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2002978-81-261-0029-3Arvind KumarEncyclopaedia of Mass Media and Communication
聽 ''978-81-261-0152-8A.S. Bhambra 路 A.K. ChaudharyInternational Encyclopaedia of Marketing
聽 ''978-81-261-0176-4Giriraj ShahEncyclopaedia of Crime, Police and Judicial System: A Continuing Series
聽 ''978-81-261-0260-0Bernhard A. BaurEncyclopaedic Study of Woman and Love
聽 ''978-81-261-0321-8A.K. ChaudaryEncyclopaedia of Modern Management Techniques
2002978-81-261-0322-5A.K. ChaudaryEncyclopaedia of Management Information Systems
聽 ''978-81-261-0323-2Arti BhatiaEncyclopaedia of Health and Nutrition
聽 ''978-81-261-0330-0Bikas SinhaEncyclopaedia of AIDS and Sexual Behavior
聽 ''978-81-261-0348-5S. K. PandeyEncyclopaedia of Library Automation Systems and Networks
聽 ''978-81-261-0366-9Raj KumarSurvey of Medieval India
2002978-81-261-0403-1Kr.Singh NagendraInternational Encyclopaedia of Islamic Dynasties
聽 ''978-81-261-0413-0 聽 ''Encyclopaedia of Gods and Goddesses
聽 ''978-81-261-0463-5Not AvailableAdvanced Learner's Dictionary of Geography
聽 ''978-81-261-0515-1Satish TiwariEncyclopaedia of Indian Government: Programmes and Policies
2000978-81-261-0620-2S.TIWARIChemicals and Fertilizers
2002978-81-261-0627-1Y. P. SinghEncyclopaedia of Management for the 21st Century
聽 ''978-81-261-0650-9S. BalakrishnanEncyclopaedia of Library and Information Technology
2001978-81-261-0691-2N.K. SinghEncyclopaedia of Jainism (30 vols.)
2003978-81-261-0705-6H.S. Bhamrah 路 Kavita JunejaAn Introduction to Fishes
2001978-81-261-0723-0SOUNDARAPANDIANTribal development in India: A case study
2002978-81-261-0938-8Om PrakashEncyclopaedic History of Indian Freedom Movement
2002978-81-261-0954-8Jainendra Kumar JhaEncyclopaedia of Teaching of Civics/Political Science
聽 ''978-81-261-0960-9Rajiv Tyagi 路 Arvind N. ShuklaEncyclopaedia of Animal Diseases
聽 ''978-81-261-1074-2Giriraj ShahPolice Raining
聽 ''978-81-261-1083-4PRAKASHMarathas and Ahmad Shah Abdali
2003978-81-261-1091-9R. K. PruthiAn Encyclopaedia Survey of Global Terrorism in 21st Century
聽 ''978-81-261-1116-9R. K. PruthiEncyclopaedia of Jihad
2002978-81-261-1125-1PANDEYStudies in contemporary literature
2003978-81-261-1281-4Satish GanjooMuslim Freedom Fighters of India
2003978-81-261-1300-2Satinder KumarEncyclopaedia of South Asia
2004978-81-261-1311-8Ali Masood Khan 路 S. RamEncyclopaedia of Sufism
2003978-81-261-1336-1Sundara S. RajanMicrobial Genetics
2002978-81-261-1344-6R. K. PruthiPresident A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
2003978-81-261-1364-4Sundara S. RajanIntroduction to Bioenergetics
聽 ''978-81-261-1390-3Nagendra K. SinghEncyclopaedia of Bangladesh
2004978-81-261-1419-1Taru Bahl 路 M. H. SyedEncyclopaedia of the Muslim World
2005978-81-261-1437-5Ravi K ShankarFinancial Analysis of Takeovers
2004978-81-261-1474-0S. R. SharmaEncyclopaedia of Jurisprudence
聽 ''978-81-261-1484-9R. K. Pruthi 路 Harmeet KaurEncyclopaedic Biography of Great Mathematicians
2005978-81-261-1751-2V.M. RaoEmpowering Rural Women
978-81-261-1794-9Infrastructure For Economic Development ; A Comparative Study of India and Malaysia
2002978-81-261-1820-5KUMAR/ANANDDictionary Of Drugs
2005978-81-261-1830-4M. H. SyedHistory of Delhi Sultanate
聽 ''978-81-261-1879-3 聽 ''History of the Glorious Mughal Empire
聽 ''978-81-261-1940-0Shahid AshrafEncyclopaedia of Holy Prophet and Companions
2005978-81-261-1998-1P.C. SinhaEncyclopaedia of Social Welfare, Justice and Human Rights
聽 ''978-81-261-2001-7P. C. SinhaEncyclopaedia of Hazard Management and Emergency Humanitarian Assistance
聽 ''978-81-261-2005-5S.N. MisraRural Development: Through Agro Industries
2004978-81-261-2006-2Rout Kartik ChandraHistory of Modern Orissa: 1936-2000
2005978-81-261-2009-3B.K. PrasadNGOs and Development
2004978-81-261-2040-6T. Joseph 路 S. FrancisEncyclopaedia of World Great Poets
聽 ''978-81-261-2056-7Narendra KumarScience in Ancient India
2005978-81-261-2105-2Manpal SinghModern Teaching of Mathematics
978-81-261-2119-9Human Rights ; Promotion and Protection
2005978-81-261-2126-7Suresh ChandraFresh Perspectives on Fiction
2005978-81-261-2139-7P.C. SinhaEncyclopaedia of Arms Race, Arms Control and Disarmament
