Polyteknisk Boghandel og Forlag

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1971978-87-502-0204-2Sven HadvigSteel Chimneys
1972978-87-502-0332-2Peter JohansenAn algebraic normal form for regular events: Institute of Datalogy, University of Copenhagen
1974978-87-502-0353-7Ib MikkelsenNotater om forureningslære (Danish Edition)
1975978-87-502-0403-9Peter L. ChristiansenComparative Studies of Diffraction Processes in the Geometical Theory of Diffraction
1998978-87-502-0805-1Per UllidtzModelling Flexible Pavement Response and Performance
2001978-87-502-0830-3Bjarne KousholtOle Rømer og lysets tøven (in Danish)
2000978-87-502-0912-6Preben Hartmann PetersenMendeleev og det periodiske system (in Danish)
978-87-502-0969-0Fundamentals of Numerical Modelling of Casting Processes
2016978-87-502-0987-4Rupert MatthewsPub and Teashop Drives in Kent
978-87-502-0992-8Fire-Safety Engineering and Performance-Based Codes
978-87-502-0997-3Facilitating Change
978-87-502-1025-2Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship
978-87-502-1035-1The LaTeX Syntax
978-87-502-1037-5Formula Finder - Statistics and Probability
978-87-502-1038-2Wild and Not So Wild Dreams in Physics
978-87-502-1044-3Java to C: A Primer
978-87-502-1046-7The MATLAB Syntax
978-87-502-1047-4The Maple Syntax
2014978-87-502-1065-8Peter UlvskovPatenting in Biotechnology: A Laboratory Manual
978-87-502-1066-5Fire-Safety Engineering: Formula Finder
978-87-502-1068-9Machine Elements: Analysis and Design
978-87-502-1083-2Questioning Material Design