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2013978-7-5536-0544-9( [ MEI ] LI ER SI Ryles ) . ( B. ) . ( [ MEI ] HUO ER Hall ) . ( D. )Technology Through the Ages The Ages of Steam and Electricity(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-5536-0545-6   ''Technology Through the Ages The Early 20th Century(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-5536-0620-0XIN DONG FANG XIAO XUE SHU XUE YAN FA ZHONG XINNew Oriental New Oriental dedicated primary mathematics curriculum materials New Thinking Math: Grade 6 (Summer Edition)(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-5536-0646-0GONG XUN . XING TAO . GONG XUN3D Cool Cube Fun Fun encyclopedia fight inserted book: Look. animal big star (With 3D stereoscopic fight inserted model 4)(Chinese Edition)
2017978-7-5536-0776-4Zhang JinshuoAnimal Encyclopedia (Hardcover) (Chinese Edition)
2015978-7-5536-2438-9匿名TOEFL iBT语法精要
  ''978-7-5536-2439-6Wang YumeiTOEFL Vocabulary
2015978-7-5536-2811-0SHEN SHI XIAnimal novel King Shen Stony Brook Trolltech Museum Encyclopedia which plants use to trap prey insects: For a tunnel of 40 wonderful wonderful fun Q A (US-painted phonetic version)(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-5536-2813-4   ''Animal novel King Shen Stony Brook Hall Interesting Encyclopedia Which animals can change color according to the environment: For Master of Disguise of 40 wonderful fun Q A (US-painted phonetic version)(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-5536-2940-7[ HAN REN XIN ZAIMy first curiosity Science Encyclopedia: Animals(Chinese Edition)
2016978-7-5536-3392-3Yu Minhong1000 Words for TOEFL Writing
  ''978-7-5536-3399-2Yu Minhong1000 Words for TOEFL Speaking
  ''978-7-5536-3431-9Yang YanqiVocabulary for TOEFL Junior
2016978-7-5536-3432-6匿名TOEFL Junior听力
  ''978-7-5536-3433-3   ''TOEFL Junior语言形式与含义
  ''978-7-5536-3434-0   ''TOEFL Junior阅读
  ''978-7-5536-3931-4Zhang TianqianSelected Vocabulary of TOEFL TPO
  ''978-7-5536-4321-2万炜,张晗,梅仕鼎,古筝New Oriental TOEFL Speaking / Writing Creative Featured scouring - 新东方 TOEFL口语/写作素材精选精练
2018978-7-5536-4958-0XinDongFangLearning Core Words of TOEFL within 7 Days
2018978-7-5536-7155-0Karen McGhee · George MacKayNational Geographic Encyclopedia of Animals (Chinese Edition)