Jilin People's Publishing House

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-7-206-00545-9Baorong Zhou"Zhou yi" yu xian dai jing ji ke xue (Mandarin Chinese Edition)
1991978-7-206-01215-0UnknownJilin Blog Posts Blog
1997978-7-206-02804-5Henry David Thoreauwa erh teng hu =: Walden, or Life in the woods (lu se ching tien wen kʻu)
2007978-7-206-05440-2CHANG JIN CANGZhou Dynasty social life (Paperback)(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-206-05443-3NUO LUO DE A MENGAntarctica(Chinese Edition)
1991978-7-206-05444-0M.) MA KE ?TU WEN (Twainequator not only the sun (paperback)
  ''978-7-206-05445-7HUA SHENG DUN ?OU WENwestern cowboy has not (Paperback)
  ''978-7-206-05447-1CUI ZHONG LEIIntroduction to Chinese and foreign famous (color edition) (Paperback)
  ''978-7-206-05448-8CUI ZHONG LEImasters recommend students must read books: National Geographic (color edition) (Paperback)
2011978-7-206-05449-5Cui Zhonglei150 Success Stories of Chinese and Foreign Celebrities (I & II) (Chinese Edition)
1991978-7-206-05450-1CUI ZHONG LEIfour famous figures Reviews (color version) (Paperback)
1991978-7-206-05451-8CUI ZHONG LEIWorld Cultural and Natural Heritage (color edition) (Paperback)
  ''978-7-206-05452-5   ''cosmic mysteries (Wallpapers Edition) (Paperback)
2007978-7-206-05453-2CUI ZHONG LEI ZHU BIANChinese mystery(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-206-05454-9CUI ZHONG LEI ZHU BIANworld mystery Jilin People s Publishing House(Chinese Edition)
1991978-7-206-05456-3CUI ZHONG LEIalien and UFO (Wallpapers Edition) (Paperback)
  ''978-7-206-05457-0ZUO YU HEgraph that the world thought and culture (full color) [Paperback]
  ''978-7-206-05458-7GAO JIN HUgraph that the world culture of war (full color) [Paperback]
1991978-7-206-05459-4WANG XING WEN ?TAN JING YIdrawings of the world s scientific and cultural
2000978-7-206-06200-1ZHANG HONG YU ZHU / HUIThat environment(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-206-06209-4WU WEN CHANGHeart is far set of signature(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-206-07062-4JI LIN REN MIN CHU BAN SHEYoung people to explore the library of classic movie story(Chinese Edition)
  ''978-7-206-07087-7WANG LEIYoung people to explore library --- face the misery of life(Chinese Edition)
2011978-7-206-07295-6Jilin People s Publishing House 2nd edition Janujudge tell you how to fight the traffic accident lawsuit [paperback](Chinese Edition)
2000978-7-206-08036-4LIU WU FUPortfolio: Contemporary Chinese flash novelist most efficacious prescription(Chinese Edition)