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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-88-6977-000-5Marcello GhilardiThe line of the arch. Intercultural issues between aesthetics and ethics
  ''978-88-6977-001-2J. Perona ÀngelesNormativity and praxis. Remarks on controversies
  ''978-88-6977-002-9Leonardo V. ArenaDavid Sylvian as a philosopher. A foray into postmodern rock
2016978-88-6977-004-3Farian SabahiYemen: A Modern History
2015978-88-6977-009-8Ruggero D'AlessandroThe thinker and the specialist. Hannah Arendt and the Eichmann trial
  ''978-88-6977-011-1Emanuele SeverinoNihilism and destiny
2016978-88-6977-014-2Damiano GarofaloPolitical audiences. A reception history of early italian television
2015978-88-6977-015-9Henri HubertThe Greatness and Decline of the Celts
  ''978-88-6977-016-6John Bagnell BuryA History of Greece to the Death of Alexander the Great
2015978-88-6977-020-3Elisa FarettaTRAUMA AND ILLNESS.
2016978-88-6977-021-0C. Di Marco · V. RossiniBeyond nihilism. The knot of plurality
2018978-88-6977-023-4M. BaltarE pornô tem pornô? A panorama of brazilian porn
2016978-88-6977-024-1John StepplingAesthetic resistance and dis-interest
2017978-88-6977-025-8Miriam De Rosa · Ludovica FalesShifting Layers: New Perspectives in Media Archaeology Across Digital Media and Audiovisual Arts
2016978-88-6977-026-5Vincenzo Estremo · Francesco FedericiAlbert Serra Talks
  ''978-88-6977-028-9Renata Viti CavaliereBirth
2017978-88-6977-029-6Gernot BöhmeCritique of Aesthetic Capitalism [Lingua inglese]
2016978-88-6977-030-2Diego Cavallotti · Federico Giordano · Leonardo QuaresimaA History of Cinema Without Names
  ''978-88-6977-032-6M. CarboneChiasmi International. Ediz. multilingue: 17
1996978-88-6977-037-1AA.VV.Re/search Milano. Map oh a city in pieces [Lingua Inglese]
2016978-88-6977-046-3AA.VV.Cinéma & Cie. International film studies journal. Ediz. inglese e francese: 24
2030978-88-6977-054-8   ''Cinéma & Cie. International film studies journal. Ediz. inglese e francese: 25
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2016978-88-6977-059-3Hocine Benchina · Nadia RocchettiILA Arabic certificate training tests. Level A1. Con CD-Audio
  ''978-88-6977-063-0Hocine Benchina · Nadia RocchettiILA Arabic certificate training tests. Level A2. Con CD-Audio
2018978-88-6977-065-4Antioco Floris · Ivan GirinaLocal Cinema: Sardinia & European Periphery
2016978-88-6977-068-5D. Cavallotti · S. Dotto · L. QuaresimaA history of cinema without names
2017978-88-6977-077-7Daniel RussoLinguistic and Discursive Aspects of Translation Criticism: The Italian Translations of Joseph Conrad's the Secret Sharer
2018978-88-6977-078-4Cosimo ZeneGramsci on Religion: Text and Context
2017978-88-6977-082-1N. GuastiRepresentations of the other and intercultural experience (16th-20th centuries)
2018978-88-6977-084-5Alberto ZambenedettiThe Bad Maestro: Tinto Brass and the Eroticization of Film History
  ''978-88-6977-088-3Sandra ZákutnáCosmopolitanism As an Answer: Kant’s Philosophy of History
2017978-88-6977-099-9V. PravadelliContemporary women's cinema, global scenarios and transnationals context
2018978-88-6977-102-6Cristina Baldacci · Marco BertozziMontages: Assembling as a Form and Symptom in Contemporary Arts [Lingua inglese]
2018978-88-6977-123-1T. Griffero · G. MorettiAtmosphere/Atmospheres: Testing a New Paradigm [Lingua inglese]
  ''978-88-6977-132-3C. Craig · E. Fongaro · A. OzakiKnowledge and arts on the move. Transformation of the self-aware image through East-West enconunters
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2019978-88-6977-160-6Maurizio Ferraris · Enrico TerroneCinema and ontology
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  ''978-88-6977-174-3A. Mascio · R. Menarini · S. Segre Reinach · I. TolicThe Size Effect: A Journey into Design, Fashion and Media [Lingua inglese]
2019978-88-6977-176-7Claudine TiercelinPragmatism and vagueness. The Venetian lectures
2020978-88-6977-178-1Ottavio MarzoccaBiopolitics: An Introduction; Power-knowledge of Life and Government of Persons
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2019978-88-6977-241-2Tom BielingDesign and Activism: Perspectives on Design As Activism and Activism As Design
2020978-88-6977-268-9Tatsuya HigakiKitaro Nishida’s Philosophy of Life: Thought That Resonates With Bergson and Deleuze
  ''978-88-6977-276-4Greta Plaitano · Simone Venturini · Paolo VillaMoving Pictures, Living Machines: Automation, Animation and the Imitation of Life in Cinema and Media