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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1975978-82-519-0134-5Fritz HodneAn economic history of Norway, 1815-1970
1978978-82-519-0252-6Oyvind BjorkeComputer-aided tolerancing
1980978-82-519-0366-0Alfred JakobsenFagrskinna-studier (Skrifter / Nordisk institutt, Universitetet i Trondheim) (Norwegian Edition)
1999978-82-519-0662-3Fagbokforlaget FagbokforlagetFatigue Handbook: Offshore Steel Structures
1986978-82-519-0737-8A.O. Brubakk · J.W. Kanwisher · G. SundnessDiving in Animals and Man: An International Symposium, Kongsvoll (Sweden) 3-7 June 1985
1995978-82-519-0839-9Carl A. ThoresenPort Design: Guidelines and Recommendations
1988978-82-519-0878-8Aksel Lydersen · Ingrid DahloOrdbok for kjemiteknikk: Norsk-engelsk. Engelsk-norsk.
1989978-82-519-0910-5Per FuglumÉn skute, én skipper: Gunnar Knudsen som statsminister 1908-10 og 1913-20 (Norwegian Edition)
1992978-82-519-0973-0Oyvind BjorkeImpact: Integrated Modelling of Products Using Advanced Co
1989978-82-519-1001-9Steinar SupphellenDen politiske bisp: Bartholomeus Deichman i norsk historie 1713-1730 (Norwegian Edition)
  ''978-82-519-1012-5A.O. Brubakk · B.B. Hemmingsen · G. SundnessSupersaturation and Bubble Formation in Fluids and Organisms: An International Symposium, Kongsvoll (Sweden) 6-10 June 1988
1995978-82-519-1058-3Fagbokforlaget FagbokforlagetMaps of Distribution of Norwegian Vascular Plants: Volume 2 Alpine Plants
1992978-82-519-1099-6Volker SeresseTysk bergverkstradisjon ved R²ros Kobberverk 1671-1685: En unders²kelse om innvandring av bergfolk fra Sachsen og Harzregionen til Norge og deres ... / Det Kongelige Norske Videnskabers Selskab)
  ''978-82-519-1104-7Olav GjærevollPlantegeografi (Norwegian Edition)
  ''978-82-519-1117-7Grethe Authén BlomNorge i union på 1300-tallet: Kongedømme, politikk, administrasjon og forvaltning 1319-1380 (Norwegian Edition)
1995978-82-519-1125-2Fagbokforlaget FagbokforlagetLayer Manufacturing: Volume 1 A Challenge of the Future
  ''978-82-519-1175-7   ''Life Cycle Data for Norwegian Oil and Gas
1995978-82-519-1187-0Lars GrovenFrå Olav Jakobsson H²yem til Olav Duun: Fire nynorske f²regangsmenn i Tr²ndelag
2000978-82-519-1191-7Oyvind BjorkeBidprep: An Integrated System for Simultaneous Bid Preparat
  ''978-82-519-1214-3Kaare AagaardLimnofauna Norvegica (English and Norwegian Edition)
1995978-82-519-1224-2Fagbokforlaget FagbokforlagetLayer Manufacturing: Volume 2 A Tool for Reduction of Product Lead Time
1996978-82-519-1228-0Kristofer LeirdalBilledhuggeren Kristofer Leirdal (Norwegian Edition)
  ''978-82-519-1252-5Katherine HolmanScandinavian Runic Inscriptions in the British Isles: Their Historical Context (Skrifter (Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet. Senter for Middelalderstudier), Nr. 4.)
1997978-82-519-1268-6Astrid FredlundSankta Apollonia: helgen og nødhjelper: omkring nordiske middelalderbilder
1998978-82-519-1306-5Fagbokforlaget FagbokforlagetGregorian Chant and Medieval Music
2000978-82-519-1307-2Arja Puurula · Pia Falkencrone · Sigart TosseCorporate and Nonformal Learning: Adult Education and Research in Nordic Countries (Adult Education Research in Nordic Countries)
1995978-82-519-1309-6Stein ThueOn the Pilgrim Way: To Trondheim
1997978-82-519-1317-1Anders Schei · Johan Kr. Tuset · Halvard TveitProduction of High Silicon Alloys
2001978-82-519-1346-1Not AvailableProceedings of BCRA 1998 Conference: Bearing Capacity of Roads and Airfields 3 Volume
1995978-82-519-1413-0Fagbokforlaget FagbokforlagetManufacturing Systems Theory
  ''978-82-519-1421-5Gunnar. SundnesBiomedical and psychosocial consequenses [sic] of radiation from man-made radionuclides in the biosphere: An international symposium, Kongsvoll 5-10 June 1994
978-82-519-1514-4Norske Oldsager: Ordnede Og Forklarede (French and Norwegian Edition)
2008978-82-519-1528-1Olav GjoerevollSvaldardblomster (English and Norwegian Edition)
1995978-82-519-1529-8Fagbokforlaget FagbokforlagetFlowers of Svalbard
1999978-82-519-1542-7Johannes MoePå tidens skanser (Norwegian Edition)
2000978-82-519-1545-8Gunilla Rosenqvist · Troad Amundsen · Yngve EsprnarkAnimal Signals: Signalling and Signal Design in Animal Communication
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2000978-82-519-1588-5Not AvailableReforms and Policy: Adult Education Research in Nordic Countries
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  ''978-82-519-1660-8Kesheng WangIntroduction to Knowledge Management: Principles and Practice
  ''978-82-519-1662-2Skallerud · AnderssonOutremer
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2001978-82-519-1697-4T LindbekkEducational Reforms and Their Attainment Outcomes
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2002978-82-519-1763-6Erring · et alThe Horizontal Skyscraper
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2002978-82-519-1777-3Gertrude M MarshA Vivid Shaft of Northern Light
  ''978-82-519-1789-6Martin SyrettRoman-Alphabet Inscriptions of Medieval Trondheimv. 1 & 2
2003978-82-519-1825-1Gerd Stamso MunchBorg in Lofoten: A Chieftan's Farm in North Norway
2002978-82-519-1828-2Arne Myskja · Ola EspvikTore Olaus Engset 1865-1943: The Man Behind the Formula
2004978-82-519-1838-1Bjorn Myhre · Ingvild Oye · Kare Lunden · Brynjulv GjerdakerNorwegian Agricultural History
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2005978-82-519-2011-7Eli Johanne EllingsveNames on Svalbard
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2006978-82-519-2112-1Jonathan KnowlesTheory of Science: A Short Introduction
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2007978-82-519-2184-8Roald SaetreThe Norwegian Coastal Current: Oceanography and Climate
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