year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-81-7058-007-2Sri AurobindoLetters on Yoga, Vol.I
1988978-81-7058-009-6Sri AurobindoLetters on Yoga, Vol.III
1972978-81-7058-010-2 聽 ''The Mother with Letters on the Mother (Guidance from Sri Aurobindo)
1970978-81-7058-014-0 聽 ''The Human Cycle, Ideal of Human Unity, War and Self Determination
1988978-81-7058-018-8 聽 ''Savitri (pocket edition)
1995978-81-7058-019-5 聽 ''Sri Aurobindo on Himself
1983978-81-7058-020-1Sri AurobindoCorrespondence with Sri Aurobindo (2 Vol.set)
1979978-81-7058-023-2The MotherHealth and Healing in Yoga
1984978-81-7058-025-6The MotherSunlit Path
1981978-81-7058-057-7Sri AurobindoLights on Yoga
1978978-81-7058-080-5Sri A.B. PuraniThe Life of Sri Aurobindo
1982978-81-7058-108-6Sri AurobindoThoughts and Aphorisms
1989978-81-7058-109-3Aurobindo 路 Sri AurobindoThe Supramental Manifestation & Other Writings
1996978-81-7058-111-6AurobindoBriefe 眉ber den Yoga: Integraler Yoga und andere Wege
聽 ''978-81-7058-145-1 聽 ''Briefe 眉ber den Yoga: Die Sadhana
1998978-81-7058-160-4Sri AurobindoThe Riddle of This World
978-81-7058-161-1Stories and Plays for Children
2009978-81-7058-177-2Sri Aurobindo 路 The MotherThe Hidden Forces Of life
1979978-81-7058-209-0Dr. R.S. AgarwalYoga of Perfect Sight
1991978-81-7058-217-5Sri AurobindoHour of God
1978978-81-7058-218-2Dr. R.S. AgarwalMind and Vision
1995978-81-7058-220-5AurobindoHymns to the Mystic Fire, Indian Edition
1992978-81-7058-276-2MotherMirra Alfassa, paintings and drawings
1998978-81-7058-281-6Sri AurobindoHuman Cycle, Ideal Human Unity, etc.
1992978-81-7058-296-0Die MutterAuf dem Weg notiert: Gespr盲che 1964-1973
1995978-81-7058-297-7The MotherFlowers and their Messages
聽 ''978-81-7058-315-8A.S. DalalGrowing Within: The Psychology of Inner Development
1993978-81-7058-318-9RoshanSri Aurobindo in Baroda
1994978-81-7058-364-6Sri AurobindoEssays Divine and Human
聽 ''978-81-7058-385-1AurobindoS盲mtliche Gedichte
1995978-81-7058-406-3A.S. DalalLooking from Within: A Seeker's Guide to Attitudes for Mastery and Inner Growth
1996978-81-7058-413-1AurobindoBriefe 眉ber den Yoga: Erfahrungen und Verwirklichungen
1970978-81-7058-438-4Sri AurobindoLetters on Yoga, Vol.I
1995978-81-7058-439-1 聽 ''Letters on Yoga, Vol.II
1996978-81-7058-447-6AurobindoDie Schauspiele
1999978-81-7058-535-0A.S. DalalPowers Within
聽 ''978-81-7058-536-7Sri AurobindoBriefwechsel mit Nirodbaran
1999978-81-7058-540-4Indra Sen DrIntegral Psychology: The Psychological System of Sri Aurobindo (in Original Words and in Elaborations)
1983978-81-7058-569-5AurobindoBriefe 眉ber den Yoga: Die Umwandlung
1999978-81-7058-582-4Aurobindo 路 Die (d.i. Mira Alfassa) Mutter 路 A B Purani 路 K SethnaEinf眉hrung in Sawitri, die Gedichte und Schauspiele
2000978-81-7058-614-2Sri AurobindoThe Synthesis of Yoga
2010978-81-7058-615-9 聽 ''The Synthesis of Yoga
2001978-81-7058-650-0Aurobindo GhoseRecords of Yoga
2006978-81-7058-651-7Sri AurobindoRecord of Yoga 1
2002978-81-7058-652-4 聽 ''Record of Yoga: v. 2
2006978-81-7058-653-1Sri AurobindoRecord of Yoga 2
2001978-81-7058-656-2Jugal Kishore MukherjeeThe ascent of sight in Sri Aurobindo's Savitri
2005978-81-7058-774-3Sri Aurobindo & The MotherIntegral Healing
聽 ''978-81-7058-784-2Sri AurobindoLa Vie Divine
2006978-81-7058-794-1 聽 ''Sawitri -- Eine Sage und ein Gleichnis: Englisch/Deutsch
2010978-81-7058-844-3 聽 ''The Life Divine
2006978-81-7058-845-0 聽 ''The Life Divine
1994978-81-7058-955-6MerePrieres et Meditations

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