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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-7-5399-1480-0ZHOU XUN CHULiterary Criticism Series? Volume 3? 1
2000978-7-5399-2182-2YAN LIAN KE ZHUhoroscope(Chinese Edition)
978-7-5399-2660-54 Piece Tupperware Modular Mates Rectangle Set with Brilliant Blue Seals. Sizes 1, 2, 3, & 4.
2010978-7-5399-4060-1YI MINGnew six-Cry Total Volume 2 Midnight Cry hair + new series of non-Six Stratagems fierce 2 One (with the New Psycho Volume 2 meter ground six feet have requested a) [Paperback](Chinese Edition)
2011978-7-5399-4382-4Xin YiwuTo Our Youth Which Will Be Lost Eventually (collector's edition) (Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-5399-4554-5Tai Ge ErLife Like Summer Flowers: Anthology of Tagores Classical Poetry (Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-5399-4982-6(mei )huai teLost Homeland (Chinese Edition)
2012978-7-5399-5054-9Shen Huai Shi Teng Xun Ji Suan Ji Xi Tong You XianLocke Kingdom Magic Cards1 (Chinese Edition)
2014978-7-5399-5105-8BI SHU MINWish you and the world will warm embrace 2 (little random) (bonus orange to heal love 2014 calendar. bi shumin readers from New Year)(Chinese Edition)
2013978-7-5399-5333-5Yin DuXactChu Ban Ji TuanChildrens Encyclopedia (Forest Kingdom) (Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-5399-6062-3Gui caiweiYour Are My Only Love (Chinese Edition)
2014978-7-5399-7054-7[ YING ] KAI TE DAO GE LA SI WEI ZHENThe world's most classic one hundred children's books: Sun Rebecca Creek Farm(Chinese Edition)
2016978-7-5399-9596-0AnonymousFabulous Children's Encyclopedia (Astronomy and Geography) (Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-5399-9761-2咖啡咖啡处处开 · 新华书店北美网咖啡咖啡处处开