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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-87-88757-01-9O. Karsholt 路 J. RazowskiThe Lepidoptera of Europe: A Distributional Checklist
1997978-87-88757-05-7Jaan ViidaleppChecklist of the Geometridae (Lepidoptera) of the former U.S.S.R.
1996978-87-88757-09-5Anders NilssonAquatic Insects of North Europe A Taxonomic Handbook Volume 1
1997978-87-88757-11-8B. A. BengtssonMicrolepidoptera of Europe, Vol. 2: Scythrididae
1989978-87-88757-12-5Arnold SpulerDie Raupen der Schmetterlinge Europas. Nachdruck der Ausgabe von 1904
聽 ''978-87-88757-14-9Torben B. LarsenThe Butterflies of Egypt
1999978-87-88757-15-6C. M. Naumann 路 G. M. Tarmann 路 W. G. TremewanWestern Palaearctic Zygaenidae (Lepidoptera)
1990978-87-88757-16-3J. Fjeldsaa 路 N. KrabbeBirds of the High Andes: A Manual to the Birds of the Temperate Zone of the Andes and Patagonia, South America
1998978-87-88757-19-4M. A. Solis 路 M. HorakPyraloidea Studies: Festschrift for Michael Schaffer (Entomologica Scandinavica)
1999978-87-88757-23-1K. A. Efetov 路 G. M. TarmannForester Moths: The genera Theresimima, Rhagades, Jordanita, and Adscita (Lepidoptera: Zygaenidae, Procridinae)
1991978-87-88757-24-8Mary E Petersen 路 J B KirkegaardSystematics, Biology and Morphology of World Polychaeta: Proceedings of the 2nd International Polychaete Conference, Copenhagen 1986 (Ophelia, Supplement 5)
1999978-87-88757-25-5P. Huemer 路 O. KarsholtMicrolepidoptera of Europe, Vol. 3: Gelechiidae I
1998978-87-88757-27-9Michael HansenWorld Catalogue of Insects, Volume 1: Hydraenidae (coleoptera)
1999978-87-88757-29-3M. J. ScobleGeometrid Moths of the World: A Catalogue (two volumes)
聽 ''978-87-88757-31-6M. HansenWorld Catalogue of Insects, Vol. 2: Hydrophiloidea (Coleoptera)
1995978-87-88757-32-3David T. Goodger 路 Allan WatsonThe Afrotropical Tiger-Moths: An illustrated Catalogue, with generic diagnosis and species distribution, of the Afrotropical Arctiinae (Lepidoptera: Arctiinae)
2005978-87-88757-33-0B. Goater 路 M. Nuss 路 W. SpeidelMicrolepidoptera of Europe, Vol. 4: Pyraloidea I (Crambidae: Acentropinae, Evergestinae, Heliothelinae, Schoenobiinae, Scopariinae)
2001978-87-88757-35-4Axel HausmannThe Geometrid Moths of Europe, Vol. 1: Introduction to the series. Archiearinae, Oenochrominae, Geometrinae
1996978-87-88757-36-1C. GielisMicrolepidoptera of Europe, Vol. 1: Pterophoridae
2004978-87-88757-37-8Axel HausmannThe Geometrid Moths of Europe, Vol. 2: Sterrhinae
2012978-87-88757-39-2Axel Hausmann 路 Jaan ViidaleppThe Geometrid Moths of Europe, Vol. 3: Larentiinae I
2003978-87-88757-40-8Vladimir MironovThe Geometrid Moths of Europe, Vol. 4: Larentiinae II (Perizomini and Eupitheciini)
2005978-87-88757-41-5J. BrownWorld Catalogue of Insects, Vol. 5: Tortricidae (Lepidoptera)
聽 ''978-87-88757-43-9Torben B. LarsenThe Butterflies of West Africa: (two volume set)
2012978-87-88757-45-3Ernst Bauernfeind 路 Tomas SoldanThe Mayflies of Europe: (Ephemeroptera)
2000978-87-88757-46-0P. WeygoldtWhip Spiders: Their Biology, Morphology and Systematics (Chelicerata: Amblypygi)
2005978-87-88757-47-7Jan Patocka 路 Marek TurcaniLepidoptera Pupae: Central European Species [two-volume set]
聽 ''978-87-88757-49-1Anders N. NilssonBernhard J. Van VondelWorld Catalogue of Insects, Vol. 7: Amphizoidae, Aspidytidae, Haliplidae, Noteridae and Paelobiidae (Coleoptera, Adephaga)
2001978-87-88757-52-1Z. Lastuvka 路 A. LastuvkaThe Sesiidae of Europe
2005978-87-88757-53-8L. Lyneborg 路 Werner BarkemeyerThe Genus Syritta: A World Revision of the Genus Syritta Le Peletier & Serville, 1828 (Diptera: Syrphidae) [Entomonograph, Vol. 15]
2005978-87-88757-55-2Anders N. NilssonAquatic Insects of North Europe: A Taxonomic Handbook
2002978-87-88757-56-9Otakar KudrnaThe Distribution Atlas of European Butterflies
2001978-87-88757-58-3L. LyneborgThe Australian Stiletto-flies of the Anabarhynchus Genus-group (Diptera: Therevidae): [Entomonograph, Vol. 13]
2006978-87-88757-59-0I. Lobl 路 A. SmetanaCatalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera, Vol. 3: Scarabaeoidea - Scirtoidea - Dascilloidea - Buprestoidea - Byrrhoidea
2002978-87-88757-60-6W. WichardW. Arens 路 G. EisenbeisBiological Atlas of Aquatic Insects
2001978-87-88757-62-0Anders N. NilssonWorld Catalogue of Insects, Vol. 3: Dytiscidae (Coleoptera)
2005978-87-88757-64-4J. De Prins 路 W. De PrinsWorld Catalogue of Insects Volume 6: Gracillariidae (Lepidoptera)
2003978-87-88757-66-8Sjaak Koster 路 Sergey SinevMicrolepidoptera of Europe, Vol. 5: Momphidae s. l.
