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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-7-307-01480-0Yuguang WangZhongguo wen xian shi (Mandarin Chinese Edition)
1991978-7-307-04475-3NI DIE JIU BIAN ZHUEnterprise Pricing (21 Business Management textbook series)
  ''978-7-307-05054-9YONG TAO ZHUMarxist Philosophy in China in the historical process
  ''978-7-307-05440-0Unknowndata structures (C + + Edition)
  ''978-7-307-05441-7Unknowndata structures (C + +) review the Abstract and experimental guidance
  ''978-7-307-05442-4YU CHANG AN BIAN ZHUprobability theory and mathematical statistics
1991978-7-307-05445-5ZHANG DE MINGHistory English
  ''978-7-307-05447-9MEI XIAO PENGMengniu Collection Management [Paperback]
  ''978-7-307-05448-6MEI CHAO RONGjackals in power: and read of the Lawrence of Chinese history, the seven [Paperback]
  ''978-7-307-05449-3HU KE ZHUparse Inequality Problems
  ''978-7-307-05450-9FENG TIAN YUFeudal Dynasty (2)
1991978-7-307-05451-6CENG WEN XIONGPragmatics Translation Studies (Paperback)
  ''978-7-307-05452-3UnknownMolecular Biology Practice (Paperback)
  ''978-7-307-05457-8ZHOU SONG LANmanufacturing competitiveness in the Comparative Study of Japan and South Korea
  ''978-7-307-05458-5CHA XIAN JINInformation Science Research
  ''978-7-307-06062-3CHEN XIAO LING DENG BIAN ZHUremote-sensing application model
1991978-7-307-06200-9CHENG JIAN SHAN ZHU BIANnew perspective Spoken English Course Elementary papers (Vol.1) (with MP3 CD-ROM)
  ''978-7-307-06201-6   ''new perspective Spoken English Course Elementary papers (Vol.2) (with MP3 CD-ROM)
2008978-7-307-06202-3Zhao Zhen YuNews Report Scheme (Chinese Edition)
1991978-7-307-06203-0WANG CHENG HAO ?QU YI FENG21 inform the series of textbooks for university: Chinese Art Appreciation
  ''978-7-307-06204-7ZHANG LI YU ?WANG HONG JI BIAN ZHUinternational business, Chinese-English Interpretation (Second Edition)
  ''978-7-307-06205-4LAN YUE MING ?KANG XIONG HUASurveying Engineering School Textbook Series: Measuring and managing Real Estate
  ''978-7-307-06206-1WU CHUAN QINGCollege Textbook Series Economics: Regional Economics
1991978-7-307-06207-8QI MIN YOU ?YANG LI HUA ?MENG XIN HUAN21 series of textbooks for university mathematics: Calculus Study Guide (2nd Edition)
  ''978-7-307-06208-5YU MING YANG ?YANG FANG PING ZHUbrand positioning
  ''978-7-307-06209-2ZHENG JUN JUN BIANproject valuation (Second Edition)
2007978-7-307-08702-6LIANG XIBeam with the law of international organizations
2011978-7-307-08704-0Chen Xiao FengThe Newly Edited Chinese Legal History (Second Edition) (Chinese Edition)
2007978-7-307-08705-7YU SHI YINGE-commerce Economics
2011978-7-307-08706-4LIU WEN WENmale sex change(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08707-1LUO CHANG HONGBusiness writing instruments
2007978-7-307-08709-5XU LANConsumers to participate in creating the psychological mechanism
  ''978-7-307-08710-1CHEN JI YONG ZHULuojia Management Review: 2011 Series 1 (total 7 Series)(Chinese Edition)
2011978-7-307-08711-8TIAN JIA FUBasic techniques of accounting(Chinese Edition)
2011978-7-307-08712-5QI XUE HONGClass management(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08714-9WU PINGPrinciples of Editing
  ''978-7-307-08715-6PENG HONG YANHistory of Chinese Journalism
  ''978-7-307-08716-3JIANG YONGMacroeconomics Management (3rd Edition)(Chinese Edition)
2013978-7-307-08717-0CHEN FENGChen Feng historical treatise five kinds: China Financial and Economic History(Chinese Edition)
2007978-7-307-08718-7CHEN SHAO LINLinear algebra synchronous learning guidance - Engineering Undergraduate
  ''978-7-307-08719-4QIU XIANG GUOService writing instruments(Chinese Edition)
2007978-7-307-08720-0LIU SHENG ZHONGPublic Administration - structure elements and the environment
978-7-307-08723-1pm0601 X 2 First2savvv Multifunktionaler Eingabestift für Sony Ericsson Satio
2007978-7-307-08724-8BEN SHE-4 Luojia Political Science Review
2011978-7-307-08725-5TANG WeiqunAnalyses de mots de sens proche frequement utilises chinois-francais
2007978-7-307-08726-2ZHANG FANG CAO XING QUANCommercial law(Chinese Edition)
2011978-7-307-08727-9DING YIN HEPost-Cold War multilateral diplomatic strategy of the European Union
2007978-7-307-08728-6CENG SHAO HENG ZHURevolutionary classic novel REVIEW(Chinese Edition)
