Journal of Juristic Papyrology

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-83-925919-1-7Jan Krzysztof WinnickiLate Egypt and Her Neighbours: Foreign Population in Egypt in the First Millennium BC (JJP Supplements)
2010978-83-925919-2-4Adam Łajtar · Jacques vad der Vliet · A. Lajtar · J. van der VlietQasr Ibrim: The Greek and Coptic Inscriptions Published on Behalf of the Egypt Exploration Society (JJP Supplements)
  ''978-83-925919-3-1Tomasz DerdaP. Bodmer I Recto: A Land List from the Panopolite Nome in Upper Egypt (after AD 21 3/4) (JJP Supplements)
2011978-83-925919-4-8Adam ŁajtarNubian Voices: Studies in Nubian Christian Civilization (JJP Supplements)
2012978-83-925919-5-5Grzegorz Ochata · Grzegorz OchalaChronological Systems of Christian Nubia (JJP Supplements)
  ''978-83-925919-6-2Agnieszka KacprzakTra logica e giurisprudenza: Argumentum a simili nel Topici di Cicerone (JJP Supplements)
2014978-83-925919-7-9Jakub UrbanikCulpa. Facets of Liability in Ancient Legal Theory and Practice: Proceedings of the Seminar Held in Warsaw 17-19 February 2011 (JJP Supplements) (English and Italian Edition)
2013978-83-925919-8-6Adam IzdebskiA Rural Economy in Transition: Asia Minor from Late Antiquity into the early Middle Ages (JJP Supplements)
2014978-83-925919-9-3Artur ObluskiThe Rise of Nobadia Social Changes in Northern Nubia in Late Antiquity (JJP Supplements)