Southeast University Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-7-5641-0544-0CHEN BIN BIN BIAN ZHU YU LING YUNcomputer network infrastructure and application
2007978-7-5641-0620-1MO ZHI XIONGConcrete and Masonry Structures [Paperback](Chinese Edition)
1991978-7-5641-1125-0UnknownJapanese Language Proficiency Test vocabulary easily back 3 [Paperback]
  ''978-7-5641-1259-2LI FU MIN ?YAO JIAN YONGElectrical foundation
  ''978-7-5641-2592-9WANG FANGBund source study: the former British Consulate Shanghai streets and spatial and temporal changes in its construction (1843-1937)
2010978-7-5641-2593-6GUO XIU CHENG DENGUrban transport planning(Chinese Edition)
2000978-7-5641-2595-0YANG JIAN QIANGWestern European cities Update
  ''978-7-5641-2596-7JIANG SU SHENG WEI SHENG TINGObstetric Emergency and Critical Care Clinic specification(Chinese Edition)
2007978-7-5641-2597-4YONG YU GAOJiangsu Province. Chinese medicine practitioners: Long Jiajun Medical Records Medical Essays [Paperback](Chinese Edition)
1991978-7-5641-2598-1GUI BU XIANGcondensed General Theory of Law
2011978-7-5641-2599-8WANG YONGcity overall planning and design curriculum guide(Chinese Edition)
2013978-7-5641-4071-7WANG QIANGPractical English Integrated Course (SB 2) National Vocational education second five planning materials(Chinese Edition)
2015978-7-5641-4333-6LI LINGrade 7 Mathematics (at full resolution for the New Curriculum materials Zhejiang Education Edition) teacher coaching Division through(Chinese Edition)
2014978-7-5641-4641-2WANG XIAO DONG . SONG HUI . LIU JING . DENGKashi residential high-(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-5641-4807-2HOU XI BIANVocational training nursing pharmacology training materials(Chinese Edition)