year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1973978-87-7304-019-5Holger HjelholtArvef酶lgesag og forfatningsforhold i det danske monarki ved midten af det 19. arhundrede: Fr. v. Pechlins virksomhed for monakiets opretholdelse ca. ... meddelelser) (Danish Edition)
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1978978-87-7304-057-7Verner AlexandersenA study of teeth and jaws from a Middle Bronze Age Collective Grave on Tall Sukas (Publications of the Carlsberg Expedition to Phoenicia)
1985978-87-7304-157-4Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes SelskabSixteen Research Reports by the Niels Bohr Fellows. Part 2: Six Papers in the Biological Sciences.
1986978-87-7304-161-1John LundSukas VIII - The Habitation Quarters
聽 ''978-87-7304-168-0Marie-Louise BuhlThe Danish naval officer Frederik Ludvig Norden: His travel in Egypt, 1737-38 and his Voyage-- I-II, Copenhagen 1755, with plates by Marcus Tuscher: three chapters
1990978-87-7304-215-1Rudiger SchmittErnst Kuhn und Vilhelm Thomsen: Aspekte ihres Forschens im Spiegel ihrer Korrespondenz (Historisk-filosofiske meddelelser) (German Edition)
1992978-87-7304-236-6Olaf. PedersenLovers of Learning a History of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters 1742-1992
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978-87-7304-267-0Sources for the Ancient Greek City-State
1997978-87-7304-291-5The Polis as an urban centre and as a political community: Symposium August 29-31, 1996 (Historisk-filosofiske meddelelser)
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2005978-87-7304-304-2Plant Diversity and Complexity Patterns, local, regional and global dimensions.
聽 ''978-87-7304-318-9Kaj Vollesen, Eric Prins, Jon Fjeldsa Ib FriisFlora of the Sudan-Uganda Border Area East of the Nile. II. Catlogue of vascular plants, 2nd Part vegetation and phytogeography. With interpretation of satellite imagery and a chapter on zoogeography. Biologiske Skrifter 51:2.
2008978-87-7304-325-7Merete J枚rgensenDanske Studier 2008
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聽 ''978-87-7304-335-6Vagn Fabritius BuchwaldIron, Steel and Cast Iron Before Bessemer
2009978-87-7304-336-3E NielsenLaurids Thuras H酶jsangsparafraser: Genudgivet tillige med en oversaettelse af den hebraiske version og med noter vedr酶rende ligheder og forskelle mellem den hebraiske og den danske version (Historisk-filosofiske meddelelser)
2008978-87-7304-337-0The Aristotelian Form: Particular or Universal?
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2012978-87-7304-368-4Jasper Guldenberg HansenThe armoured marine tardigrades

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