2000978-7-307-08735-4ZHANG QING FANGTax Practice exercises and skills training [Paperback](Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08736-1BEN SHE.YI MINGFinancial accounting practice exercises and skills training [Paperback](Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08737-8HE YU YING. DENGHigher Accounting Vocational Education family planning materials: financial accounting Gang Training
2007978-7-307-08738-5LI JIN SONGAccounting exercises and basic technology skills training(Chinese Edition)
2000978-7-307-08739-2CHEN JIA WANGAccounting Technology Training [Paperback](Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08740-8ZHENG QUTax Practice [Paperback](Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08742-2BEN SHE.YI MINGOf Accounting Information Practice [Paperback](Chinese Edition)
2000978-7-307-08743-9HE ZHONG PU // ZHOU HUA // KONG XIANG YINAudit Practice (National Advanced Accounting Professional Education Series program materials)(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08744-6SHAO MINGCost accounting practice exercises and skills training (National Higher Education Series planning materials accounting profession)(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08745-3BEN SHE.YI MINGAccounting Training [Paperback](Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08747-7ZHOU LIE PING // QIAO RONG // WANG YAN XIAIndustry Accounting (National Advanced Accounting Professional Education Series program materials)(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08748-4BEN SHE.YI MINGCashier Practice [Paperback](Chinese Edition)
2000978-7-307-08749-1XU LICost Accounting Practice [Paperback](Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08750-7Liu YguangAtlas of Independent Travel in Harbin and the Surrounding(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08752-1XIANG ZI JUNPractical Handbook of pesticides commonly used in the new (5th edition)(Chinese Edition)
2011978-7-307-08753-8LIU CHENG KUIFiscal decentralization. Democracy. Media awareness and public goods - based on empirical analysis of rural roads(Chinese Edition)
2007978-7-307-08754-5TANG JIAN XINAsset valuation - (Second Edition)
2011978-7-307-08755-2HUANG MING DONGIn. The United States. Law Comparative Study of the legal status of university teachers(Chinese Edition)
2007978-7-307-08756-9GUO QI YONGConfucian ethics New Criticism of the critical(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08757-6ZHAO GANGCode of Civil Procedure teaching guide: laws and regulations. Cases and questions(Chinese Edition)
2011978-7-307-08760-6SU ZI ZII'm Su purple purple(Chinese Edition)
2000978-7-307-08761-3BEN SHE.YI MINGFinancial Accounting Practice [Paperback](Chinese Edition)
2011978-7-307-08763-7Shuang ZiGrow Up With Children(Parenting Blog of Gemini Bakery) (Chinese Edition)
2000978-7-307-08765-1SUN HAOPublic Space Design(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08771-2HU YUN DAMilitary topography and orienteering(Chinese Edition)
2011978-7-307-08772-9Wu Xin HuaBusiness English Reading - 2th edition (Chinese Edition)
2000978-7-307-08773-6WU XIAO PINGInformation security textbook series: information security risk assessment tutorial [Paperback](Chinese Edition)
2000978-7-307-08775-0ZHANG KUN YIMeasurement basis (with CD-ROM of the National Vocational mapping class core curriculum planning materials)(Chinese Edition)
2007978-7-307-08776-7BEN SHEPhilosophical Review - Series 9
  ''978-7-307-08796-5LIN LI HONGAdministrative Procedure Law. teaching guide: laws and regulations. Cases and questions(Chinese Edition)
2011978-7-307-08797-2CENG SHAO HENGRed Letter Poetry motto(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08798-9liu yiChrysanthemum and the anchor, A glance of the classic war historythe trilogy of the development of the old Japanese navy (Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-307-08799-6ma wen junElites of the EmpireSpecial Forces of German army in the World War II (Chinese Edition)
2013978-7-307-10729-8DONG XIU CHENG ZHU[Genuine] anime culture impact on China's social development of young people(Chinese Edition)
2015978-7-307-15914-3BEN SHE.YI MING--2015 Administered fusion science and innovation management training model innovation International Symposium (in English)(Chinese Edition)