Istanbul Bilgi Universitesi Yayinlari

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-605-399-005-5E. Fuat Keyman & Ziya Onis KeymanTurkish Politics in a Changing World: Global Dynamics and Domestic Transformations
2008978-605-399-022-2Samim AkgonulReciprocity: Greek and Turkish Minorities Law, Religion and Politics
2009978-605-399-038-3n/aEmerging Cultural Continent: Actors and Networks: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey
  ''978-605-399-040-6Ahmet Icduygu Kemal KirisciLand of Diverse Migrations: Challenges of Emigration and Migration in Turkey
2008978-605-399-056-7Feroz AhmadFrom Empire to Republic: v. 1: Essays on the Late Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey
  ''978-605-399-057-4Feroz AhmadFrom Empire to Republic: v. 2: Essays on the Late Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey
2009978-605-399-062-8Salih OzbaranOttoman Expansion Towards the Indian Ocean in the 16th Century
2008978-605-399-065-9Trisha ZiffKorda's Che from Revolution to Icon: Narrative of a Portrait
2009978-605-399-075-8Rona AybayAn Introduction To Law
  ''978-605-399-100-7Murat · Kirmanoglu, Hasan GüvencTurkiye Secim Atlasi 1950 - 2009
  ''978-605-399-102-1Jale Parla Murat BelgeBalkan Literatures: in the Era of Nationalism
2009978-605-399-116-8Miyase ChristensenConnecting Europe: Politics of Information Society in the EU and Turkey
  ''978-605-399-120-5Galip L. YalmanTransition to Neoliberalism: The Case of Turkey in the 1980s
  ''978-605-399-122-9H. AYÇA INCE. Edited by SERHAN ADAIntroduction to Cultural Policy in Turkey
2010978-605-399-140-3Bulent SomayThe View from the Masthead: Journey Through Dystopia Towards an Open-ended Utopia
  ''978-605-399-165-6Mohammad Al-AssadWorkplaces: The Transformation of Places of Production: Industrialization and the Built Environment in the Islamic World
  ''978-605-399-168-7Serhan AdaCultural Policy and Management Yearbook 2010: (KPY)