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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-81-7650-025-8Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib · Khwaja Tariq MahmoodSelections from Diwan-e-Ghalib Urdu Text and Roman Transliteration and English Poetic Translation (English and Hindi Edition)
  ''978-81-7650-027-2Afghan National Islamic Council of Immigrants in AmericaEnglish-Pushtu Dictionary
  ''978-81-7650-031-9S. HaimDictionary English-persian Persian-english Dictionary (English and Persian Edition)
2001978-81-7650-032-6Abdul HaqEnglish-Urdu and Urdu-English Combined Dictionary
  ''978-81-7650-036-4Allama IqbalThe Poetry of Allama Iqbal (English and Hindi Edition)
2002978-81-7650-044-9Khwaja Tariq MahmoodSelected Poems of Faiz Ahmad Faiz (English, Urdu and Hindi Edition) (English and Hindi Edition)
  ''978-81-7650-047-0Gian Huu Can · Dinh Duc TienEnglish-Vietnamese and Vietnamese-English Dictionary
2001978-81-7650-050-0H.G. RavertyLanguage of the Afghans (The Pushto Manual): Grammar Phrases, Proverbs and English-Pushto Dictionary
2004978-81-7650-056-2Ramesh Chander DograLet's know Hinduism - The oldest religion of infinite adaptability and diversity
2002978-81-7650-057-9Joseph W. RakerEnglish-Hindi and Hindi-English Dictionary (English and Hindi Edition)
2004978-81-7650-078-4S. Abdullah · K. AlamEnglish-Kurdish (Sorani) and Kurdish (Sorani)-English Dictionary
2004978-81-7650-086-9Tarkash (Urdu Poetry)
2005978-81-7650-195-8B. VarmaStar Children's Picture Dictionary - English - Pushto
2006978-81-7650-206-1Babita VermaStar Children's Picture Dictionary
1905978-81-7650-226-9Kambiz KakavandMy Little Chick
2006978-81-7650-228-3L.H. ElahiOnce Upon a Time
2007978-81-7650-237-5K. KakavandMy Little Chick
2006978-81-7650-240-5   ''My Little Chick
  ''978-81-7650-244-3Kambiz KakavandMy Little Chick (English-Chinese)
2007978-81-7650-246-7Leila Hakim ElahiOnce Upon A Time (English-Persian Picture Book)
2006978-81-7650-248-1L.H. ElahiOnce Upon a Time
2007978-81-7650-249-8B.B.W. JirayOnce Upon a Time
2006978-81-7650-252-8Leila Hakim ElahiOnce Upon A Time
2007978-81-7650-258-0Ricardo BenediktoEnglish-Tagalog (Pilipino) and Tagalog (Pilipino)-English Dictionary
2005978-81-7650-259-7Abdel RahmanEnglish-Tigrigna Dictionary
2006978-81-7650-263-4Manucher KeymaramThe White Fluffy Cat (English Hindi)
  ''978-81-7650-270-2   ''The White Fluffy Cat
978-81-7650-272-6Two Friends - English-Urdu Reader for Children (English and Urdu Edition)
2007978-81-7650-278-8L.H. ElahiTwo Friends
  ''978-81-7650-280-1   ''Two Friends
  ''978-81-7650-281-8Leila Hakim ElahiTwo Friends (English-Chinese)
2006978-81-7650-283-2Nina's birthday
2007978-81-7650-288-7A. VachhaniNina's Birthday
2007978-81-7650-291-7A. VachhaniNina's Birthday
  ''978-81-7650-319-8Mircea ManolacheEnglish-romanian and Romanian-english Dictionary (English and Romanian Edition)
2001978-81-7650-328-0Verma · S.Hindu Baby Names
2009978-81-7650-406-5N. MehtaEnglish-Gujarati and Gujarati-English Word-to-word Bilingual Dictionary
  ''978-81-7650-419-5K. KawilaEnglish-Thai and Thai-English Word-to-word Bilingual Dictionary (Thai and English Edition)