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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-5-553-00544-3Various Artists · Corigliano / Kverndokk / Hannevold / KitOboe Concertos
1999978-5-553-00882-6Clay Evans · Fellowship ChoirJust What I Need
2003978-5-553-02120-7Brenda LoweWaiting
2004978-5-553-04842-6Brenda LoweWaiting
1996978-5-553-05442-7Coates / Kelterborn / Ruzicka / Cichewie · Various ArtistsTime Frozen for Chamber / Ensemble-Buch
2003978-5-553-06770-0Debra HendersonJust Right for God
2006978-5-553-07125-7Various ArtistsGuitar Workshop
2003978-5-553-07929-1Eastern Michigan Gospel ChoirGet to the Concept
2002978-5-553-08036-5Various ArtistsRusted Moon: String Quartet Tribute to Neil
2004978-5-553-08342-7Debra HendersonJust Right for God
2010978-5-553-11407-7Jocelyn BrownSomebody Else's Guy
1984978-5-553-11782-5Alison LurieForeign Affairs
2003978-5-553-12155-6Sons of the Soul ReviversHelp Me Lift His Holy Name
  ''978-5-553-12172-3THe Sons of the Soul ReviversHelp Me Lift His Holy Name
1995978-5-553-12595-0Various Artists · Schola Hungarica / Dobszay / SzendreiGregorian Chants from Hungary 4: Easter
2002978-5-553-12597-4Various Artists · Gotta Lot of Booty / Various · VariousGotta Lot of Booty / Various
1999978-5-553-12598-1NaivePost Alcoholic Anxiety
1993978-5-553-14807-2GluckLinnocenza Giustificata
1983978-5-553-15940-5Sam HunterIsamu Noguchi
978-5-553-16627-4Anti Armour Warfare
1981978-5-553-18933-4Robert Louis StevensonChild's Garden of Verses
2001978-5-553-20620-8Pancho BarrazaVueleve Por Favor
1994978-5-553-20831-8Spectrum HolobyteWild Blue Yonder
  ''978-5-553-21897-3On-Line SierraPolice Quest IV: Open Season
1993978-5-553-21975-8Media VisionPlan It Adrenaline
1999978-5-553-23534-5Christopher Walker · Paule FreeburgMore Stories and Songs of Jesus; Stories, Songs, Instrumental
  ''978-5-553-23742-4Broderick RiceTommy Ford Presents: Broderick E. Rice ALIVE - A Gospel Music and Comedy Experience [VHS]
1995978-5-553-26062-0Albert DaileyThat Old Feeling
1991978-5-553-26591-5Joanie BartelsDancin' Magic (The Peppermint Twist/Dance, Dance, Dance/Rockin' Robin/Limbo Rock/The Polkadot Polka/Dinosaur Rock N Roll/The Martian Hop/Dancing on The Ceiling/Hokey Pokey/Happy Feet/The Loco-Motion)
2002978-5-553-27928-8Jump5All the Time in the World
  ''978-5-553-29125-9Larry JohnsonTwo Gun Greene
2001978-5-553-30620-5Cliff RichardRock N Roll Juvenile
1999978-5-553-31104-9Marty HambyHe Keeps Me Singing
1999978-5-553-31141-4Rodney MillsFill This Place
2001978-5-553-31259-6Various Artists · Vivaldi / Steger / Fasolis / I BarocchisFlute & Recorder Concertos
1994978-5-553-32751-4Knowledge Adventure3-D Body Adventure
  ''978-5-553-32886-3Joe Sharkey Joe SharekyDeadly Greed-18.95
  ''978-5-553-32944-0Mark PottsDirty Money-21.95
  ''978-5-553-33029-3C. Everett KoopKoop-22.50
1995978-5-553-37438-9Magic ScreenThe Etch a Sketch Magic Screen Machine
  ''978-5-553-37804-2Multimedia CrtEasy Tutor Learn Windows 95