2004978-81-261-2151-9P. C. SinhaEncyclopaedia of War, Peace and Global Security
2006978-81-261-2305-6M.M. RahmanEncyclopaedia of Historiography
2005978-81-261-2313-1HUKAM CHANDHistory Of Medieval India
2007978-81-261-2339-1Mufti AhmedEncyclopaedia of Islam
2006978-81-261-2402-2M. H. SyedEncyclopaedia of Journalism in the 21st Century
聽 ''978-81-261-2404-6Pradeep Kumar JohriEncyclopedia of Tourism in 21st Century
聽 ''978-81-261-2461-9B.K. PrasadMedia and Social Life in India
聽 ''978-81-261-2482-4M. HanifEncyclopaedia of Agricultural Geography
聽 ''978-81-261-2581-4V. P. MalhotraEncyclopaedia of Indian Army
2006978-81-261-2597-5Modern UGC NET/SLET
聽 ''978-81-261-2599-9K.P. SandhyaGeneral Psychology
聽 ''978-81-261-2676-7A. TyagiEncyclopaedia of Embryology
聽 ''978-81-261-2718-4Darshna TyagiEncyclopaedia of Anthropology
聽 ''978-81-261-2732-0D. V. S. S. R. PrakashEncyclopaedia of Nanotechnology
2006978-81-261-2771-9Mohammad MaulanaEncyclopaedia of Quranic Studies
聽 ''978-81-261-2976-8James WilliamEncyclopaedia of Nano Education
聽 ''978-81-261-2981-2Hugh WatsonEncyclopaedia of Nano Electronics
2008978-81-261-2988-1Nayyar ShamsiEncyclopedia of Editing
聽 ''978-81-261-3009-2M. H. SyedEncyclopedia of Print Media
2007978-81-261-3038-2Anuj SharmaEncyclopaedia of Veterinary Science
聽 ''978-81-261-3085-6A. KhanEncyclopedia of Economic Zoology
2008978-81-261-3091-7Rao Arif AliEncyclopedia of Pakistan
2006978-81-261-3118-1Ravi Narayan PandeyEncyclopaedia of Indian Literature
2008978-81-261-3283-6C. CharlesIntroduction to Hospital Management
2007978-81-261-3398-7S. AhmadEncyclopaedia of Plant Ecology
2008978-81-261-3399-4Manpal SinghEncyclopaedia of Biophysics
2008978-81-261-3489-2Acharya Hare Ram ShasrtiEncyclopaedia of the Hindu World
聽 ''978-81-261-3493-9P.R.P. SharmaEncyclopaedia of Hindu Religion and Ethics
聽 ''978-81-261-3504-2Priya ShyamEncyclopaedia of Vedic Mathematics
聽 ''978-81-261-3534-9C. P. YadevEncyclopedia of Social Development and Planning
聽 ''978-81-261-3550-9P. C. JoshiMain Intelligence Outfits of Pakistan
2008978-81-261-3685-8Anil Kumar SinghEncyclopaedia on Bhagat Singh
聽 ''978-81-261-3686-5Arvind Kumar SinghEncyclopaedia on Savarkar
2009978-81-261-3793-0P.K. SaraswatInternational Encyclopaedia of Dairy Technology and Animal Husbandry
聽 ''978-81-261-3801-2SHAILENDRA SENGEncyclopaedia on Indian Mutiny of 1857
聽 ''978-81-261-3814-2Harmeet KourEncyclopaedia of Research Methodology Applied Sciences
聽 ''978-81-261-3818-0 聽 ''Encyclopaedia of Research Methodology in Physical Science
2009978-81-261-3819-7Vinaya Sahay 路 Pradumna SinghEncyclopaedia of Research Methodology in Life Sciences
聽 ''978-81-261-3837-1Shiv Shanker TiwariEncyclopaedia of Southeast Asia and Its Tribes
聽 ''978-81-261-3839-5 聽 ''Encyclopaedia of Democracy, Power and Politics of South East Asia
聽 ''978-81-261-3841-8N.G. GopalanEncyclopaedia of Research Methodology in Management Studies
聽 ''978-81-261-3842-5R.B. PatnaikEncyclopaedia of Environmentally Sustainable Green Science and Technology (5 Volume Set)
2009978-81-261-3909-5Rekha ShrivastavaInternational Encyclopaedia of Women Rights with Children Rights
聽 ''978-81-261-4066-4Ravi Narayan PandeyEncyclopaedia of Bollywood
聽 ''978-81-261-4077-0AMRITA PRIYAMVAEncyclopaedia of Indian Musical Instruments
聽 ''978-81-261-4078-7Lima Sasai AierEncyclopaedia of Arunachal Pradesh
聽 ''978-81-261-4080-0Kumud BorathakurEncyclopaedia of Meghalaya
2009978-81-261-4081-7Hazarika DilipEncyclopaedia of Assam
聽 ''978-81-261-4082-4SHYAMAL DUTTEncyclopaedia of Sikkim
聽 ''978-81-261-4083-1SUBROTO ROYEncyclopaedia of Tripura
聽 ''978-81-261-4085-5Lima Sasai AierEncyclopaedia of Nagaland
聽 ''978-81-261-4090-9Rahul KumarEncyclopaedia of Tourism Hospitality Management & Aviation
2009978-81-261-4099-2Kumari NeetuInternational Encyclopaedia of Dance and Music
聽 ''978-81-261-4113-5G. D. SinghEncyclopaedia of Zoography Science, Technology and Engineering
聽 ''978-81-261-4130-2G. K. Bose G.K. BoseEncyclopedia of Optical Science Technology and Engineering
2011978-81-261-4641-3Panneer Selvam S KNew Dimensions of Primary Education
聽 ''978-81-261-4807-3SANGHITA DASNew Terror Trails in North East India