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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-88-7642-008-5Gonelli Lida MariaD'Ancona - Novati - II
1989978-88-7642-016-0   ''D'Ancona - Novati - III
1994978-88-7642-041-2Giorgio VasariLe vite de' più eccellenti pittori, scultori e architettori nelle redazioni del 1550 e 1568. Indice di frequenza
1995978-88-7642-049-8Petrus Peregrinus De MaricourtOpera. Epistula de magnete. Nova compositio astrolabii particularis
1997978-88-7642-069-6Porciani LeonePorciani, Leone, La Forma Proemiale: Storiografia e Pubblico nel Mondo Antico
2007978-88-7642-104-4Sebastiano Timpanaro · Francesco OrlandoCarteggio su Freud (1971-1977)
2003978-88-7642-115-0Francesca (a Cura di) NassiD'Ovidio - D'Ancona I-Ii (2 Voll.)
2004978-88-7642-130-3Anna Minguzzi · Sauro Succi · Federico Toschi · Mario P. Tosi · Patrizia VignoloNumerical methods for atomic quantum gases
  ''978-88-7642-131-0Jerzy ZabczykTopics in stochastic processes
2002978-88-7642-136-5Nizar TouziStochastic Control Problems, Viscosity Solutions and Application to Finance
2004978-88-7642-138-9Darrel DuffieCredit Risk Modeling with Affine Processes
2005978-88-7642-139-6Mete H. SonerStochastic Optimal Control in Finance
2004978-88-7642-140-2Nicolai V. KrylovProbabilistic Methods of Investigating Interior Smoothness of Harmonic Functions Associated with Degenerate Elliptic Operators
  ''978-88-7642-141-9Walter SchachermayerPortfolio Optimization in Incomplete Financial Markets
  ''978-88-7642-143-3Guido PintacudaNMR and NIR-CD studies on lanthanide complexes in solution
2005978-88-7642-144-0Mario Tosi · Patrizia VignoloStatistical mechanics and the physics of fluids
2004978-88-7642-150-1Edizioni Della NormalePhase space analysis of partial differential equations
2003978-88-7642-152-5Valentino MagnaniElements of geometric measure theory on sub-Riemannian groups
2005978-88-7642-153-2A. SantoniL'autore multiplo
  ''978-88-7642-154-9Francesco CostantinoShadows and branched shadows of 3 and 4-manifolds
2005978-88-7642-167-9Stefano FrancavigliaHyperbolicity equations for cusped 3. Manifolds and volume. Rigidity of representations
  ''978-88-7642-168-6Mariano Giaquinta · Luca MartinazziIntroduction to the regularity theory for elliptic systems, harmonic maps and minimal graphs (An)
  ''978-88-7642-170-9Fabio BeltramHighlights in the quantum theory of condenset matter. A symposium to honour Mario Tosi on his 72nd birthday
2006978-88-7642-179-2C. AmpoloAspetti dell'opera di Felix Jacoby
  ''978-88-7642-192-1Marco Polini · Marco TosiMany-body physics in condensed matter systems
2007978-88-7642-197-6Plinio il GiovaneLettere scelte
2006978-88-7642-199-0G. Della Sala · A. Saracco · A. Simioniuc · G. TomassiniLectures on complex analysis and analytic geometry
  ''978-88-7642-200-3Mariano Giaquinta · Domenico MucciMaps into manifolds and currents: area and W 1,2, W 1/2, BV energies: 3
2007978-88-7642-206-5U. ZannierDiophantine geometry. Proceedings
2007978-88-7642-212-6U. ZannierColloquium De Giorgi 2006
1998978-88-7642-240-9Gilberto Bini · Corrado De Concini · Marzia PolitoOn the work of Givental relative to mirror symmetry
2001978-88-7642-241-6Tomas BjörkA Geometric view of the term structure of interest rates
1996978-88-7642-242-3Jerzy ZabczykChance and decision. Stochastic control in discrete time
1981978-88-7642-243-0Aldo Andreottib · Mauro NacinovichAnalytic convexity and the principle of Phragmén-Lindelöf