2000978-5-553-40544-1Various ArtistsLove Collection
2002978-5-553-40620-2   ''American Works for Organ & Orchestra
2000978-5-553-40708-7Harry BelafonteBest of Harry Belafonte
978-5-553-40805-3J. G. BallardKindness of Women
1920978-5-553-40826-8David CallahanDangerous Capabilities
978-5-553-40843-5Shooting Wars
1997978-5-553-40888-6T. M. HawleyAgainst the Fires of Hell: The Environmental Disaster of the Gulf War
1920978-5-553-40904-3Andre CockburnDangerous Liaison Inside
1994978-5-553-41259-3Hank JonesArigato
1994978-5-553-41834-2Walt Disney Computer SoftwareDisney's Aladdin Activity Center
  ''978-5-553-41898-4International SoftkeyTime Almanac of the 20th Century
  ''978-5-553-41932-5Walt Disney Computer SoftwareDisney's Aladdin Activity Center
  ''978-5-553-42001-7   ''The Lion King Animated Storybook
  ''978-5-553-43450-2Evan HunterCriminal Conversation
1994978-5-553-43451-9Eileen GoudgeBlessing in Disguise
  ''978-5-553-43473-1Lawrence DurrellClea
  ''978-5-553-43553-0Tony HillermanThe Great Taos Bank Robbery and Other Indian Country Affairs
  ''978-5-553-43635-3Tony HillermanThief of Time
  ''978-5-553-43676-6Dick FrancisRisk
1994978-5-553-44223-1Frank SinatraHoliday Classics
978-5-553-44651-2Skin Tight: The Bizarre Story of Guess v. Jordache
978-5-553-44844-8William GillSugar and Spice-19.95
2003978-5-553-44845-5Eastern Michigan Gospel ChoirGet to the Concert
1991978-5-553-45009-0Walt Disney ProductionsPinocchio
  ''978-5-553-45048-9Walt Disney ProductionsMary Poppins
978-5-553-46521-6Joe McGinnissCruel Doubt
978-5-553-46759-3Last Man to Die-20.00
978-5-553-47527-7A. JosephyArtist Was a Young Man-12.95
978-5-553-47544-4I. RosenfeldBest Treatment-22.00
978-5-553-47596-3L. DeneducuDemedici Kitchen-29.95
1900978-5-553-47628-1Elmore LeonardGet Shorty
1994978-5-553-48062-2Various Artists20 Greatest Hits 1970
2001978-5-553-51259-0Ralph PetersonArt of War
978-5-553-52724-2I. FranckParents Desk Reference-29.95
978-5-553-52877-5Air Warfare in Missile-14.95
1995978-5-553-52916-1Jane HamiltonA Map of the World (Abridged) (Audiobook)
1989978-5-553-53062-4T. UnderwoodFeast of Fear
978-5-553-53114-0Universe Publishing CoHuman Dignity and Freedom-25.95
1920978-5-553-53295-6j-kornbluthHighly Condfident-23.00
  ''978-5-553-53309-0J. ChestnutBlack in Selma
978-5-553-53385-4I. TrumpFor Love Alone-22.00
978-5-553-53444-8E. LeonardMaximum Bob-20.00
1994978-5-553-53658-9Microsoft PressArt Gallery
1920978-5-553-54029-6P. GentryJuice It Up
978-5-553-54063-0R. RoseNever Say Goodbye-18.98
978-5-553-54378-5Europe After Stalin-10.95
978-5-553-54469-0S. PastonB Potters C Ck-22.95
978-5-553-54518-5G. TremllettGadaffi
978-5-553-54614-4Ken KeseySailor Song
2002978-5-553-59062-8Original SoundtrackScorpion King
2004978-5-553-60391-5Monty GRevolution
  ''978-5-553-60392-2VariousReggae Redemption Songs
1998978-5-553-60544-515 Minute Acupressure Facelift [VHS]
2004978-5-553-61646-5Twelve O'Clock High [VHS]
