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2016978-81-315-3233-1Vathana Fenn | R. Brindha | P. SuganyaEnglish Workbook: Business English And Functional English
978-81-315-3236-2Objective Physics for JEE: Class XI
2016978-81-315-3237-9by B.M. SharmaObjective Physics for JEE: Class XII
978-81-315-3238-6Objective Chemistry for JEE: Class XI
978-81-315-3239-3Objective Chemistry for JEE: Class XII
978-81-315-3240-9Objective Mathematics for JEE: Class XI
978-81-315-3241-6Objective Mathematics for JEE: Class XII
2016978-81-315-3242-3SETH JUNEJAProgramming In C
  ''978-81-315-3243-0Ch Srinivas And Ch Seshu BabuEngineering Physics
2016978-81-315-3248-5Dawn IacobocciMarketing Management [Paperback]
2017978-81-315-3249-2Books WagonPrinciples Of Human Resource Management With Coursemate 16 Ed
2016978-81-315-3250-8Richard A JohnsonAn Introduction to Java Programming and Object-Oriented Application Development with CD [Paperback] Richard Johnson
978-81-315-3254-6BITSAT 2017 (with CD)
978-81-315-3256-0Chapterwise Problems and Solutions for NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test)
2016978-81-315-3258-4Dipak Kumar BhattacharyyaHuman Resource Management in Mergers and Acquisitions: Theories and Practices2016
  ''978-81-315-3259-1Patrick J. HurleyConcise Introduction To Logic 11Th Edition
2017978-81-315-3260-7Cengage India21 Test Papers for NEET
2016978-81-315-3261-4Prasanta Rath And B Rama DeviEngineering Chemistry
2019978-81-315-3269-0Computer Science: A Structured Programming Approach using C
2012978-81-315-3271-3BronsonFirst Book Of C++
  ''978-81-315-3272-0MankiwPrinciples Of Microeconomics With Coursemate, 6 Ed
2016978-81-315-3274-4JunejaWorkshop Practice
  ''978-81-315-3275-1Richard L DraftNew Era of Management with CourseMate, 11th ed.
2016978-81-315-3288-1Cengage Learning IndiaNCERT Exemplar Problems & Solutions Mathematics: Class XII
2015978-81-315-3293-5Evans/ LindsayAn Introduction to Six Sigma & Process Improvement
2011978-81-315-3302-4Susanna S. EppDiscrete Mathematics with Applications 4th
2016978-81-315-3303-1Devdas ShettyProduct Design For Engineers
2013978-81-315-3304-8William Mendenhall | Robert J. Beaver | Barbara M. BeaverIntroduction to Probability and Statistics with Course Mate
2017978-81-315-3307-9GhoshdastidarComputational Fluid Dynamics And Heat Transfer
2012978-81-315-3308-6MankiwPrinciples of Macroeconomics + CourseMate + CODE
2013978-81-315-3309-3FERRELlBusiness Ethics: Ethical Decision Making & Cases with CourseMate
2017978-81-315-3313-0Mike W. Peng | Dr. Dheeraj SharmaGlobal: A South-Asian Perspective With Coursemate
  ''978-81-315-3319-2K N Hari BhatAnalog Communications
  ''978-81-315-3320-8Ganesh RaoEngineering Electromagnetics
  ''978-81-315-3321-5K Channa VenkateshNetwork Analysis
  ''978-81-315-3322-2H Ganapathy HebbarOptical Fiber Communication
2017978-81-315-3323-9Manjunath Aradhya M. | Srinivas Subramanya | Ravi Shankar AradhyaC Programming And Data Structures
2016978-81-315-3324-6Marianne Celce-Murcia | Donna M. Brinton | Marguerite Ann SnowTeaching English As A Second Or Foreign Language
  ''978-81-315-3328-4B M SharmaPractice NEET Physics
978-81-315-3329-1Practice NEET Chemistry
2017978-81-315-3330-7DAHLSTROMGreen Marketing Management [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2017] Books Wagon
  ''978-81-315-3332-1NaGreat Indian Scientists
  ''978-81-315-3334-5Robert J. CarbaughGlobal Economics With Course Mate
2014978-81-315-3335-2Moorhead GriffinOrganizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations with Course Mate - International Economy Edition
978-81-315-3336-9Crash Course in Physics for NEET
978-81-315-3337-6Crash Course in Chemistry for NEET
2017978-81-315-3338-3Cengage Learning IndiaCrash Course in Biology for NEET
  ''978-81-315-3343-7BallPhysical Chemistry, 2 Ed
2017978-81-315-3344-4Alfred Basta And Nadine BastaComputer Security And Penetration Testing, 2 Ed
  ''978-81-315-3345-1Deeksha Dave , S. S. Katewa Subhendu ChakrobortyEnvironmental Chemistry [Paperback] Subhendu Chakroborty , Deeksha Dave , S. S. Katewa
2012978-81-315-3346-8Ricky W GriffinManagement: Principles And Practices With Coursemate
2011978-81-315-3350-5Stanley R AltenAudio In Media 9 Ed
2017978-81-315-3358-1K. Channa Venkatesh | D. Ganesh RaoControl Systems
