year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1984978-600-139-140-8I MakarovCybernetics Today
1967978-600-139-162-0Hidehiko YamabeCollected Works of Hidehiko Yamabe
1968978-600-139-176-7R MooreMeasurable Continuous and Smooth Vectors F
1966978-600-139-179-8L BernsteinModified Algorithm of Jacobi Perron The
1956978-600-139-199-6L EhrenpreisTheory of Distributions for Locally Comp
1960978-600-139-330-3H FurstenbergStationary Processes and Prediction Theory
1981978-600-139-339-6G Temple100 Years of Mathematics
1966978-600-139-544-4J AndersonMathematics for Quantum Chemistry
  ''978-600-139-844-5J Barkley RosserSpace Mathematics Part 2
1945978-600-139-965-7S MizwaNicholas Copernicus a Tribute of Nations

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