year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-81-224-0089-2R. S. MehrotraK. R. AnejaAn Introduction to Mycology
1991978-81-224-0187-5Martand SinghRta Kapur ChishtiSaris of India: Madhya Pradesh
1990978-81-224-0272-8V KrishnamurthyCulture, excitement, and relevance of mathematics
978-81-224-0304-6Turbomachine Blade Vibration
1992978-81-224-0421-0Gayatri ChatterjeeAwara Ppr Chemical & Biological Scie Clo
1993978-81-224-0466-1H. V KeerPrinciples of solid state
聽 ''978-81-224-0468-5V. V. SarwateElectromagnetic Fields and Waves
978-81-224-0469-2Fundamentals of Fibre Optics in Telecomm
1995978-81-224-0539-2P.S. KalsiSpectroscopy of Organic Compounds
1994978-81-224-0570-5D. NasipuriStereochemistry of Organic Compounds: Principles and Applications
聽 ''978-81-224-0593-4Ramchandra GandhiSita's Kitchen: A Testimony of Faith and Inquiry
1998978-81-224-0606-1OshoTrue Name
1994978-81-224-0620-7Orlando AlbornozVenezuela higher education in the nineties
1995978-81-224-0723-5Indian Council for Cultural RelationsMahatma Gandhi, 125 Years
1996978-81-224-0803-4Narendar K. ChadhaTheory and Practice of Psychometry
聽 ''978-81-224-0840-9S.M. ReddyUniversity Botany: Algae, Fungi, Bryophyta and Pteridophyta v. I
2008978-81-224-1014-3M.R. AdamsM.O. MossFood Microbiology
1998978-81-224-1066-2Moolchand GuptaStatistical Thermodynamics
1999978-81-224-1198-0Sailendra Nath SenAncient Indian History and Civilization
2006978-81-224-1223-9Gopal RanjanBasic and Applied Soil Mechanics
2001978-81-224-1288-8Cell and Molecular Biology
978-81-224-1300-7Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
978-81-224-1343-4Biology of Bryophytes
2002978-81-224-1371-7G. J. SumathiElements of Fashion and Apparel Design
978-81-224-1465-3Quantum Mechanics
2004978-81-224-1492-9K. R. NambiarLasers: Principles, Types and Applications
978-81-224-1494-3Experiments in Microbiology, Plant Pathology and Biotechnology
2008978-81-224-1508-7S.P. Eugene XavierTheory of Automata, Formal Languages and Computation
2009978-81-224-1522-3C R KothariResearch Methodology
978-81-224-1525-4Institutional Food Management
2008978-81-224-1534-6Mahinder Kumar JainNumerical Methods: Problems and Solutions
2005978-81-224-1576-6Arun GhoshC++solutions for Mathematical Problems
978-81-224-1589-6Bhavikatti S.S.Finite Element Analysis
2009978-81-224-1622-0Duncan HughesAsset Management in Theory and Practice
978-81-224-1684-8Comprehensive Basic Mathematics: v. II
978-81-224-1721-0Financial Statement
2006978-81-224-1742-5P.K. RayDisaster Preparedness Against Accidents or Terrorist Attack: (Chemical / Biological / Radiological)
聽 ''978-81-224-1750-0Onkar SinghEngineering Thermodynamics
2006978-81-224-1764-7S. NagabhushanaData Warehousing OLAP and Data Mining
聽 ''978-81-224-1766-1P.S. KalsiOrganic Tractions Stereochemistry and Mechanism Through Solved Problems
聽 ''978-81-224-1774-6S.N. SenHistory Modern India
978-81-224-1792-0Extra High Voltage A.C. Transmission Engineering
2006978-81-224-1809-5Analysis and Design of Control Systems Using Matlab
聽 ''978-81-224-1834-7Shanker G. RaoNumerical Analysis
2008978-81-224-1858-3Principles of Data Structures Using C and C++
2006978-81-224-1918-4Rajiv KhannaInformation Technology and C Language
978-81-224-2040-1Uses of Metals and Metallic Minerals
2007978-81-224-2064-7R.V. DukkipatiSolving Vibration Analysis Problems Using MATLAB
聽 ''978-81-224-2084-5Surender SinghPharmacology for Dentistry
2007978-81-224-2123-1C. VasudevCombinatorics and Graph Theory: As Per U.P.T.U. Syllabus
聽 ''978-81-224-2168-2Darrell DuffieCredit Risk: Pricing, Measurement, and Management
1997978-81-224-2169-9John CampbellAndrew LoCraig MackinlayThe Econometrics of Financial Markets
2007978-81-224-2170-5Robert C. FeenstraAdvanced International Trade Theory and Evidence
2008978-81-224-2228-3G. Rama MurthyMulti Dimensional Neural Networks-unified Theory
2009978-81-224-2236-8P. RadhakrishnanCAD/CAM/CIM
978-81-224-2245-0A Textbook on HIV Infection and AIDS in Adolescents
2007978-81-224-2420-1S. K. SinghEngineering Chemistry (as Per VTU)
2009978-81-224-2466-9A.K. JaiswalA Textbook of Computer Based Numerical and Statistical Techniques
聽 ''978-81-224-2574-1B.S. VatsaDiscrete Mathematics
聽 ''978-81-224-2607-6D.P. AcharjyaFundamental Approach to Discrete Mathematics, 2nd Edition
聽 ''978-81-224-2608-3K. K. RamalingamHandbook of Mechanical Engineering Terms
978-81-224-2669-4Discrete Mathematics Structures
978-81-224-2670-0Exposure to Boilers
978-81-224-2813-1Numerical Methods
2010978-81-224-3125-4Paul KlempererAuctions Theory and Practice
2006978-81-224-3276-3MALIKPrinciple Of Real Analysis 3/E Pb
2015978-81-224-3359-3S.K. GuptaNumerical Methods for Engineers
2015978-81-224-3662-4Bishnu P. PalFundamentals of Fibre Optics in Telecommunication and Sensor Systems
978-81-224-3818-5Total Quality Management

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