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1901978-600-08-0916-4Frederic P GorhamLaboratory Guide for the Dissection of Cat
1958978-600-08-1388-8Floyd M MixPractical Carpentry
  ''978-600-08-1468-7H ShapleyOf Stars and Men: Human Response to an Expanding Universe
1944978-600-08-1486-1G HerzbergAtomic Spectra and Atomic Structure
1966978-600-08-1520-2International RInternational Rectifier Corporation Engi
1992978-600-08-2114-2F R A HopgoodPrimer for Phigs C Programmers Edition
1966978-600-08-2533-1Mary Anne RichardsFavorite Recipes of America Salads
1963978-600-08-3094-6W WalkerEngineering Productivity 2VOL
1988978-600-08-3454-8C RubinMacintosh Hard Disk Management
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1990978-600-08-4160-7IntelUnix System Rel Product Overview and M
1992978-600-08-4666-4J AshkenaziHigh Temperature Superconductivity
  ''978-600-08-4672-5R Baeza-YatesComputer Science
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1952978-600-08-7670-8Paul NettlNational Anthems
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1959978-600-08-8372-0M JosephsonEdison
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