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1998978-87-574-0036-6Kai Kr眉gerEuropean public contracts in a labour law perspective
聽 ''978-87-574-0037-3Morten WegenerFranchising
聽 ''978-87-574-0039-7Lars Bo LangstedPeter GardeVagn GreveCriminal Law - Denmark
聽 ''978-87-574-0055-7Ketilbj酶rn HertzJurisdiction in contract and tort under the Brussels Convention
聽 ''978-87-574-0056-4Thomas RiisRuth NielsenLaw and Economics
1998978-87-574-0067-0Ulla B. NeergaardCompetition & Competences
2001978-87-574-0068-7Peter BlumeNordic Data Protection
978-87-574-0114-1Peter CrowtherTelecommunications: Law and Economics of Interconnection
1999978-87-574-0137-0DenmarkThe Danish criminal code: English version
聽 ''978-87-574-0143-1Lynn M. RoseberryThe Limits of Employment Discrimination Law in the United States and European Community
聽 ''978-87-574-0146-2Ole HasselbalchLabour law and industrial relations in Denmark
聽 ''978-87-574-0172-1Alf RossRet Som Teknik, Kunst Og Videnskab--Og Andre Essays
1996978-87-574-0181-3Malene Frese JensenAlternative Approaches to Juvenile Delinquency
2001978-87-574-0196-7Nick HaekkerupControls and Sanctions in the EU Law
2003978-87-574-0218-6Malene Frese Jensen 路 Vagn Greve 路 Gitte Hoyer 路 Martin SpencerThe Danish Criminal Code & The Danish Corrections Act
2000978-87-574-0225-4Ellen Margrethe BasseEnvironmental Law - Denmark
聽 ''978-87-574-0257-5Ole IngstrupPaul CrookallThe Three Pillars of Public Management
2000978-87-574-0258-2Kim Viborg AndersenNiels Bjorn-AndersenDeborah BunkerHelle Zinner HenriksenNiels Christian JuulBusiness-to-business E-commerce
聽 ''978-87-574-0306-0Bent Iversen 路 Lars Lindencrone Pedersen 路 et al 路 Hanne GronDanish Business Law
1996978-87-574-0324-4Lars Lindencrone Petersen 路 Niels Orgaard 路 Hanne GronDanish Insolvency Law: a Survey: A Survey
2000978-87-574-0325-1Kristina MiskowiakThe International Criminal Court: Consent, Complementarity and Cooperation
聽 ''978-87-574-0327-5Ruth NielsenEuropean Labour Law
聽 ''978-87-574-0328-2Helle BlomquistLawyers' Ethics: The Social Construction of Lawyers Professionalism
2003978-87-574-0332-9Erik WerlauffEU Company Law: Common Business Law of 28 Member States (Second Edition)
2000978-87-574-0337-4Thomas RiisIntellectual Property Law: Denmark
聽 ''978-87-574-0338-1Helle Tegner Anker 路 Ellen Margrethe BasseLand Use and Nature Protection: Emerging Legal Aspects
2001978-87-574-0369-5Torben M. Andersen 路 Bent Dalum 路 Hans Linderoth 路 Valdemar Smith 路 Niels Westergard-NielsenTh Danish Economy: An International Perspective
1996978-87-574-0431-9Helle Langhoff Lonroth 路 Jesper StrandskovAcquisition Appraisal: Presenting and Testing the Financial Theories
2001978-87-574-0477-7Karsten Engsig Sorenson 路 Mette NevilleThe Internationalisation of Companies and Company Law
2001978-87-574-0479-1Niklas Bruun 路 Jari HellstenCollective Agreement and Competition in the EU: The Report of the COLCOM-Project
聽 ''978-87-574-0493-7Derek BeachBetween Law and Politics: The Relationship Between the European Court of Justice and EU Member States
聽 ''978-87-574-0496-8Erik WerlauffCivil Procedure in Denmark
2002978-87-574-0497-5Peter BlumeProtection of Informational Privacy
聽 ''978-87-574-0539-2Joseph LookofskyUnderstanding the CISG in Scandinavia: Second Edition
2001978-87-574-0542-2Peter KruizeChoices of Commercial Robbers: A Comparative Study of Commercial Robbers
1976978-87-574-0620-7Preben Lyngs酶G忙ldsbrevloven: Med kommentarer (Danish Edition)
2002978-87-574-0685-6Erik JohnsenManaging the Managerial Process: A Participative Approach
2004978-87-574-0687-0Ruth NielsenGender Equality: In European Contract Law
2001978-87-574-0695-5Rubya MehdiGender and Property Law in Pakistan: Resources and Discourses
聽 ''978-87-574-0756-3Karin BuhmannImplementing Human Rights Through Administrative Reforms: The Potential in China and Vietnam
2002978-87-574-0768-6Gerhard SchroederProgressive Governance for the XXI Century: Contributions to the Berlin Conference