2007978-87-88757-67-5I. Lobl 路 A. SmetanaCatalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera, Vol. 4: Elateroidea, Derodontoidea, Bostrichoidea, Lymexyloidea, Cleroidea and Cucujoidea
2003978-87-88757-68-2Cees GielisWorld Catalogue of Insects, Vol. 4: Pterophoroidea & Alucitoidea (Lepidoptera)
2008978-87-88757-69-9I. Lobl 路 A. SmetanaCatalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera, Vol. 5: Tenebrionoidea
聽 ''978-87-88757-71-2W. RuckerColeoptera of Europe: Latridiidae, Merophysidae and Dasyceridae
2003978-87-88757-73-6I. Lobl 路 A. SmetanaCatalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera, Vol. 1: Archostemata - Myxophaga - Adephaga
2004978-87-88757-74-3 聽 ''Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera, Vol. 2: Hydrophiloidea - Histeroidea - Staphylinoidea
2009978-87-88757-75-0W. Wichard 路 R. WagnerBiology of Trichoptera
2006978-87-88757-76-7G. Baldizzone 路 J-F. Landry 路 H. Van Der WolfWorld Catalogue of Insects, Vol. 8: Coleophoridae, Coleophorinae (Lepidoptera)
2008978-87-88757-77-4Alexander SchintlmeisterPalaearctic Macrolepidoptera, Vol. 1: Notodontidae
2004978-87-88757-78-1Nils M. Andersen 路 Tom A. WeirAustralian Water Bugs (Hemiptera-Heteroptera, Gerromorpha & Nepomorpha): Their Biology and Identification [Entomonograph, Vol. 14]
2008978-87-88757-80-4A. NeildThe Butterflies of Venezuela, Vol. 2: Acraeinae, Libytheinae, Nymphalinae, Ithomiinae, Morphinae
2009978-87-88757-81-1V.M. Redondo 路 F.J. Gaston 路 R. GimenoGeometridae Ibericae
2013978-87-88757-83-5W. RuckerColeoptera of Europe, Vol. 1: Latridiidae, Merophysidae and Dasyceridae
2010978-87-88757-84-2I. Lobl 路 A. SmetanaCatalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera, Vol. 6: Chrysomeloidea
2008978-87-88757-85-9R. R. Askew 路 P. A. van B StaffordButterflies of the Cayman Islands
2010978-87-88757-87-3P. Huemer 路 O. KarsholtMicrolepidoptera of Europe, Vol. 6: Gelechiidae II (Gelechiinae: Gnorimoschemini)
2008978-87-88757-88-0Irina Brake 路 Gerhard B盲chliWorld Catalogue of Insects, Vol. 9: Drosophilidae (Diptera)
2009978-87-88757-89-7W. WichardAquatic Insects in Baltic Amber / Wasserinsekten im Baltischen Bernstein (English and German Edition)
聽 ''978-87-88757-90-3Bernard SkinnerColour Identification Guide to Moths of the British Isles: (Macrolepidoptera) (Third Revised Edition)
聽 ''978-87-88757-91-0Lukasz PrzybylowiczThyretini of Africa: An Illustrated Catalogue of the Thyretini (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae: Syntominae) of the Afrotropical Region [Entomonograph, Vol. 16]
2011978-87-88757-93-4I. Lobl 路 A. SmetanaCatalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera, Vol. 7: Curculionoidea I
2010978-87-88757-95-8Jim PorterColour Identification Guide to Caterpillars of the British Isles: Macrolepidoptera (Reprint Edition)
2011978-87-88757-98-9Thomas SobczykWorld Catalogue of Insects, Vol. 10: Psychidae (Lepidoptera)