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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-88-6098-001-4Gill Davies · Neil Morris365 Awesome Facts & Records About Everything
2005978-88-6098-038-0Sabine GoehrmannDas kleine große Vegetarische Kochbuch
2008978-88-6098-046-5Carla BardiThe Panini Book
2007978-88-6098-047-2Loredana Agosta · Anne McRaeMammals
  ''978-88-6098-048-9Anita GaneriDinosaurs
  ''978-88-6098-049-6Brian Williams · Vicky EganThe Solar System
  ''978-88-6098-050-2Ivan StalioThe Human Body
2008978-88-6098-051-9Anne McRae · Loredana AgostaThe Vikings
  ''978-88-6098-052-6Loredana Agosta · Anne McRaeAncient Greece
2008978-88-6098-053-3Loredana Agosta · Anne McRaeAncient Egypt
  ''978-88-6098-054-0Anne McRaeAncient Rome
  ''978-88-6098-060-1Carla Bardi · Lorenzo BigongiariThe Silver Book of Cocktails: 1,001 Cocktails for Every Occasion
  ''978-88-6098-061-8Carla BardiItalian Ice Cream: Gelato, Sorbetto, Granita and Semifreddi
  ''978-88-6098-086-1   ''The little big italian cookbook
2008978-88-6098-089-2Daniela De LucaCelia the Tiger
  ''978-88-6098-090-8Daniela De LucaJosh the Anteater
  ''978-88-6098-112-7Gill Davies · Neil Morris365 Awesome Facts & Records About Nature
2011978-88-6098-121-9Carla BardiPuppy Wisdom: Wacky Words of Wisdom
2009978-88-6098-126-4Roberto Carvalho De MagalhaesRenaissance: Italian Painting
2010978-88-6098-142-4Marco BaldiniTuscan Wines: A Guide to Sampling, Understanding and Buying Wines in Tuscany
  ''978-88-6098-143-1Christine WebbTuscany [Lingua Inglese]
  ''978-88-6098-144-8Carla BardiTuscany: Regions Within a Region [Lingua Inglese]
2009978-88-6098-150-9John MalamEarly Medieval Times
2009978-88-6098-151-6Neil Morris · John MalamBeyond Europe
  ''978-88-6098-152-3Neil MorrisLate Medieval Europe
  ''978-88-6098-153-0Neil GrantRenaissance Europe
  ''978-88-6098-154-7Neil MorrisVoyages of Discovery
  ''978-88-6098-155-4John MalamBirth of Modern Nations
2009978-88-6098-156-1Neil MorrisPrehistory
  ''978-88-6098-157-8   ''Mesopotamia and the Bible Lands
  ''978-88-6098-158-5Neil GrantAncient Egypt and Greece
  ''978-88-6098-159-2Tony AllanThe Roman World
  ''978-88-6098-160-8Neil MorrisAsian Civilizations
2009978-88-6098-161-5Sean ConnollyThe Americas and the Pacific
  ''978-88-6098-163-9McRae BooksFlowers
  ''978-88-6098-164-6McRae BooksChildren
2011978-88-6098-165-3   ''Cats
2009978-88-6098-166-0   ''Dogs
2009978-88-6098-167-7McRae BooksMadonna
  ''978-88-6098-168-4   ''Angels
  ''978-88-6098-169-1   ''Demons
2008978-88-6098-170-7   ''Symbols
2009978-88-6098-172-1Danilo ReatoVenice [Lingua Inglese]
2010978-88-6098-175-2Neil MorrisSettling the Americas
  ''978-88-6098-176-9   ''Asian and African Empires
2010978-88-6098-177-6Neil MorrisThe Industrial Revolution
  ''978-88-6098-178-3   ''Enlightenment and Revolution
  ''978-88-6098-179-0   ''Nationalism and the Romantic Movement
  ''978-88-6098-180-6Anne McRaeThe Age of Empire
  ''978-88-6098-181-3Lisa IsenmanNorth America: Expansion, Civil War and Emergence
2010978-88-6098-182-0Neil MorrisTurn of the Century and the Great War
  ''978-88-6098-183-7   ''Versailles to World War II
  ''978-88-6098-184-4   ''1945 to the Cold War
  ''978-88-6098-185-1Michael Kerrigan1991 to the 21st Century
  ''978-88-6098-186-8Tony AllanIssues Today
2009978-88-6098-204-9A. McraeFiori. Ediz. illustrata
2009978-88-6098-208-7A. McraeLa Madonna. Ediz. illustrata
2009978-88-6098-211-7A. McraeBaci. Ediz. illustrata
  ''978-88-6098-213-1Antony Mason · John T. SpikeStoria dell'arte occidentale. Ediz. illustrata
2015978-88-6098-353-4Carla BardiCookie Party
  ''978-88-6098-354-1Rachael Lane · Carla BardiCupcake Party
  ''978-88-6098-398-5Gina TantiCake Pop Party