2003978-87-574-0793-8Jesper Lau HansenNordic Financial Market Law: The Regulation of the Financial Markets in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden
2003978-87-574-0794-5Jesper Lau HansenNordic Company Law: The Regulation of Public Companies in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden
2005978-87-574-0802-7Mette Lindegaard 路 John Ryding OlssonPower I Projekter Og Portefoljer
2002978-87-574-0808-9Henning GottliebJohn Kenneth Galbraith: et biografisk essay (脴konomiens konger)
2004978-87-574-0809-6Peter Kurrild-KlitgaardAdam Smith: 酶konom, filosof, samfundst忙nker (脴konomiens konger)
2002978-87-574-0812-6Lars ChristensenMilton Friedman (Okonomiens Konger)
2003978-87-574-0826-3Joseph M. Lookofsky 路 Kjetilbjorn HertzTransnational Litigation and Commercial Arbitration
2002978-87-574-0835-5Frank Bernd WeigandPractitioners' Handbook on International Arbitration
2003978-87-574-0864-5Erik WerlauffSE - The Law of the European Company
2004978-87-574-0890-4Henrik Spang-HanssenCyberspace & International Law on Jurisdiction: Possibilities of Dividing Cyberspace into Jurisdiction with Help of Filters and Firewall Software
2003978-87-574-0924-6Kristina Maria SiigArbitration Agreements: In a Transport Law Perspective
聽 ''978-87-574-0947-5Ana M. Lopez-RodriguezLex Mercatoria and Harmonization of Contract Law in the EU
聽 ''978-87-574-0968-0Ole HammerslevDanish Judges in the 20th Century: A Socio-Legal Study
2004978-87-574-0999-4Morten Broberg 路 Nina Holst-ChristensenFree Movement in the European Union: Cases, Commentaries and Questions
2005978-87-574-1000-6Riad Ajami 路 C. Edward Arrington 路 Falconer Mitchell 路 Hanne N脙?脗?脙?脗赂rreklitGlobalization, Management Control and Ideology: Local and Multinational Perspectives
2003978-87-574-1018-1Morten BrobergThe European Commission's Jurisdiction to Scrutinise Mergers
聽 ''978-87-574-1036-5Svend E. Hougaard Jensen 路 Jan Rose Skaksen 路 Ulrik Kaiser 路 Anders SorensenDenmark and the Information Society: Challenges for Research and Education
2004978-87-574-1057-0Peter Garde 路 Vagn Greve 路 Lars Bo LangstedCriminal Law Denmark: Second Edition
聽 ''978-87-574-1107-2Ruth Nielsen 路 Soren Sandfeld Jakobsen 路 Jan TrzaskowskiEU Electronic Commerce Law
2004978-87-574-1117-1Peter Birch SorensenMonetary Union in Europe: Historical Perspectives and Prospects for the Future. Essays in honour of Niels Thygesen.
2005978-87-574-1127-0Birgit JaegerYoung Technologies in Old Hands: An International View on Senior Citizen's Utilization of ICT
2004978-87-574-1144-7Ellen Margrethe BasseEnvironmental Law - Denmark: Second Edition
2005978-87-574-1244-4Ruth Nielsen 路 Steen TreumerThe New EU Public Procurement Directives
聽 ''978-87-574-1296-3Hans Gammeltoft-HansenThe Danish Ombudsman 2005
聽 ''978-87-574-1298-7Morten Rosenmeier 路 Stina TeilmannArt & Law: The Copyright Debate
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2005978-87-574-1345-8Jesper JespersenIntroduction to Macroeconomic Theory
聽 ''978-87-574-1349-6Thomas Bredgaard 路 Flemming LarsenEmployment Policy from Different Angles
2007978-87-574-1358-8Gunnar Gjelstrup 路 Eva SorensonPublic Administration in Transition: Theory - Practice - Methodology
978-87-574-1378-6Retsplejelov Straffelov Ef-Domskonventio
2006978-87-574-1408-0Simon Evers Hjelmborg 路 Peter Stig Jakobsen 路 Sune Troels PoulsenPublic Procurement Law: The Eu Directive on Public Contracts
聽 ''978-87-574-1409-7Jacob V. H. Holtermann 路 Jesper RybergAlf Ross: Kristiske Gensyn
2005978-87-574-1427-1Ketilbjorn HertzDanish Arbitration Act 2005
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2007978-87-574-1479-0Vibeke Vindel脙?脗?脙?脗赂vMediation: A Non-Model
2006978-87-574-1486-8Henrik Spang-HanssenPublic International Computer Network Law Issues
2006978-87-574-1529-2Andreas LaursenChanging International Law to Meet New Challenges: Interpretation, Modification and the Use of Force