1995978-88-7642-244-7Christine Laurent-Thiébaut · Jürgen LeitererAndreotti-Gravert theory on real hypersurfaces
1988978-88-7642-245-4Claire VoisinVariations of hodge. Structure of calabi-yau three folds
1981978-88-7642-246-1Franco Strocchi · Eduardo H. Zarantonello · Ennio De GiorgiTopics in functional analysis (1980-1981)
1975978-88-7642-247-8Shemuel Y. AgnonSpectral properties of Schrödinger operators and scattering theory
1988978-88-7642-248-5Toiso KatoAbstract differential equations and non linear mixed problems
1999978-88-7642-249-2Luis A. CaffarelliThe obstacle problem
1988978-88-7642-250-8Wendell H. FlemingControlled Markov processes and viscosity solutions of non linear evolution equations
2001978-88-7642-251-5Ivar EkelandExterior differential calculus an applications to economic theory
1983978-88-7642-252-2Jürgen MoserIntegrable hamiltonian systems and spectral theory
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1999978-88-7642-254-6Sergio RogriguezSymmetry in physics
2001978-88-7642-255-3L. Ambrosio · F. Serra CassanoLecture notes on analysis in metric spaces
1995978-88-7642-256-0Carlo PetronioStandard spines and 3-manifolds
1998978-88-7642-257-7P. AluffiQuantum cohomology at the mittag-leffler institute
1996978-88-7642-258-4Edoardo VesentiniIntroduction to continuous semigrous
1995978-88-7642-259-1Giuseppe Da PratoIntroduction to differential stochastic equations
1989978-88-7642-260-7G. BernardiniSymmetry in nature. A volume in honour of Luigi A. Radicati di Bronzolo: 1
1999978-88-7642-261-4Paolo AschieriOn the geometry of in homo geneous quantum groups
2000978-88-7642-262-1Franco StrocchiSymmetry breaking in classical systems
2002978-88-7642-263-8Sauro SucciIntroduction to computational physics (An): 1
2003978-88-7642-264-5   ''Introduction to computational physics (An): Part II: particle methods: 2
2000978-88-7642-265-2Luigi Ambrosio · Paolo TilliSelected topic on «analysis in metric spaces»
2001978-88-7642-266-9Luca CiottiLectures on Stellar Dynamics [Lingua inglese]
2000978-88-7642-267-6Sergei V. BulanovLectures on non linear physics
1999978-88-7642-268-3Herbert ClemensIntroduction to hodge theory
  ''978-88-7642-269-0Sergio ContiGround state properties and excitation spectrum of correlated electron system
1996978-88-7642-270-6Alexander ShlapunovGreen's integrals and their applications to elliptic system
  ''978-88-7642-271-3Roberto TaurasoPeriodic points for expanding maps and for their extensions
1997978-88-7642-272-0Yuri BozziA study on the activity-dependent expression of neurotrophic factors in the rat visual system
1998978-88-7642-273-7Giorgio AscoliBiochemical and spectroscopic characterization of CP20, a protein involved in synaptic plasticity mechanism
1993978-88-7642-274-4Giorgio GamberiniThe minimal supersymmetric standard model and its phenomenological implications
1995978-88-7642-275-1Chiara De FabritiisAction of holomorphic maps on spaces of holomorphic functions
1998978-88-7642-276-8Domenico M. CarlucciOn spin glass theory beyond mean field
1996978-88-7642-277-5Marco ManettiDegeneration of algebraic surfaces and applications to moduli problems
1999978-88-7642-278-2Luigi PiloChern-Simons field theory and invariants of 3-manifolds
1997978-88-7642-279-9M. Luisa ChiofaloScreening effects in bipolaron theory and high-temperature superconductivity
2004978-88-7642-280-5Francesco M. RossiA study on nerve groth factor (NGF). Receptor expression in the rat visual cortex: possible sites and mechanism of NGF action in cortical plasticity