978-5-553-66024-6P. G. WodehouseSelected Stories by P. G. Wodehouse
1920978-5-553-66083-3Marcus AureliusMeditations of Marcus Aure
978-5-553-66104-5Walter ScottTalisman
978-5-553-66109-0Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland
978-5-553-66123-6Mary Roberts RinehartWindow at the White Cat
1987978-5-553-66125-0Robert Louis StevensonSuicide Club and Other Stori
978-5-553-66237-0Dick FrancisNerve
978-5-553-66242-4Leslie CharterisKnight Templar
978-5-553-66247-9Dick FrancisFor Kicks
978-5-553-66254-7Leslie CharterisAlias the Saint
978-5-553-66258-5George V. HigginsVictories
978-5-553-66259-2Stephen CoontsUnder Siege
978-5-553-66260-8Richard WheelerSword Over Richmond an
978-5-553-66271-4Ed McBainKings Ransom
978-5-553-66290-5George V. HigginsTrust
1990978-5-553-66295-0Leslie CharterisThe Saint Meets the Tiger
978-5-553-66303-2John McPheeLooking for a Ship
978-5-553-66336-0Stuart P. StevensMalaria Dreams
978-5-553-66349-0Farley MowatAnd No Birds Sang
978-5-553-66365-0David G. McCulloughMornings on Horseback
1920978-5-553-66367-4Ray BradburyLong After Midnight
978-5-553-66374-2Clive CusslerDragon
978-5-553-66378-0Ed McBainThe Con Man
978-5-553-66398-8David G. McCulloughGreat Bridge: Volume One
978-5-553-66409-1Tom SharpeWilt Alternative
978-5-553-66449-7V. C. AndrewsGarden of Shadows
1900978-5-553-66450-3Ernest HemingwayFarewell to Arms
978-5-553-66484-8Norman LewisA Dragon Apparent
978-5-553-66486-2E. M. NathansonDirty Dozen-V1
978-5-553-66514-2Tony HillermanTalking God
1989978-5-553-66534-0Barbara W. TuchmanFirst Salute
978-5-553-66574-6V. C. AndrewsSeeds of Yesterday
978-5-553-66596-8Robert GravesAnger of Achilles Homers
978-5-553-66606-4Armstrong SperryHull Down for Action
978-5-553-66638-5Gregory McDonaldCarioca Fletch
978-5-553-66656-9Arthur HerzogVesco
1920978-5-553-66675-0Colleen McCulloughLadies of Missalonghi
978-5-553-66677-4Anne TylerIf Morning Ever Comes
978-5-553-66680-4Gregory McDonaldFletch Too
978-5-553-66688-0Mrs Bridge
1989978-5-553-66690-3V.C. AndrewsIf There Be Thorns
978-5-553-66691-0Frederick ForsythDay of the Jackal
978-5-553-66719-1Gregory McDonaldFletch Won
978-5-553-66751-1Frederick Lewis AllenGreat Pierpont Morgan
1987978-5-553-66763-4Tom ClancyCardinal of the Kremlin
978-5-553-66833-4Scott TurowPresumed Innocent-V1
978-5-553-66904-1Studs TerkelGood War-V2
978-5-553-66954-6Eric AmblerLight of Day
978-5-553-66979-9Armstrong SperryCall It Courage and Other St
978-5-553-67074-0John Kenneth GalbraithGreat Crash
978-5-553-67118-1John McPheePine Barrens
978-5-553-67130-3A. L. RowseCornishman at Oxford
1986978-5-553-67152-5Ed McBainRumpelstiltskin
978-5-553-67153-2   ''Goldilocks
1983978-5-553-67216-4Carre John LeLittle Drummer Girl
978-5-553-67217-1Carre John LeSmileys People
1946978-5-553-67247-8Maurier Daphne DuKings General
978-5-553-67248-5Daphne Du MaurierFrenchmans Creek
978-5-553-67252-2William StyronSophies Choice-V1
1920978-5-553-67258-4H. Rider HaggardKing Solomons Mines
