Karolinum Press, Charles University

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-80-246-0103-8Lubomír Mlcoch · Machonin Pavel · Milan SojkaEconomic and Social Changes in Czech Society after 1989
  ''978-80-246-0115-1Martin ProchazkaByron East & West: Proceedings of the 24th International Byron Conference. Charles University, Prague, 31 August - 3 September 1998
  ''978-80-246-0118-2Jan NemecekInternational Monetary System: An Issue of Convertibility, Stability and Liquidity
2001978-80-246-0120-5Zdenek KonopásekOur Lives As Database
  ''978-80-246-0166-3Kathleen HayesWorld Apart and Other Stories.: Czech Women around the Turn of the 19th-20th century
  ''978-80-246-0235-6Petr WittlichSculpture of the Czech Art Nouveau
2001978-80-246-0239-4J OpočenskýVálečné deníky Jana Opočenského (Czech Edition)
2003978-80-246-0266-0Jan RoytMedieval Painting in Bohemia
2004978-80-246-0282-0Jan HajicDisambiguation of Rich Inflection: Computational Morphology of Czech
2002978-80-246-0328-5Ales KlegrEnglish Complex Prepositions Of The Type In Spite Of & Analogous Sequences: A Study & Dictionary (Czech Edition)
2007978-80-246-0391-9Louis ArmandTechne: James Joyce, Hypertext and Technology (ACTA Universitatis Carolinae)
2002978-80-246-0434-3Frantisek CermákResearch Methods in Linguistics:: Essential Principles, Based on a General Theory of Science
2003978-80-246-0450-3Frantisek TurnovecPublic Choice: Models, Methods & Applications
  ''978-80-246-0451-0   ''Political Economy Of European Integration
2002978-80-246-0486-2Jaroslav PrusekMy Sister China
  ''978-80-246-0574-6I. ReskovaCommunicative Czech
2003978-80-246-0594-4Zdenek MaratkaDifferential Diagnosis in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
  ''978-80-246-0638-5Dalibor Moravec · Jan VotýpkaRegionalised Modelling
  ''978-80-246-0639-2Jirí HorejsíFundamentals of Electroweak Theory
2006978-80-246-0683-5Zdenek JirotkaSaturnin (Modern Czech Classics)
2003978-80-246-0726-9Jan Amos VisekSelected Statistical Methods
2009978-80-246-0774-0Miroslav Buchvaldek · Andreas Lippert · Lubomír KosnarArchaeological Atlas of Prehistoric Europe: Archeologický atlas Evropy
2006978-80-246-0964-5Petr CharvátThe Iconography of Pristine Statehood: Painted pottery and Seal Impressions from Susa, Southwestern Iran
2005978-80-246-0980-5Michal MejstríkCultivation of Financial Markets in the Czech Republic
2005978-80-246-1033-7Václav SmrckaTrace Elements in Bone Tissue
2006978-80-246-1098-6Hynek JerábekPaul Lazarsfeld's Research Methodology
  ''978-80-246-1152-5Lev B. KlebanovN-distances and Their Applications
  ''978-80-246-1158-7Petr SgallLanguage in its Multifarious Aspects
  ''978-80-246-1179-2Josef MacekHow Do We Think?: A Survey of the Ways of Reasoning
  ''978-80-246-1195-2Vladislav VancuraSummer of Caprice (Modern Czech Classics)
2007978-80-246-1316-1Vladislav FlekAnatomy of the Czech Labour Market: From Over-Employment to Under-Empoyment in Ten Years?
2007978-80-246-1338-3Pavel Bláha · Charles Susanne · Esther RebatoEssentials of Biological Anthropology: Selected Chapters
2009978-80-246-1346-8Petr WittlichArt-Nouveau Prague
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2008978-80-246-1373-4Vít SmetanaIn the Shadow of Munich: British Policy towards Czechoslovakia from the Endorsement to the Renunciation of the Munich Agreement (1938-1942)
  ''978-80-246-1447-2Bohumil HrabalPirouettes on a Postage Stamp: An Interview-Novel with Questions Asked and Answers Recorded by László Szigeti
2007978-80-246-1449-6Karel PolácekWe Were a Handful (Modern Czech Classics)
2008978-80-246-1452-6Antonín LímanIbuse Masuji: A Century Remembered
2007978-80-246-1456-4Rajendra A. ChitnisVladislav Vancura: The Heart of the Czech Avant-garde
2008978-80-246-1494-6Karel MichalEveryday Spooks
2009978-80-246-1573-8Eduard BassThe Chattertooth Eleven
  ''978-80-246-1645-2Jaroslav Pánek · Oldrich TumaA History of the Czech Lands
2010978-80-246-1657-5Viatcheslav V. VinogradovMathematics for Economists: Made Simple
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2013978-80-246-2214-9Petr CharvátThe Birth of the State: Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China
2014978-80-246-2321-4Pavel CejnarA Condensed Course of Quantum Mechanics
1999978-80-246-2400-6BernanCfr 14: Pts 200-1199 Revised 1/99
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  ''978-80-246-2678-9Robert FrecerGerulata: The Lamps: A Survey of Roman Lamps in Pannonia
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  ''978-80-246-4293-2Petr WittlichArt Nouveau Prague
1999978-80-246-9900-4UnellOn Oral Disease