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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-81-320-0116-4Vachel LindsayThe Art of the Moving Picture
  ''978-81-320-0119-5Day Kellogg LeeSummerfield
  ''978-81-320-0123-2K.M. BarrowThree Years in Tristan da Cunha
  ''978-81-320-0222-2Catharine Parr TraillThe Backwoods of Canada
  ''978-81-320-0329-8Harold Bell WrightThe Eyes of the World
2008978-81-320-0337-3Joseph A. AltshelerThe Forest Runners
  ''978-81-320-0480-6Madame de LafayetteThe Princess of Cleves
  ''978-81-320-0592-6H. A. CodyRod of the Lone Patrol
  ''978-81-320-0740-1Lucy Fitch PerkinsThe Scotch Twins
  ''978-81-320-0953-5Agnes C. LautThe Canadian Commonwealth
2008978-81-320-1179-8James Oliver CurwoodThe Wolf Hunters
  ''978-81-320-1259-7Robert SoutheyThe Life of Horatio Lord Nelson
  ''978-81-320-1496-6Andre Alice NortonRide Proud, Rebel!
  ''978-81-320-1577-2J.H. PattersonThe Man-Eaters of Tsavo
  ''978-81-320-1591-8Katherine Cecil ThurstonMax
2008978-81-320-1595-6Edith NesbitThe Book of Dragons
  ''978-81-320-1660-1Jens Peter JacobsenMogens and Other Stories
  ''978-81-320-1683-0G.A. HentyThe Lion of the North
  ''978-81-320-1758-5H. A. GuerberThe Story of the Greeks
  ''978-81-320-1955-8N. E. DionneThe Makers of Canada
2008978-81-320-2019-6Arthur Conan , Sir DoyleThe Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax and Other Stories
  ''978-81-320-2100-1Albert Payson Terhune · John W. GreyFurther Adventures of Lad
  ''978-81-320-2151-3Stephen LeacockLiterary Lapses
  ''978-81-320-2155-1Robert Hugh Benson · F. J. WidgeryLord of the World
  ''978-81-320-2294-7CheiroPalmistry for All (Great Classic)
2008978-81-320-2403-3M. G. LewisThe Bravo of Venice
  ''978-81-320-2482-8Martha FinleyChristmas with Grandma Elsie
  ''978-81-320-2554-2H. Rider HaggardAllan's Wife
  ''978-81-320-2658-7Dale Carnagey · J. Berg EsenweinThe Art of Public Speaking
  ''978-81-320-2666-2Harold Bell WrightTheir Yesterdays (Great Classic)
2008978-81-320-2669-3Vachel LindsayThe Art of the Moving Picture
  ''978-81-320-2870-3Harold Bell WrightThe Eyes of the World
  ''978-81-320-2878-9Joseph A. AltshelerThe Forest Runners
  ''978-81-320-2880-2Alec WaughThe Loom of Youth
  ''978-81-320-2901-4J.M. BarrieA Window in Thrums
2008978-81-320-2927-4Booth TarkingtonAlice Adams
  ''978-81-320-2940-3Jeffrey FarnolMy Lady Caprice
  ''978-81-320-2947-2H. Rider HaggardMorning Star
  ''978-81-320-3055-3E. T. C. WernerMyths and Legends of China
  ''978-81-320-3060-7H. Rider HaggardNada the Lily
2008978-81-320-3069-0Captain Joshua SlocumSailing Alone Around the World (Great Classic Series)
  ''978-81-320-3155-0E. Phillips OppenheimThe Illustrious Prince
  ''978-81-320-3176-5Joseph A. AltshelerThe Scouts of Stonewall
  ''978-81-320-3277-9Frances E.W. HarperIola Leroy
  ''978-81-320-3299-1Horatio Jr. AlgerJoe's Luck
2008978-81-320-3338-7H. Rider HaggardStella Fregelius
  ''978-81-320-3358-5Edgar WallaceThe Angel of Terror
  ''978-81-320-3420-9Minot SavageOur Unitarian Gospel
  ''978-81-320-3615-9Finley Peter DunneMr. Dooley in Peace and in War
  ''978-81-320-3855-9Tyrone PowerImpressions of America
2008978-81-320-3937-2George GissingThe Town Traveller
  ''978-81-320-3957-0Talbot Baines ReedThe Fifth Form at Saint Dominics
  ''978-81-320-3975-4Cole YoungerThe Story of Cole Younger, by Himself
  ''978-81-320-4092-7Henry B. FullerWith the Procession
  ''978-81-320-4125-2Lucy LarcomA New England Girlhood
2008978-81-320-4234-1John MuirThe Mountains of California (Great Classic Series)
  ''978-81-320-4276-1Anna Katharine GreenThe Mystery of the Hasty Arrow
  ''978-81-320-4376-8Arthur M. WinfieldThe Rover Boys on Land and Sea
  ''978-81-320-4377-5Arthur M. WinfieldThe Rover Boys on the River
  ''978-81-320-4966-1Jean WebsterWhen Patty Went to College
2008978-81-320-5009-4Susan CoolidgeClover
  ''978-81-320-5023-0Kenelm DigbyThe Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened
  ''978-81-320-5042-1H. Rider HaggardThe Wanderer's Necklace
  ''978-81-320-5083-4E. W. HornungRaffles Further Adventures of the Amateur Cracksman
  ''978-81-320-5094-0Thomas MoreDialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation
2009978-81-320-5111-4Mark TwainWhat Is Man?
2009978-81-320-5166-4Joseph A. AltshelerThe Star of Gettysburg
  ''978-81-320-5181-7Jean WebsterJerry
  ''978-81-320-5277-7Edith NesbitThe Magic City
  ''978-81-320-5279-1Arthur J. L FremantleThree Months in the Southern States, April-June 1863
  ''978-81-320-5296-8Jean WebsterJust Patty
2009978-81-320-5327-9Lydia M. ChildThe American Frugal Housewife
  ''978-81-320-5400-9Miguel de UnamunoTragic Sense of Life
  ''978-81-320-5404-7H. Rider HaggardAyesha
  ''978-81-320-5442-9Robert Louis StevensonDavid Balfour
  ''978-81-320-5443-6Elizabeth GaskellA Dark Night's Work
2009978-81-320-5447-4Martin Farquhar TupperAn Author's Mind
  ''978-81-320-5448-1Annie BesantAutobiographical Sketches
  ''978-81-320-5449-8John Stuart MillAutobiography
  ''978-81-320-5452-8General Marcus J. WrightGeneral Scott
  ''978-81-320-5453-5Jacob AbbottGentle Measures in the Management and Training of the Young
2009978-81-320-5454-2Gilbert K. ChestertonGeorge Bernard Shaw
  ''978-81-320-5455-9Thomas HardyA Changed Man and Other Tales
  ''978-81-320-5459-7William Hurrell MallockA Critical Examination of Socialism
  ''978-81-320-5494-8Émile ZolaA Love Episode