Rulla · Joyce Ridick · Franco ImodaAnthropology of the christian vocation: 2
  ''978-88-7652-606-0Antonio OrbeEspiritualidad de san Ireneo
1961978-88-7652-624-4Paul PoupardCorrespondance inédite entre Mgr. Antonio Garibaldi à Paris et Mgr. Césaire Mathieu, archevêque de Besançon
1991978-88-7652-635-0Stuart C. BateEvangelization in the South African context
  ''978-88-7652-639-8James J. ConnCatholic universities in the United States and ecclesiastical authority
1991978-88-7652-640-4William E. BiernatzkiRoots of acceptance: the inculturation communication of religious meanings
1992978-88-7652-652-7William A. Van RooThe christian sacrament
2008978-88-7652-656-5J. M. McdermottThe thought of pope John Paul II. A collection of essays and studies
1994978-88-7652-666-4Anne HennessyThe galilee of Jesus
1997978-88-7652-698-5Yuji SugawaraReligious poverty. From Vatican Council II to the 1994 synod of bishops
1996978-88-7652-706-7Andrea BellandiFede cristiana come «Stare e comprendere». La giustificazione dei fondamenti della fede in Joseph Ratzinger
  ''978-88-7652-708-1Lucía Herrerías GuerraEspero estar en la verdad. La búsqueda ontológica de Paul Ricoeur
  ''978-88-7652-720-3Scott Normand BrodeurThe holy Spirit's agency in the resurrection of the dead. An exegetico-theological study of 1 Corinthians 15, 446-49 and Romans 8, 9-13
  ''978-88-7652-721-0Selvister PonnumuthanThe spirituality of basic ecclesial communities in the socio-religious context of Trivandrum-Kerala, India
1997978-88-7652-732-6Julio M. CastilloRealidad y transcendentalidad en el planteamiento del problema del mal según Xavier Zubiri
  ''978-88-7652-750-0Thomas NaickamparambilThrough self-discovery to self-transcendence. A study of cognitional self-appropriation in B. Lonergan
1997978-88-7652-759-3Robert W. OliverThe vocation of the laity to evangelisation. An ecclesiastical inquiry into the synod on the laity (1987), «Christifideles laici» (1989)...
  ''978-88-7652-760-9Pierre-Noël MayaudLa condamnation des livres coperniciens et sa révocation à la lumière de documents inédits des congrégations de l'index et de l'inquisition
  ''978-88-7652-761-6Andrea SpataforaFrom the temple of God to God as the temple. A biblical theological study of the temple in the book of revelation
1998978-88-7652-779-1Yumarma · Peter-Hans KolvenbachUnderstanding and discussion. Approaches to muslim-christian dialogue
  ''978-88-7652-809-5Rose B. CalabrettaBaptism and confirmation. The vocation and mission of the laity in the writings of Virgil Michel
1999978-88-7652-812-5George De CasaThe qur'anic concept of Umma and its function in Philippine muslim society
  ''978-88-7652-814-9Carlo CasaloneMedicina, macchine e uomini. La malattia al crocevia delle interpretazioni
1999978-88-7652-817-0Phillip BrownCanon 17 CIC 1983 and the hermeneutical principles of Bernard Lonergan
  ''978-88-7652-818-7Mariasusai DhavamonyHindu spirituality
  ''978-88-7652-819-4John Barla BerchmansChristian theological understanding of other religions according to D. S. Amalorpavadass
  ''978-88-7652-825-5Joseph G. PriorThe historical critical method in catholic exegesis
  ''978-88-7652-844-6Giuliano BrugnottoL'aequitas canonica. Studio e analisi del concetto degli scritti di Enrico da Susa (cardinal ostiense)
2000978-88-7652-860-6Cait O'DwyerImagining one's future: a projective approach to christian maturity
2000978-88-7652-861-3T. Simon LaszlòIdentity and identification. An exegetical and theological study of 2 Sam. 21-24
2001978-88-7652-879-8William LarousseA Local Church living for dialogue: muslim-christian relations in Mindanao-Sulu (Philippines) 1965-2000
  ''978-88-7652-882-8Michael ConnorsInculturated pastoral planning. The U.S. hispanic experience
  ''978-88-7652-887-3G. Celestino LingadThe problems of jewish christians in the Johannine community
  ''978-88-7652-890-3F. Rusembuka MuhigirwaThe two ways of human development according to B. Lonergan. Anticipation in insight
  ''978-88-7652-901-6Davide SalvatoriL'oggetto del magistero definitivo della Chiesa alla luce del m. p. Ad tuendam fidem: il can. 750 visto attraverso i Concili vaticani
2002978-88-7652-920-7Maurice Nyunt WaiPancasila and Catholic Moral Teaching. Moral principles as expression of spiritual experience in Theravada Buddhism and Christianity
2002978-88-7652-925-2Herbert AlphonsoThe Personal Vocation. Transformation in Depth through the Spiritual Exercises
  ''978-88-7652-926-9Paul Kariuki NjiruCharisms and the Holy Spirit's activity in the body of Christ. An exegetical-theological study of 1 Corinthians 12,4-11 and Romans 12,6-8
  ''978-88-7652-930-6Donal CorryMinisterium rationis reddendae. An Approximation to Hilary of Poitiers' Understanding of Theology
  ''978-88-7652-933-7Timothy CostelloForming a Priestly identità
  ''978-88-7652-934-4Jaime Calderón CalderónLa libertad como fondamento de configuración de la personalidad en Xavier Zubiri
2002978-88-7652-938-2Michael J. MullaneyIncardination and the Universal Dimension of the Priestly Ministry. A Comparison Between CIC 17 and CIC 83
  ''978-88-7652-941-2Mary S. NwachukwuCreation-Covenant Scheme and Justification by Faith. A Canonical Study of the God-Human Drama in the Pentateuch and the Letter to the Romans
2003978-88-7652-946-7Michael McLaughlinKnowledge, consciousness and religious. Conversion in Bernard Lonergan and Sri Aurobindo
2002978-88-7652-948-1X. Paul ViagulamuthuOffering our bodies as a living sacrifice to God. A study in Pauline spirituality based on Romans 12,1
2003978-88-7652-955-9James Olaitan AjayiThe HIV/AIDS epidemic in Nigeria. Some ethical considerations
  ''978-88-7652-958-0Baby VC ParambiThe discipleship of the women in the gospel according to Matthew. An exegetical, theological study of Matthew (27:51b-56, 57-61 and 28:1-10)
  ''978-88-7652-963-4Aidan O'BoyleTowards a contemporary Wisdom Christology. Some catholic christologies in German, English and French. (1965-1995)
  ''978-88-7652-967-2Michael ByrnesConformation to the death of Christ and the hope of resurrection. An exegetico-theological study of two Corinthians (4, 7-15) and Philippians (3, 7-11)
2003978-88-7652-968-9Mariasusai DhavamonyEcumenical theology of world religions
2005978-88-7652-969-6Maria Luisa RigatoIl titolo della croce di Gesù. Confronto tra i vangeli e la tavoletta-reliquia della basilica Eleniana a Roma
2004978-88-7652-982-5John O'DonnellKarl Rahner. Life in the spirit
  ''978-88-7652-983-2Peter HenriciA practical guide to study
  ''978-88-7652-988-7Mariasusai DhavamonyJesus Christ in the understandidg
  ''978-88-7652-990-0Hyun-Chul ChoEcological vision of the world: toward a christian ecological theology of our age (An)
  ''978-88-7652-997-9Fintan GavinPastoral care in marriage preparation (Can. 1063). History, analysis of the norm, and its implementation by some particular churches