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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-81-86822-01-2Gerard T. SatvicSatvic Food and Health: In Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Own Words
978-81-86822-02-9Anya Foos-GraberDeathing
978-81-86822-03-6LightstormAlex the Dolphin
1998978-81-86822-04-3David BaileyJourney to Love
978-81-86822-07-4Sudha AdityaSathya Sai's Amrita Varshini: Nectarine Showers
978-81-86822-08-1   ''Sathya Sai's Anugraha Varshini: Showers of Grace
978-81-86822-09-8Sai MiraMohana Bala Sai - The Charming Child
978-81-86822-10-4Birgitte RodriguezGlimpses of the Divine
978-81-86822-11-1V. RamnathWaiting for Baba
1999978-81-86822-13-5C.D. Mirchandani · D. Chander MirchandaniThy Will Be Done
978-81-86822-16-6LightstormSai Baba's Songbird
978-81-86822-17-3L.A. RamdathSri Sathya Sai Baba Young Adults Programme: Curriculum for Teenagers/youths
978-81-86822-18-0V.K. NarasimhanBapu to Baba
1997978-81-86822-19-7Charlene Leslie-ChadenA Compendium of the Teachings of Sathya Sai Baba
978-81-86822-21-0Gloria St. JohnAshes, Ashes, We All Fall Down
978-81-86822-22-7June AutonEducation in Human Values
1997978-81-86822-23-4Sathya Sai BabaStudy circles for divinity: A compilation from the discourses of Sri Sathya Sai Baba
1981978-81-86822-24-1Doris May GibsonLet Me Sow Love
978-81-86822-25-8Elvie BaileyMessages from My Dearest Friend Sai Baba
1997978-81-86822-26-5Deena NaiduDiscovering martial arts: The empty hand way: the path to seeking enlightenment
  ''978-81-86822-28-9B.P. MisraSai Baba, the Eternal Companion
978-81-86822-30-2R. LowenbergThe Omnipresence of Sai
1997978-81-86822-31-9P P AryaIn Quest of God
978-81-86822-32-6Erlendur HaraldssonMiracles Are My Visiting Cards: An Investigative Report on Psychic Phenomena Associated with Sathya Sai Baba
1999978-81-86822-33-3Phyllis KrystalCutting the Ties That Bind
2008978-81-86822-34-0Phyllis KrystalCutting More Ties That Bind
2003978-81-86822-35-7   ''Cutting the Ties That Bind - Cards
1997978-81-86822-36-4Deena NaiduBudo-ka: True spiritual warriors
978-81-86822-37-1O.P. VidyakarThe Armour of Sri Sathya Sai
978-81-86822-38-8Sri Sathya Sai Baba Prayer Book
978-81-86822-40-1AuthorANOTHER JOURNEY TO LOVE
978-81-86822-41-8Jagat Narain TripathiSai Namavali
1998978-81-86822-42-5Jeanette Caurth · Jeannette CaruthThousand Songs of Lord Vishnu
978-81-86822-43-2V.I.K. SarinFace to Face with God
978-81-86822-45-6R. LowenbergThe Heart of Sai
978-81-86822-46-3   ''At Feet of Sai
1998978-81-86822-48-7Nagamani PurnaiyaThe Divine Leelas of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
978-81-86822-49-4Cynthia HarrisJourney of Grace
978-81-86822-50-0Shaila HattiangadiSai's Story
978-81-86822-51-7R. LowenbergThe Grace of Sai
978-81-86822-53-1Ratan LalOneness of Divinity
1998978-81-86822-54-8M.N. RaoYou Are God
2001978-81-86822-55-5Sudha AdityaThe Inner Journey
978-81-86822-58-6Sanjay KantGod Descends on Earth
1998978-81-86822-60-9Margaret Tottle-Smith · A.L. DruckerWho Is Baba?
1999978-81-86822-61-6Richard SelbyPath of the Pilgrim
  ''978-81-86822-62-3Charlene Leslie-ChadenYour Life is Your Message: Life Before And After Sathya Sai Baba
978-81-86822-63-0R. PadmanabanPrasanthi Guide
978-81-86822-64-7Indra DeviSai Baba and Sai Yoga
978-81-86822-65-4Robert PriddySource of the Dream
2000978-81-86822-67-8Ellen SchumannMind Into Heart
2006978-81-86822-68-5Irene M. WatsonWho am I Really?: v. 1
  ''978-81-86822-69-2Irene WatsonWho am I Really?
  ''978-81-86822-74-6Raychel CiemmaHelp from Within
2000978-81-86822-76-0Ranganathan PadmanabanLove is my form: A biographical series on Sri Sathya Sai Baba
2000978-81-86822-77-7Ranganathan PadmanabanLove is My Form: v. 1: The Advent 1926-1950
  ''978-81-86822-86-9Charlene Leslie-ChadenYour Life is Your Message
2003978-81-86822-89-0Sudha AdityaThe Inner Journey
2001978-81-86822-90-6Kanaga RanganathanSeventy Five Blossoms
  ''978-81-86822-91-3M.N. RaoOn the March to World Peace
  ''978-81-86822-99-9Suzie Parvati ReevesHeaven is this: Notes on a spiritual journey