Popular Prakashan

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1975978-81-7154-013-6A.R. DesaiState and Society in India
1983978-81-7154-126-3Dr. R. H. DasturSex Power the Conquest of Sexual Inadequacy
2005978-81-7154-237-6D. KeerDr. Ambedkar
2011978-81-7154-290-1Saraswat Mahila SamajRaschandrika [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2011] Saraswat Mahila Samaj
  ''978-81-7154-395-3Nazir Ali JairazbhoyThe Rags of North Indian Music: Their Structure and Evolution
2005978-81-7154-446-2G.S. GhuryeRajput Architecture
  ''978-81-7154-523-0The Struggle Is My Life
1992978-81-7154-527-8Paramjit S. JudgeInsurrection to Agitation: The Naxalite Movement in Punjab
1994978-81-7154-546-9Singhi VirbhadraThe Rajputs of Saurashtra
1995978-81-7154-556-8New Delhi Book Review TrustRecent Perspectives of Early Indian History
2011978-81-7154-667-1A.R. DesaiSocial Background of Indian Nationalism
2000978-81-7154-671-8Sanjeev KapoorKhazana Of Healthy Tasty Recipes (Any Time Temptations Series)
2012978-81-7154-680-0Sanjeev KapoorKhana Khazana
1994978-81-7154-689-3S. R RaoNew frontiers of archaeology
1990978-81-7154-701-2V. S PatvardhanGrowth of indigenous entrepreneurship (Pt. 2)
1993978-81-7154-708-1A. R. DesaiModern Godmen in India: A Sociological Appraisal
1994978-81-7154-728-9Michael S KinnearThe Gramaphone Company's first Indian recordings, 1899-1908
1993978-81-7154-737-1B.P. BahiratPhilosophy of Jnanadeva
2005978-81-7154-755-5Mary H. CooperThe Business of Drugs
1993978-81-7154-759-3A.P. Dopeshw ArkarJ. Krishnamurthi and Awareness In Action
1995978-81-7154-787-6JagannāthadāsaJagannath Dasa's Harikathamrutasara: Quintessence of Hari's saga
2005978-81-7154-804-0John HubleyThe AIDS Handbook
2001978-81-7154-839-2Vilas Adinath SangaveFacets of Jainology: Selected research papers on Jain society, religion, and culture
2012978-81-7154-872-9Sanjeev KapoorKhazana Indian Recipes
1999978-81-7154-878-1   ''Khazana Of Indian Vegetarian Recipes
2002978-81-7154-888-0   ''Low Calorie Vegetarian Cook Book
2001978-81-7154-892-7Rafiq ZakariaThe man who divided India: An insight into Jinnah's leadership and its aftermath
2003978-81-7154-911-5Sanjeev KapoorBest of Chinese Cooking