聽 ''978-87-574-1540-7Torben M. Andersen 路 Bent Dalum 路 Hans Linderoth 路 Valdemar Smith 路 Niels Westerg脙?脗?脙?脗楼rd-NielsenThe Danish Economy: An International Perspective Second Edition
2007978-87-574-1566-7Morten Broberg 路 Nina Holst-ChristensenFree Movement in the European Union: Cases, Commentaries and Questions (Second Edition)
2006978-87-574-1587-2Mette MorsingSuzanne C. BeckmannStrategic CSR Communication
聽 ''978-87-574-1639-8Mikkel MailandCoalitions and Policy Coordination: Revision and Impact of the European Employment Strategy
1978978-87-574-1640-4Stig J酶rgensenValues in law: Ideas, principles and rules
2007978-87-574-1647-3Per Andersen 路 Mia Munster-Swendsen 路 Helle Vogt 路 Ditlev TammLaw before Gratian: Law in Western Europe c. 500-1100: Proceedings of the Third Carlsberg Academy Conference on Medieval Legal History 2006
2011978-87-574-1679-4Ditlev TammThe History of Danish Law: Selected Articles and Bibliography (Law and Culture)
2007978-87-574-1689-3Ane Maria Roddik ChristensenJudicial Accommodation of Human Rights in the European Union
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2007978-87-574-1708-1Henning Jorgensen 路 Per Kongshoj MadsenFlexicurity and Beyond: Finding a New Agenda for the European Social Model
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聽 ''978-87-574-1755-5Hans BoserupMediation - Six Ways in Seven Days: Special Part of the Mediation Process
2007978-87-574-1763-0Ulla V. BondesonCrime, Punishment and Justice: Selected Articles from a Scholarly Career
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2008978-87-574-1806-4Ulla B. Neergaard 路 Lynn M. Roseberry 路 Ruth NielsenThe Services Directive: Consequences for the Welfare State and the European Social Model
聽 ''978-87-574-1814-9Peter NedergaardJohn L. CampbellInstitutions and Politics: Festschrift in Honour of Ove K. Pedersen
1997978-87-574-1833-0Ditlev TammRoman Law and European Legal History
2008978-87-574-1843-9Rubya Mehdi 路 Hanne PetersenGordon R. Woodman 路 Erik R. SandLaw and Religion in Multicultural Societies
聽 ''978-87-574-1851-4Steen ThomsenAn Introduction to Corporate Governance: Mechanisms and Systems
聽 ''978-87-574-1872-9Robert P脙?脗?脙?脗楼hlssonYearbook for Nordic Tax Research 2008: Taxation of Capital and Wage Income: Towards Separated or More Integrated Personal Tax Systems?
2010978-87-574-1878-1Karen-Margrethe Simonsen 路 Ditlev TammLaw and Literature: Interdisciplinary Methods of Reading (Law and Culture)
2008978-87-574-1881-1Robin Elizabeth HerrIs the Sui Generis Right a Failed Experiment: A Legal and Theoretical Exploration of How to Regulate Unoriginal Database Contents and Possible Suggestions for Reform
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2009978-87-574-2077-7Jane BolanderYearbook for Nordic Tax Research 2009: The Non-Fiscal Purposes of Taxation
聽 ''978-87-574-2083-8Peter NedergaardBusiness and Politics in the European Union: Cases in Services, Agriculture and Textiles
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2013978-87-574-2115-6John Ryding Olsson 路 Mette Lindegaard AttrupProject Management & Project Excellence
2010978-87-574-2132-3Bent Iversen 路 Lars Lindencrone Petersen 路 Morten WegenerDanish Business Law: Fourth Edition
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978-87-574-2157-6Liber Amicorum Ditlev Tamm: Law, History and Culture
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聽 ''978-87-574-2267-2Sanne W脙茠脗赂hlkVBA Programming in Business Economics
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978-87-574-2295-5ThomsenCorporate Governance Theory & Practice D
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2010978-87-574-2359-4Grith Skovgaard 脙?脗?脙?脗?lykkeAbnormally Low Tenders: With an Emphasis on Public Tenderers
聽 ''978-87-574-2368-6Lisbet Christoffersen 路 Kjell A. ModeerSvend AndersenLaw and Religion in the 21st Century - Nordic Perspectives
