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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-81-87943-04-4Nigel HankinHanklyn-Janklyn: A Rumble-Tumble Guide to Some Words, Customs, and Quiddities Indian and Indo-British
2001978-81-87943-15-0Rajesh M. BasrurSecurity in the New Millennium: Views from South Asia
2007978-81-87943-21-1Haidar NizamaniRoots of Rhetoric Politics of Nuclear Weapons of India and Pakistan
2002978-81-87943-25-9Anders Bjorn HansenPartition and Genocide Manifestation of Violence in Punjab 1937–1947
2006978-81-87943-52-5Manoj JoshiLong Road: The Kashmir Story Retold
  ''978-81-87943-71-6David GentlemanDavid Gentleman's India
2010978-81-87943-76-1Talmiz AhmadChildren of Abraham at War: The Clash of Messianic Militarisms
2006978-81-87943-78-5   ''Reform in the Arab World: External Influences and Regional Debates
  ''978-81-87943-79-2Shankar VedantamThe Ghosts of Kashmir
  ''978-81-87943-82-2Satish KumarIndia's National Security: Annual Review-2004
  ''978-81-87943-94-5Mohammed Badrul AlamConstructing Nuclear Strategic Discourse: The South Asian Scene
2006978-81-87943-95-2Jairam RameshMaking Sense of Chindia: Reflections on China and India