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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-83-61421-00-9Przemyslaw SkulskiUnited States Army Ordinance Museum Aberdeen (Military Collections of the World)
2009978-83-61421-01-6Adam JońcaRenault FT 17/NC 1/NC 2/TSF, Renault R 35/40, Hotchkiss H35/39 (Polish Tracks and Wheels)
2010978-83-61421-02-3Piotr OlenderRusso-Japanese Naval War 1905, Vol. 2 (Maritime Series)
  ''978-83-61421-03-0Jaroslaw DobrzyńskiPolish Aviation Museum Cracow (Military Collections of the World)
  ''978-83-61421-05-4Adam GoląbekMIG-23MF and MIG-23UB (Polish Wings)
  ''978-83-61421-06-1Adam GoląbekMIG-29. Volume 1 (Polish Wings)
  ''978-83-61421-07-8Lionel PersynCurtis Hawk H-75: In French Service (Red Series)
2010978-83-61421-08-5Mikael ForslundSAAB J21 / J21R (Yellow Series)
2011978-83-61421-11-5Andrzej MorgalaEX USAAF Aircraft 1945 (Polish Wings)
  ''978-83-61421-12-2Adam GoląbekMIG-29. Volume 2 (Polish Wings)
2010978-83-61421-13-9Krzysztof WolowskiBF 109 Late Versions: Camouflage & Markings (White Series)
2012978-83-61421-16-0Alan GriffithConsolidated Mess: The Illustrated Guide to Nose-turreted B-24 Production Variants in USAAF Combat Service (White Series)
2011978-83-61421-17-7Tim KershawGloster Grebe and Gamecock (Orange Series)
  ''978-83-61421-18-4Hakan Gustavsson · Ludovico Slongo · Teodor Liviu MorusanuDesert Prelude 2: "Operation Compass" (White Series)
  ''978-83-61421-19-1Ralph A. RiccioAfvs in Irish Service Since 1922: From the National Army to the Irish Defence Forces (Green Series)
  ''978-83-61421-20-7Gerard BousquetLatecoere 290 and 298 (French Wings)
2011978-83-61421-21-4Jose FernandezNieuport Delage NiD 29 and NiD 62 Family (French Wings)
2010978-83-61421-22-1Bartlomiej BelcarzCaudron Cr. 714, MS 406, Hawk H75A (1/32 Scale) (Camouflage & Decals)
2011978-83-61421-23-8Richard TaylorWarpaint Vol 3: British Army Vehicle Colours and Markings 1903-2003 (Green Series)
2012978-83-61421-24-5Dick TaylorWarpaint Vol 4: British Army Vehicle Colours and Markings 1903-2003 (Green Series)
2011978-83-61421-25-2Jerzy MajkaInvincible Black Brigade: Polish 10th Cavalry Brigade 1939 (Green Series)
2019978-83-61421-26-9Bartlomiej BelcarzCaudron-Renault CR.714 Cyclone: The Ultimate Story (Monograph)
2011978-83-61421-27-6Robert PeczkowskiRepublic P-47 Thunderbolt "Bubbletop" (Yellow Series)
  ''978-83-61421-28-3Robert PeczkowskiBell P-39 Airacobra (Orange Series)
  ''978-83-61421-29-0Marek Kruk9 Panzer Division 1940-1943 (Green Series)
  ''978-83-61421-30-6Mariusz KalinowskiMi-14PL, Mi-14PS, Mi-14PL/R (Polish Wings)
2010978-83-61421-31-3Bartlomiej BelcarzCaudron Cr. 714, MS 406, Hawk H75A (1/48 Scale) (Camouflage & Decals)
2011978-83-61421-33-7Andrzej GlassPolish Air Force 1939 Through German Eyes. Volume 2 (Monograph)
  ''978-83-61421-35-1Wojtek MatusiakSupermarine Spitfire IX 1942-1943: Volume 1 (Polish Wings)
