year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1973978-87-87347-01-3L.Ron HubbardScientology 8-80
1979978-87-87347-02-0L. Ron. HubbardDianetics 55!
1972978-87-87347-04-4L.Ron HubbardScientology A New Slant On Life
聽 ''978-87-87347-06-8L. Ron HubbardDianetics - The Evolution of a Science
1968978-87-87347-08-2L.R. HubbardThe Phoenix Lectures: The Celebrated Lecture Series Given by L Ron Hubbard to the professional Course, Phoenix, Arizona in July 1954, Compiled into Book Form by the Editorial Staff of the Publications Organization World Wide.
1934978-87-87347-11-2Philip CoxScientology: The Fundamentals of Thought
1968978-87-87347-12-9L. Ron HubbardScience of survival
1973978-87-87347-19-8 聽 ''Dianetics - The Modern Science Of Mental Health
1958978-87-87347-35-8l hubbardHave you lived before this life ?
1978978-87-87347-41-9L Ron HubbardIntroduction to Scientology Skills
1981978-87-87347-42-6L. Ron HubbardLa Dianetique La Science Moderne De La Sante Mentale
1972978-87-87347-48-8L. Ron: HubbardTHE PROBLEMS OF WORK. Scientology Applied to the Work-a-Day World.
978-87-87347-49-5Die Probleme der Arbeit: Scientology auf den Bereich des Alltags angewandt
978-87-87347-51-8Les Probl猫mes du travail
1976978-87-87347-53-2L. Ron HubbardSelbstanalyse
1950978-87-87347-54-9 聽 ''Dianetics
1974978-87-87347-55-6 聽 ''Dianetics
1973978-87-87347-56-3 聽 ''Mission into time
978-87-87347-73-0Scientology zero-eight
978-87-87347-91-4Scientologie huit-quatre-vingts

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