1998978-88-7642-281-2Renata ScognamilloPrincipal G-bundles and abelian varieties: the Hitchin System
1999978-88-7642-282-9Fabio PistolesiEvolution from BCS superconductivity to Bose-Einstein condensation and infrared behavior of the bosonic limit
1998978-88-7642-283-6Giacomo LenziThe mu-calculus and the hierarchy problem
1996978-88-7642-284-3Fabrizio CeiSearch for neutrinos from stellar gravitational collapse with the macro experiment at Gran Sasso
  ''978-88-7642-285-0Ilaria DamianiUntwisted affine quantum algebras
1997978-88-7642-286-7Carlo PetronioStandard spines and 3-manifolds
2003978-88-7642-287-4Rocco ChirivìLS algebras and Schubert varieties
2000978-88-7642-288-1Donato NicolòSearch for neutrino oscillations in a long baseline experiment at the Chooz nuclear reactor
1999978-88-7642-289-8Giovanni GaiffiDe Concini-Procesi models of arrangements and symmetric group actions
1985978-88-7642-290-4Giorgio LettaMartingales et intégration stochastique
1998978-88-7642-291-1Pham HuyênImperfections de marchés et méthode d'evaluation et couverture d'options
1971978-88-7642-292-8René ThomModèles mathématiques de la morphogénèse
1978978-88-7642-293-5Ivan T. Todorov · Mihail G. Mintchev · Valentina PetkovaConformal invariance in quantum field theory
2003978-88-7642-294-2S. MarmiDymamical systems: 1
  ''978-88-7642-295-9S. MarmiDynamical systems: Part II: topological, geometrical and ergodic properties of dynamical systems: 2
1999978-88-7642-296-6Alessandra LunardiInterpolation theory
2002978-88-7642-297-3Bucur Dorin · Giuseppe ButtazzoVariational methods in some shape optimization problems
2002978-88-7642-298-0Sergio RodríguezThe scattering of light by matter
1987978-88-7642-299-7L. A. Radicati di BronzoloInteraction of radiation with matter
1999978-88-7642-300-0Pierre L. LionsOn Euler equations and statistical physic
1988978-88-7642-301-7Michel MetilvierStochastic partial differential equations in infinite dimensional spaces
1986978-88-7642-302-4L. A. Radicati di BronzoloOld and new problems in fundamental physics
1979978-88-7642-303-1Michael F. AtiyahGeometry of Yang-MIlls fields
2001978-88-7642-304-8Jeff CheegerDegeneration of riemannian metrics under Ricci curvature bounds
2002978-88-7642-305-5Freddy DelbaenCoherent risk measurement
2001978-88-7642-306-2G. Grosso · G. La Rocca · M. TosiElectrons and photons in solids
2008978-88-7642-307-9M. Ericsson · S. MontangeroQuantum information and many body quantum systems-proceedings
2001978-88-7642-309-3Giuseppe Da PratoIntroduction to infinite dimensional analysis (An)
2007978-88-7642-310-9Edoardo SinibaldiImplicit preconditioned numerical schemes for the simulation of three dimensional barotropic flows
  ''978-88-7642-311-6Riccardo BarbieriTen lectures on the electroweak interactions
  ''978-88-7642-312-3Filippo SantambrogioVariational problems in transport theory with mass concentration
  ''978-88-7642-313-0Giuseppe Da PratoIntroduction to stockastic analysis and Malliavin calculus
2008978-88-7642-314-7Yair Censor · Ming Jiang · Alfred K. LouisMathematical methods in biomedical. Imaging and intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)
2007978-88-7642-319-2Mohammad R. BakhtiariQuantum gases in quasi-one-domensional arrays
2008978-88-7642-325-3Tamara ServiOn the first-order theory of real exponentiation
2010978-88-7642-326-0Michele TomasiMonumenti d'avorio. I dossali degli Embriachi e i loro committenti
2008978-88-7642-327-7Davide VittoneSubmanifolds in Carnot groups