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聽 ''978-87-574-2424-9Jane BolanderYearbook for Nordic Tax Research 2011: Taxation on Intangible Assets
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聽 ''978-87-574-2468-3Jens Erik Kristensen 路 Hanne N脙?脗?脙?脗赂rreklit 路 Morten Raffns脙?脗?脙?脗赂e-M脙?脗?脙?脗赂llerUniversity Performance Management: The Silent Managerial Revolution at Danish Universities
聽 ''978-87-574-2469-0Morten Jakobsen 路 Inga-Lill Johansson 路 Hanne N脙?脗?脙?脗赂rreklitAn Actor's Approach to Management: Conceptual Framework and Company Practices
聽 ''978-87-574-2476-8Rubya Mehdi 路 Jorgen S. NielsenEmbedding Mahr (Islamic Dower) in the European Legal System
2012978-87-574-2477-5Rubya Mehdi 路 Werner Menski 路 Jorgen S. NielsenInterpreting Divorce Laws in Islam
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2013978-87-574-2566-6Ruth NielsenEU Labour Law
2012978-87-574-2567-3Ruth Nielsen 路 Christina D. Tvarn脙?脗?脙?脗赂Scandinavian Women's Law in the 21st Century
2011978-87-574-2588-8Faculty Of Law University Of CopenhagenCopenhagen Competition 2011: on Access to Food
聽 ''978-87-574-2606-9Per Andersen 路 Ditlev Tamm 路 Helle VogtHow Nordic are the Nordic Medieval Laws?: Proceedings from the First Carlsberg Conference on Medieval Legal History (Second Edition) (Carlsberg Academy Conference on Medieval Legal History)
2012978-87-574-2662-5Bent Iversen 路 Pernille Wegener Jessen 路 Bent Ole Gram Mortensen 路 Michael Steinicke 路 Karsten Engsig SorensenRegulating Competition in the EU: Second Edition
2012978-87-574-2665-6Abeba Tadesse GebreselassieThe Sustainability of Plants and Plant Intellectual Property Rights
聽 ''978-87-574-2672-4Michael Joachim Bonell 路 Marie-Louise Holle 路 Peter Arnt NielsenLiber Amicorum Ole Lando
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2012978-87-574-2739-4Bent Iversen 路 Lars Lindencrone PetersenDanish Business Law
聽 ''978-87-574-2755-4Jane BolanderYearbook for Nordic Tax Research 2012: Tax Expenditures
聽 ''978-87-574-2759-2Gerlinde Berger-Walliser 路 Kim OstergaardProactive Law in a Business Environment
聽 ''978-87-574-2762-2Carina Risvig HansenContracts not covered, or not fully covered, by the Public Sector Directive
2013978-87-574-2768-4Hanne Petersen 路 Jos脙茠脗漏 Maria Lorenzo Villaverde 路 Ingrid Lund-AndersenContemporary Gender Relations and Changes in Legal Cultures
2014978-87-574-2779-0Steffen Pihlblad 路 Christian Lundblad 路 Claus Sogaard-ChristensenArbitration in Denmark
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2012978-87-574-2852-0Grith Skovgaard Olykke 路 Carina Risvig Hansen 路 Christina D. TvarnoEU Public Procurement - Modernisation, Growth and Innovation: Discussions on the 2011 Proposals for Procurement Directives
聽 ''978-87-574-2868-1Ulla Neergaard 路 Ruth NielsenEuropean Legal Method: in a Multi-Level EU Legal Order
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2013978-87-574-2915-2Kari a RogviWest-Nordic Constitutional Judicial Review: A Comparative Study of Scandinavian Judicial Review and Judicial Reasoning
978-87-574-2917-6Shared Responsibility: The United Nations in the Age of Globalization
1991978-87-574-3016-5Danmark, Norden og NATO 1948-1962 (Dansk Udenrigspolitisk Instituts skrifter)
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聽 ''978-87-574-3211-4Bent Iversen 路 Lars Lindencrone PetersenDanish Business Law: An educational textbook
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2015978-87-574-3228-2Tomas Kruger AndersenPrivate Equity: Transactions, contracts and regulation
978-87-574-3269-5Building the Nation: N.F.S. Grundtvig and Danish National Identity
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978-87-574-3316-6Middle Powers and the Rise of China (Studies in Global Politics and Security)
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聽 ''978-87-574-3385-2Francois Lichere 路 Roberto Caranta 路 Steen TreumerModernising Public Procurement: The New Directive (European Procurement Law)
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