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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1977978-87-87571-13-5NarayananandaMind, its source and culture (Works of Swami Narayanananda)
1984978-87-87571-31-9Swami NarayananandaYogic Depth Psychology
1979978-87-87571-56-2NarayananandaLa Religion universelle
1984978-87-87571-58-6Swami NarayananandaSecrets of Mind Control
  ''978-87-87571-59-3   ''Way to Peace, Power and Long Life
  ''978-87-87571-60-9   ''Primal Power in Man: Or, the Kundalini Shakti
  ''978-87-87571-61-6   ''Ideal Life and Moksha
  ''978-87-87571-62-3   ''Revelation
1984978-87-87571-63-0Swami NarayananandaMysteries of Man, Mind and Mind Functions
1984978-87-87571-64-7Swami NarayananandaThe Gist of Religions
1979978-87-87571-66-1NarayananandaA practical guide to Samadhi (spiritual teachings)
1984978-87-87571-67-8Swami NarayananandaMind, Its Source and Culture
1979978-87-87571-68-5NarayananandaThe secrets of Prana, Pranayama & Yoga-asanas (Works of Swami Narayanananda)
  ''978-87-87571-69-2   ''Brahmacharya: Its necessity & practice for boys & girls
1984978-87-87571-70-8Swami NarayananandaEnd of Philosophy
  ''978-87-87571-71-5   ''Basis of Universal Religion
  ''978-87-87571-72-2   ''Caste: Its Origin, Growth and Decay
  ''978-87-87571-73-9   ''God and Man
1984978-87-87571-74-6Swami NarayananandaSex Sublimation
1984978-87-87571-75-3Swami NarayananandaWord to the Sadhaka
  ''978-87-87571-76-0   ''Wisdom
  ''978-87-87571-77-7   ''Your Birth Right
  ''978-87-87571-78-4   ''Aim of Life
  ''978-87-87571-80-7   ''Universal Religion
1984978-87-87571-81-4Swami NarayananandaYour Hidden Treasures
1984978-87-87571-83-8Swami NarayananandaBrahman and the Universe
  ''978-87-87571-84-5   ''Birthday Messages, 1955-79
  ''978-87-87571-85-2   ''Questions and Answers (The complete works of Swami Narayanananda)
  ''978-87-87571-86-9   ''Within You (The complete works of Swami Narayanananda)
  ''978-87-87571-88-3   ''Religion and Philosophy
1984978-87-87571-89-0Swami NarayananandaEssence of Life
1984978-87-87571-90-6Swami NarayananandaLife Behind Death
  ''978-87-87571-91-3   ''India and the Rishis
  ''978-87-87571-92-0   ''Brain, Mind and Consciousness
  ''978-87-87571-93-7   ''Consciousness Under Different States
  ''978-87-87571-94-4   ''Reality Behind Life
1984978-87-87571-95-1Swami NarayananandaGod or the Ocean of Consciousness