  ''978-81-315-3359-8K N Hari BhatDigital Communications
  ''978-81-315-3360-4H Ganapathy HebbarIntroduction To Digital Switching System
  ''978-81-315-3361-1K N BhatPrinciples Of Communication Systems
2017978-81-315-3362-8D Ganesh RaoSignals And Systems
  ''978-81-315-3363-5Achua LussierEffective Leadership With Cm
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  ''978-81-315-3372-7G TEWANI Calculus for JEE Advanced Cengage Publication, 2nd Edition
  ''978-81-315-3382-6B.M. SharmaPhysics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Electrostatics and Current Electricity
2017978-81-315-3383-3by B. M. SharmaPhysics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction
  ''978-81-315-3384-0B. M. SharmaPhysics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Mechanics I
  ''978-81-315-3385-7B.M. SharmaPhysics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Mechanics II
  ''978-81-315-3386-4by B. M. SharmaPhysics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Optics & Modern Physics
  ''978-81-315-3387-1B. M. SharmaPhysics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE(Advanced): Waves & Thermodynamics
2017978-81-315-3388-8G. TewaniMathematics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Algebra
  ''978-81-315-3389-5by G. TewaniMathematics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Calculus
  ''978-81-315-3390-1G. TewaniMathematics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Coordinate Geometry
  ''978-81-315-3391-8by G. TewaniMathematics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Trigonometry
  ''978-81-315-3392-5   ''Mathematics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Vectors & 3D Geometry
2017978-81-315-3393-2K. S. VermaInorganic Chemistry for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Part 1
978-81-315-3394-9INORGANIC CHEMISTRY FOR JEE (ADVANCED): PART 2 [Paperback] NA
978-81-315-3395-6Physical Chemistry for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Part 1
2017978-81-315-3396-3K. S. VermaPhysical Chemistry for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Part 2
  ''978-81-315-3397-0   ''Organic Chemistry for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Part 1
978-81-315-3398-7ORGANIC CHEMISTRY FOR JEE (ADVANCED): PART 2 [Paperback] NA
2017978-81-315-3399-4Timothy R. MayesFinancial Analysis With Microsoft Excel
  ''978-81-315-3401-4Lyla B DasArchitecture Programming, And Interfacing Of Low-Power Processors-Arm 7, Cortex-M
  ''978-81-315-3406-9Nandini Prasad K SPrinciples Of Compiler Design, 3Rd Edn
  ''978-81-315-3407-6SEEMA SAINI/ K S SAINIBull's-eye Chemistry for NEET
2017978-81-315-3408-3BM SHARMABULLS EYE PHYSICS FOR NEET [Paperback] BM SHARMA
2018978-81-315-3416-8Ronald H. Rooney Dean H. HepworthDIRECT SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE:: Theory and Skills
2017978-81-315-3417-5NarasimhanManagement Accounting
978-81-315-3418-2A to Z Biology for NEET Class XI
2017978-81-315-3419-9A to Z Biology for NEET Class XII
  ''978-81-315-3420-5A to Z Chemistry for NEET Class XI
  ''978-81-315-3421-2A to Z Chemistry for NEET Class XII
  ''978-81-315-3422-9A to Z Physics for NEET Class XI
  ''978-81-315-3423-6CENGAGEA TO Z PHYSICS FOR NEET
2017978-81-315-3425-0Renuka Sharma And Kiran MehtaFinancial Services
978-81-315-3426-7Biology NEET for everyone: Part 1
978-81-315-3427-4Biology NEET for everyone: Part 2
978-81-315-3429-8Chemistry NEET for Everyone: Part 2
978-81-315-3430-4Physics NEET for everyone: Part 1
978-81-315-3431-1Physics NEET for everyone: Part 2
978-81-315-3432-8Chemistry for JEE Main
978-81-315-3433-5Mathematics for JEE Main
978-81-315-3434-2PHYSICS FOR JEE MAIN
978-81-315-3438-0Complete Chemistry for JEE Main
978-81-315-3439-7Complete Mathematics for JEE Main
978-81-315-3440-3Complete Physics for JEE Main
978-81-315-3441-016 Year's Chapterwise Solutions for JEE Main 2002 to 2017
978-81-315-3442-7Learning Resource of Physical Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced
2016978-81-315-3443-4Carol Desjardins And Dan OjaNew Perspectives Microsoft Office 365 & Excel 2016: Comprehensive (1st Edition)
2017978-81-315-3445-8James StewartEssential Calculus: Early Transcendentals With Coursemate, 2Nd Edn
978-81-315-3447-2Objective Bio NEET XI
978-81-315-3448-9Objective Bio NEET XII
978-81-315-3449-6Objective Chem NEET XI