  ''978-88-7642-329-1Guy MetivierPara-differential calculus and applications to the Cauchy problem for nonlinear systems
2008978-88-7642-330-7Alessio FigalliOptimal transportation and action. Minimizing measures
  ''978-88-7642-331-4Francesco Guerra · Nadia RobottiEttore Majorana aspects of his scientific and academic activity
  ''978-88-7642-336-9Luigi MancaKolmogorov operators in spaces of continuous functions and equations for measures
2009978-88-7642-337-6Giuseppe Da PratoIntroduction to stochastic analysis and malliavin calculus: 7
2008978-88-7642-338-3Alerto SaraccoExtension problems in complex and CR-geometry
2009978-88-7642-340-6Gianluca CrippaThe flow associated to weakly differentiable vector fields
  ''978-88-7642-341-3Umberto ZannierLecture Notes on Diophantine Analysis [Lingua inglese]
  ''978-88-7642-342-0Alessandra LunardiInterpolation theory
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  ''978-88-7642-344-4U. ZannierColloquium De Giorgi 2007 and 2008
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  ''978-88-7642-348-2Giuseppe Della SalaGeometric properties of non-compact CD manifolds
2009978-88-7642-349-9Moreno LelliSolution structure and solution dynamics in chiral ytterbium (III) complexes
2010978-88-7642-365-9C. AmpoloAspetti dell'opera di Felix Jacoby
  ''978-88-7642-373-4L. AmbrosioOptimal transportation, geometry and functional inequalities
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  ''978-88-7642-383-3Federico PoloniAlgorithms for quadratic matrix and vector equations
2012978-88-7642-426-7Giuseppe MingioneTopics in modern regularity theory
2014978-88-7642-428-1Giovanni BellettiniLecture notes on mean curvature flow, barriers and singular perturbations
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  ''978-88-7642-442-7Mariano GiaquintaAn Introduction to the Regularity Theory for Elliptic Systems, Harmonic Maps and Minimal Graphs
2013978-88-7642-456-4Guido De PhilippisRegularity of optimal transport maps and applications
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2014978-88-7642-497-7Giuseppe Da PratoIntroduction to Stochastic Analysis and Malliavin Calculus [Lingua inglese]
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2015978-88-7642-554-7Cesare Cases · Sebastiano TimpanaroUn lapsus di Marx. Carteggio (1956-1990)
2016978-88-7642-561-5Giulia Ammannati · Giuseppe MarcellinoIl latino e il «volgare» nell'antica Roma. Biondo Flavio, Leonardo Bruni e la disputa umanistica sulla lingua degli antichi romani
2016978-88-7642-562-2Carlo AltiniProgresso
  ''978-88-7642-563-9Michele CilibertoRinascimento
2015978-88-7642-564-6Gregorio PiaiaSapienza e follia. Per una storia intellettuale del Rinascimento europeo
2016978-88-7642-567-7Glenn W. Most · Leyla OzbekStaging Ajax's suicide
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2017978-88-7642-600-1Serena Dipierro · Maria Medina · Enrico ValdinociFractional elliptic problems with critical growth in the whole of $\R^n$
2017978-88-7642-606-3Maria ColomboFlows of non-smooth vector fields and degenerate elliptic equations. With applications to the Vlasov-Poisson and semigeostrophic systems
2018978-88-7642-639-1Alessandra LunardiInterpolation Theory [Lingua inglese]
  ''978-88-7642-650-6Luigi Ambrosio · Alessandro Carlotto · Annalisa MassaccesiLectures on elliptic partial differential equations
2019978-88-7642-659-9Franco StrocchiSymmetry breaking in the standard model. A non-perturbative outlook