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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-81-7224-025-7S. ChaterjeeMizoram Encyclopedia
1991978-81-7224-030-1M.V. Kamath & V.B. KherSai Baba of Shirdi: A Unique Saint
1973978-81-7224-057-8Aroona ReejhsinghaniThe Art of South Indian Cooking
2005978-81-7224-064-6Andrea McNicholHandwriting Analysis
聽 ''978-81-7224-074-5James BuntingAdolf Hitler
1987978-81-7224-078-3Aroona ReejhsinghaniDelights From Goa
2005978-81-7224-080-6Arthur W. RyderPanchatantra
聽 ''978-81-7224-096-7FrancisThomasJataka Tales
1999978-81-7224-097-4Kahlil GibranThe Prophet
2005978-81-7224-127-8Maxwell MaltzThe Magic Power of Self Image Psychology
2006978-81-7224-139-1The Sensuous Woman
1999978-81-7224-143-8Vijaya HiremathSouth Indian Tiffin: Over 120 Varieties of Idlis, Dosas, Sambars and Chutneys
2006978-81-7224-164-3Adolf HitlerMein Kampf
2005978-81-7224-194-0Handbook of Electronic Insulating Materials
聽 ''978-81-7224-201-5The Pothunters
2002978-81-7224-211-4Arthur OsborneThe Mind of Ramana Maharshi
1994978-81-7224-213-8Luis S. R. VasMind of J. Krishnamurti
2000978-81-7224-216-9Abraham Kovoor 路 V.A. MenonGods, Demon and Spirits
2007978-81-7224-219-0PREMCHANDGodan: A Novel of Peasant India
2005978-81-7224-221-3George J. SummersThe Great Book of Puzzles and Teasers
聽 ''978-81-7224-222-0G.F. XavierPractical Palmistry: A Comprehensive Guide
2006978-81-7224-230-5Albert EllisThe Art of Love Making
2005978-81-7224-234-3Robert A. McDermottBasic Writings of S. Radhakrishnan
2005978-81-7224-266-4Jacek M. ZarudaIntroduction to Artificial Neural Systems
聽 ''978-81-7224-270-1Robert R. BlakeJane S. MoutonThe New Managerial Grid
聽 ''978-81-7224-326-5Sewa SinghA Practical Manual of Colon Classification
1994978-81-7224-327-2How to Fight Dirty Against Management
2005978-81-7224-330-2Herbert V. Prochnow1001 Ways to Improve Your Conversation and Speeches
聽 ''978-81-7224-331-9Abraham KovoorBegone Godmen
聽 ''978-81-7224-348-7J.Geoffrey RawlinsonCreative Thinking and Brainstorming
2003978-81-7224-372-2Indra DeviYoga for You
2005978-81-7224-387-6Edwin J. SingerRichard GrahamTop Class Management
2005978-81-7224-423-1Debra AllcockHow to Be Successful at Work
聽 ''978-81-7224-431-6Debra AllcockHandbook of Practical Administrative Skills
聽 ''978-81-7224-439-2Whitham D. ReeveSubscriber Loop Signalling and Transmission
聽 ''978-81-7224-447-7N.C. BalchinHealth and Safety in Welding and Allied Processes
聽 ''978-81-7224-459-0The Home Medical Encyclopedia
2005978-81-7224-517-7Eknath EaswaranGandhi, the Man
聽 ''978-81-7224-522-1K.V.V.S. MurthyHandbook of Factory Accounts
2006978-81-7224-533-7David R. CunninghamJohn A. StullerBasic Circuit Analysis
聽 ''978-81-7224-545-0Laxmi KhuranaAn Indian Housewife's Recipe Book
聽 ''978-81-7224-546-7Kris DhillonThe Curry Secret
2005978-81-7224-547-4Martin DaviesEmergency Car Repairs
1998978-81-7224-566-5OshoKrishna: The Man & His Philosophy
2005978-81-7224-567-2Kriyananda SwamiAnanda Yoga for Higher Awareness
聽 ''978-81-7224-568-9Kriyananda SwamiMeditation for Starters
2005978-81-7224-578-8Gregory E. HuszczoTools for Team Excellence
聽 ''978-81-7224-598-6P. HoneyImproving Personal Effectiveness
2006978-81-7224-611-2Robert L. HarrisIllustrated Encyclopaedia of Information Graphics
2005978-81-7224-614-3Robin S. SharmaMegaliving: 30 Days to a Perfect Life
聽 ''978-81-7224-648-8Frank E. HarrisonThe Managerial Decision Making Process
聽 ''978-81-7224-649-5Thomas AndersonJava for Business
聽 ''978-81-7224-707-2Peter Capezio 路 Debra L. MorehouseSecrets of Breakthrough Leadership
2004978-81-7224-731-7christopher-jarmeyAcupressure for Common Aliments
2000978-81-7224-757-7Eknath EaswaranDialogue with Death: A Journey through Consciousness
2006978-81-7224-781-2Dalmar FisherCommunication in Organizations
2005978-81-7224-785-0William S. LevineThe Control Handbook
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2005978-81-7224-844-4Deena B. KatzDeena Katz on Practice Management
2000978-81-7224-846-8Richard AttenboroughArun GandhiSunanda GandhiThe Untold Story of Kasturba: Wife of Mahatma Gandhi
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2005978-81-7224-917-5Abbas J. AliGlobalization and Business
2006978-81-7224-982-3W.Tillar ShuggHandbook of Electrical and Electronic Insulating Materials
2005978-81-7224-983-0I.L.O. (12 VOLUMES)Your Health and Safety at Work
2006978-81-7224-985-4James ChalmersManaging Projects