2012978-83-61421-36-8Dick TaylorInto the Vally: The Valentine Tank and Derivatives 1938 - 1960 (Green Series)
2012978-83-61421-41-2Giuseppe PicarellaJapanese Experimental Transport Aircraft of the Pacific War (Orange Series)
2011978-83-61421-42-9Pavel KloucekVictory Air Displays: Prague 1946 and '47 (Red Series)
2013978-83-61421-43-6Pavel Vančata311 Squadron RAF (Blue Series)
2016978-83-61421-44-3Jiří NovákAustro-Hungarian Submarines in WWI (Maritime)
2011978-83-61421-45-0Przemyslaw SkulskiNorth American A-36A Apache (Yellow Series)
2012978-83-61421-46-7Arthur Ord-HumeBritish Private Aircraft: Volume One: The Re-awakening Years 1946 - 1970
  ''978-83-61421-47-4Dariusz KarnasFieseler 156 Storch 1938-1945 (Yellow Series)
2014978-83-61421-48-1Robert PanekHenschel Hs 123 (Orange)
2012978-83-61421-49-8Wojtek MatusiakSupermarine Spitfire IX 1944-1946: Polish Wings No 15
2013978-83-61421-50-4Adam JońcaPolish Vickers: Part 2: 7TO, Vickers-7TP, 7TP forced, Vickers 4-Ton AT (Polish Tracks and Wheels)
2012978-83-61421-51-1Jose FernandezMacchi C.200 Saetta
  ''978-83-61421-52-8Ralph A. RiccioThe Irish Artillery Corps Since 1922 (Green Series)
  ''978-83-61421-53-5Piotr OlenderSino-French Naval War 1884-1885 (Maritime)
  ''978-83-61421-54-2Artur JuszczakCamouflage & Decals: Bf 109G-10/U4 W.Nr. 612769 (Diana), 101st Fighter Regiment MKHL/Bf 109G-10/U4/R2 W.Nr. 770269 (WNF), 2./NAGr 14/Bf 109G-14/AS W.Nr. 784993 (Mtt Re
2012978-83-61421-66-5Przemyslaw SkulskiMacchi MC.202 Folgore (Orange Series)
  ''978-83-61421-67-2Jan ForsgrenMesserschmitt Bf 108 Taifun (Yellow Series)
2013978-83-61421-68-9Wojtek MatusiakSupermarine Spitfire XVI 1944-1946 (Polish Wings)
  ''978-83-61421-69-6Robert PęczkowskiLockheed P-38 J-L Lightning (Yellow Series)
2014978-83-61421-70-2Jose FernandezDouglas F3D Skyknight (Yellow Series)
2013978-83-61421-71-9Dénes Bernád · György PunkaHungarian Fighter Colours, Vol. 1: 1930-1945 (White Series)
2012978-83-61421-72-6Mikael ForslundSwedish Piston Fighter Colours: 1925 - 1954 (White Series)
2013978-83-61421-75-7Robert MichulecMesserschmit Bf 109 F (Yellow Series)
2014978-83-61421-76-4Marek RyśGerman Fighter Projects 1935 - 1945: A Complete History of Might-Have-Been German Air Force Fighter Projects
  ''978-83-61421-77-1Jose FernandezBreguet 27 (French Wings)
2013978-83-61421-79-5Brian CauchiMalta Spitfire Vs - 1942: Their Colours and Markings (White Series)
2014978-83-61421-80-1Lechoslaw MusialkowskiBomber Aircraft of 305 Squadron (White Series)
2022978-83-61421-81-8Tomasz J. KopańskiKARAŚ of 24 Eskadra at War
2013978-83-61421-82-5Ricardo Caballero · Phil CaterThe Pucará Story (White Series)
  ''978-83-61421-92-4Arthur Ord-HumeBritish Private Aircraft 1946-1970: An A to Z of Club and Private Aeroplanes: Volume 2
2016978-83-61421-93-1Amaru Tincopa GallegosFrom the Voisin to the Mirage: 100 years of French Aeronautic Presence in Peru