978-5-553-67263-8Paul TherouxThe Black House
978-5-553-67284-3Thomas MertonSeven Storey Mountain
978-5-553-67287-4Frederick ForsythThe Devils Alternative
1920978-5-553-67322-2Isaac AsimovFoundation
978-5-553-67363-5Ed McBainLong Time No See
978-5-553-67366-6Hammond N G LAlexander the Great
978-5-553-67371-0Stones for Ibarra
978-5-553-67373-4Jean M. AuelMammoth Hunter
1983978-5-553-67413-7Barbara W. TuchmanZimmerman Telegram
978-5-553-67455-7Nolen William aMaking of a Surgeon
1920978-5-553-67509-7William F. BuckleyWho's on First
978-5-553-67514-1James ThurberFables for Our Time
978-5-553-67567-7Jane LangtonDark Nantucket Noon
978-5-553-67580-6Gwyn GriffinBy the North Gate
1950978-5-553-67601-8Ken FollettKey to Rebecca
978-5-553-67649-0Ross NorgroveThe Cruising Life
978-5-553-67677-3Mary RenaultLast of the Wine
978-5-553-67679-7Charles Percy SnowCoat of Varnish
978-5-553-67697-1Emily BronteWuthering Heights
978-5-553-67742-8Eli KazanActs of Love
978-5-553-67764-0Charles Percy SnowConscience of the Rich
978-5-553-67766-4   ''Time of Hope
978-5-553-67871-5William F., Jr. BuckleyAirborne
978-5-553-67878-4John D. MacDonaldEmpty Copper Sea
1959978-5-553-67961-3Alan MooreheadNo Room in the Ark
978-5-553-67971-2Jessamyn WestExcept for Me and Thee
978-5-553-67981-1Anne Armstrong ThompsonMessage from Absalom
978-5-553-68005-3Daphne du MaurierRule Britannia
978-5-553-68008-4Bruce CattonNever Call Retreat-V3
978-5-553-68016-9Isaac AsimovSecond Foundation
978-5-553-68077-0Bruce CattonArmy of the Potomac-V02
1920978-5-553-68081-7Isaac AsimovAsimovs Mysteries
978-5-553-68088-6Alan SillitoeWidowers Son
978-5-553-68090-9Leonard MosleyLindberg
978-5-553-68091-6Nicholas MonsarratMonsarrat at Sea
978-5-553-68116-6Thomas TryonLady
978-5-553-68156-2Garrett MattinglyArmada
978-5-553-68169-2Nicholas MonsarratCruel Sea
978-5-553-68182-1Alan MooreheadWhite Nile
1920978-5-553-68192-0Richard BradfordRed Sky at Morning
978-5-553-68200-2Henry David ThoreauWalden
978-5-553-68212-5James Ramsey UllmanRiver of the Sun
2000978-5-553-68928-5Kingdom Under the Sea-Return of the King [VHS]
2002978-5-553-70620-3Girls of Mardi Gras [VHS]
1996978-5-553-72942-4City That Forgot Chr [VHS]
2005978-5-553-74503-5Don Bluth · Bob Tzudiker · Bruce Graham · Eric Tuchman · Noni White · Susan GauthierAnastasia [VHS]
1997978-5-553-76074-8B. GibsonKennedys: Third Generation-22.95
1993978-5-553-76398-5Francis DealyThe Power and the Money: Inside the Wall Street Journal
978-5-553-76424-1J. StrohmeyerExtreme Conditions-23.00
978-5-553-76519-4J. BradleyWWII Asia-18.00
978-5-553-76521-7I. CarrollHunter 21.95
978-5-553-76549-1Line of Fire-25.00
978-5-553-77525-4Yolanda Adams Unforgettable Evening
2002978-5-553-77693-0Commissioned Reunion Live
  ''978-5-553-77765-4God's Top Ten with Dr. Laura Schlessinger - An Adventure Through the Ten Commandments [VHS]
1994978-5-553-77834-7Dick FrancisDriving Force
978-5-553-77843-9Veggie Tales: Rack, Shack & Benny
978-5-553-77844-6Josh and the Big Wall!
