year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-81-85026-00-8Artists today
聽 ''978-81-85026-01-5A Mirror of princes: The Mughals and the Medici
1988978-81-85026-02-2Vidya DehejiaRoyal Patrons and Great Temple Art
2006978-81-85026-03-9George MichellSnehal ShahAhmadabad
1988978-81-85026-04-6pratapaditya-pal-marg-publicationsA Pot-pourri of Indian art
聽 ''978-81-85026-05-3Bodhgaya, the site of enlightenment
1989978-81-85026-06-0Pal (editor) PratapadityaArt and architecture of ancient Kashmir
聽 ''978-81-85026-07-7Krishna (editor) RiboudIn quest of themes and skills, Asian textiles
2007978-81-85026-08-4Pauline Rohatgi 路 Pheroza GodrejIndia: A Pageant of Prints
1989978-81-85026-09-1Saryu DoshiDances of Manipur: The Classical Tradition
1990978-81-85026-10-7Persian masters: Five centuries of paintings
聽 ''978-81-85026-11-4Pratapaditya (edit). PalCalcutta through 300 years: Changing visions, lasting images
1990978-81-85026-12-1Roy C. Craven Jr.Ramayana: Pahari Paintings
聽 ''978-81-85026-13-8Sunil KothariOdissi, Indian classical dance art =: Odi艣墨 nr胎tya
1992978-81-85026-14-5Karl KhandalavalaThe Golden Age: Gupta Art-Empire, Province and Influence
聽 ''978-81-85026-15-2Pratapaditya PalMaster Artists of the Imperial Mughal Court
聽 ''978-81-85026-16-9Ernst J. GrubeA Mirror for Princes from India: Illustrated Versions of the Kalilah Wa
聽 ''978-81-85026-17-6George MichellLiving Wood: Sculptural Traditions of Southern India
1992978-81-85026-18-3Saryu DoshiTribal India: Ancestors, Gods, and Spirits
聽 ''978-81-85026-19-0Shehbaz H. SafraniGolconda and Hyderabad
聽 ''978-81-85026-20-6Stephen MarkelThe World of jade
2006978-81-85026-21-3George MichellTemple Towns of Tamil Nadu
2010978-81-85026-22-0Appukuttan D. Nair 路 Ayyappa K. PanikerKathakali: The Art of the Non-worldly
1993978-81-85026-23-7Saryu DoshiIndia and Egypt: Influences and Interactions
1994978-81-85026-24-4Vidya DehejiaThe Legend of Rama: Artistic Visions
聽 ''978-81-85026-25-1Martha L. (editor) CarterA Treasury of Indian coins
聽 ''978-81-85026-26-8Marg PublicationsArchitecture in Victorian and Edwardian India
1995978-81-85026-27-5British Museum 路 TV AsiaHumayun's Garden Party: Princess of the House of Timur & Early Mughal Painting
1995978-81-85026-28-2Jasleen KhamijaWoven Silks of India
1996978-81-85026-29-9Pauline Rohatgi 路 Pheroza GodrejUnder the Indian Sun: British Landscape Artists
1995978-81-85026-30-5Susan StrongeJewels of India
2001978-81-85026-31-2Pratapaditya PalGanesh: The Benevolent
1996978-81-85026-32-9Vidya DehejiaUnseen Presence: The Buddha & Sanchi
聽 ''978-81-85026-33-6pratapaditya-palOn the path to void: Buddhist art of the Tibetan realm
聽 ''978-81-85026-34-3Gayatri SinhaExpressions & Evocations: Contemporary Women Artists of India
1997978-81-85026-35-0Farooq AmeenContemporary Architecture and City Form, The South Asian Paradigm [Jul 01, 1997] Farooq Ameen
2007978-81-85026-36-7Sunil KothariBharata Natyam
聽 ''978-81-85026-37-4Pauline Rohatgi 路 Pheroza GodrehBombay to Mumbai: Changing Perspectives
1997978-81-85026-38-1Philippa (edit). VaughanThe Victoria Memorial Hall, Calcutta: Conception, collections, conservation
2006978-81-85026-39-8Jyotindra JainPicture Showmen: Insights into the Narrative Tradition in Indian Ar
1998978-81-85026-40-4Asok Kumar DasMughal Masters, Further Studies
聽 ''978-81-85026-41-1Vishwa Chancer OhriPainters of the Pahari Schools
2007978-81-85026-42-8Janet Baker superintendent Hamilton City School DistrictThe Flowering of a Foreign Faith; New Studies in Chinese Buddhist Art
1999978-81-85026-43-5Som 路 Prakash VermaFlora and Fauna in Mughal Art
1999978-81-85026-44-2Donald StadtnerThe Art of Burma: New Studies
聽 ''978-81-85026-45-9Clare ArniEternal Kaveri
聽 ''978-81-85026-46-6Robert L. BrownArt from Thailand
2000978-81-85026-47-3Andrew TopsfieldCourt Painting in Rajasthan
2007978-81-85026-48-0Christopher W. LondonThe Arts of Kutch
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聽 ''978-81-85026-50-3Pratapaditya Pal 路 P. Pal2000: Reflections On the Arts In India
2001978-81-85026-51-0Pratapaditya PalOrissa Revisited
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2006978-81-85026-55-8Yashodhara DalmiaContemporary Indian Art: Other Realities
2002978-81-85026-56-5National Centre for the Performing Arts 路 Marg PublicationsAfter the Great Mughals: Painting in Delhi and the Regional Courts in the 18th and 19th Centuries
2006978-81-85026-57-2Pratapaditya PalIndian Terracotta Sculpture: The Early Period
2002978-81-85026-58-9Shalva WeilIndia's Jewish Heritage - Ritual, Art, & Life-Cycle
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聽 ''978-81-85026-60-2Kavita SinghNew Insights into Sikh Art
2006978-81-85026-61-9Rosie Llewellyn-JonesLucknow: Then and Now
聽 ''978-81-85026-62-6Sunil KothariNew Directions in Indian Dance
聽 ''978-81-85026-63-3Dilip K. ChakrabartiIndus Civilization Sites in India;New Discoveries
聽 ''978-81-85026-64-0Vivek NandaChidambaram: Home of Nataraja
2011978-81-85026-65-7George Michell 路 Mumtaz CurrimDargahs: Abodes of the Saints
2006978-81-85026-66-4DivyabhanusinhThe Story of Asia's Lions
聽 ''978-81-85026-70-1Annapurna GarimellaMulk Raj Anand;Shaping the Indian Modern
2006978-81-85026-71-8Ahmed Monisha 路 Clare Harris University of OxfordLadakh: Culture at the Crossroads
聽 ''978-81-85026-72-5George Michell 路 Rana P.B. SinghBanaras: The City Revealed
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聽 ''978-81-85026-92-3Gayatri SinhaArt and Visual Culture in India: 1857 - 2007
2010978-81-85026-95-4Steven KossakPainted Images of Enlightenment: Early Tibetan Thankas, 1050-1450

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