978-5-553-78001-2The Angry Eyebrows
1994978-5-553-78002-9Nigel HamiltonJFK: Reckless Youth Part 1
2002978-5-553-78003-6Larryboy: The Cartoon Adventures - The Angry Eyebrows [VHS]
1994978-5-553-78118-7Isaac AsimovForward the Foundation
2001978-5-553-78775-2Inside SessionsWriting & Publishing
978-5-553-79925-0Hide Em in Your Heart 2 (DVD Video)
1991978-5-553-79926-7Steve Green · Betsy Hernandez · Frank HernandezHide 'em in Your Heart: 13 Bible Memory Music Videos for Children of All Ages
1998978-5-553-79927-4Steve GreenPrayer Bear 3: Time to Pray
978-5-553-79928-1Steve GreenPrayer Bear: How to Pray, Vol. 2
2006978-5-553-79929-8   ''Prayer Bear: Best Friends
1991978-5-553-80202-8Stephen E. AmbroseEisenhower: Soldier, General of Army, President-Elect 1890-1952 (15 Cass)
  ''978-5-553-80358-2Adam HallQuiller KGB
  ''978-5-553-80462-6Russell Lord of LiverpoolTrial of Adolf Eichman
2001978-5-553-80544-9J. Rheinberger · Elektra Women's Choir · Rheinberger / Reinhardt / Nixon / CostanSacred Music 6: Missa Et Hymni
  ''978-5-553-81062-7Karina Gauvin · Various Artists · Mozart / Schubert / Haydn / Gauvin / LabExsultate Jubilate
1999978-5-553-81211-9Lynne Reid BanksAndian in the Cupboard
1991978-5-553-81793-0Ed McBainThree Blind Mice
  ''978-5-553-82022-0Elizabeth GoudgeIsland Magic
1991978-5-553-82035-0Michael LewisLiar's Poker: Rising Through the Wreckage on Wall Street
1994978-5-553-82695-6Collin WilcoxSwitchback
  ''978-5-553-82955-1Dean R. KoontzShadowfires
  ''978-5-553-83137-0Gregory McDonaldSon of Fletch
  ''978-5-553-83930-7Joseph EpsteinFamiliar Territory: Observations on American Life
  ''978-5-553-84398-4Sun-TzuArt of War
1994978-5-553-84574-2Robert James WallerSlow Waltz in Cedar Bend
  ''978-5-553-84619-0Tony HillermanDark Wind
2001978-5-553-85316-7The Miracle of the Cards [VHS]
1992978-5-553-85645-8Judy BlumeIt's Not the End of the World
1991978-5-553-85765-3Alvin TofflerFuture Shock
1992978-5-553-85784-4Anne MoodyComing of Age in Mississippi
  ''978-5-553-85823-0Kurt, Jr. VonnegutSirens of Titan
  ''978-5-553-85927-5Judith KrantzI'll Take Manhatten
  ''978-5-553-85953-4Judith KrantzPrincess Daisy
1992978-5-553-85957-2Louis L'AmourCatlow
  ''978-5-553-85979-4Judith KrantzTill We Meet Again
978-5-553-86012-7Bowdrie's Law
1978978-5-553-86131-5Kurt, Jr. VonnegutSlapstick
1991978-5-553-86154-4James JonesThe Thin Red Line
1992978-5-553-86157-5Judy BlumeThen Again, Maybe I Won't
  ''978-5-553-86184-1Gordon R. DicksonNone But Man
  ''978-5-553-86294-7James DickeyDeliverance
  ''978-5-553-86307-4Kurt, Jr. VonnegutPlayer Piano
1991978-5-553-88682-0Larry BondVortex-Part 1- 10 Cassettes
1991978-5-553-88717-9Betty Mahmoody · William HofferNot Without My Daughter-12 Cassettes
  ''978-5-553-88719-3Arthur Conan DoyleThe Valley of Fear-6 Cassettes
  ''978-5-553-88735-3On Tape BooksSchwarzkopf: How We Won the War
  ''978-5-553-88749-0Martin MayerThe Greatest-Ever Bank Robbery-9 Cassettes
  ''978-5-553-88754-4Tom ClancyThe Sum of All Fears-Part1
1991978-5-553-88763-6Michael LeBoeufWorking Smarter: How to Get More Done in Less
  ''978-5-553-88765-0Evelyn WoodEvelyn Wood Reading Dynamics-6 Cass
  ''978-5-553-88777-3Patricia CornwellBody of Evidence
  ''978-5-553-88868-8Arnold ToynbeeBetween Niger and Nile
2007978-5-553-90144-8Various ArtistsDirty Rotten Scoundrels
1988978-5-553-93199-5Judith LevyGrandmother Remembers Family Recipes
978-5-553-93325-8The Moment After
2003978-5-553-93847-5Miss Patty CakeMiss Pattycake & the Birthday Party Surprise [VHS]
2001978-5-553-93848-2   ''Miss Pattycake Hullabaloo Zoo [VHS]
  ''978-5-553-93985-4Monsters IncBowling for Screams
2001978-5-553-93986-1Monsters IncMonster Tag
  ''978-5-553-93987-8   ''Eight Ball Chaos
  ''978-5-553-95125-2Freestyle FellowshipTemptations
2006978-5-553-97514-2R. Wagner · ClrParsifal
2004978-5-553-98590-5ChristafariWord Sound & Power