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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-5-551-00402-8Caryl RiversGirls Forever Brave and True
1990978-5-551-00682-4Erica JongAny Woman's Blues: A Novel of Obsession
1985978-5-551-00961-0Brothers GrimmHansel and Gretel
  ''978-5-551-00963-4Colleen McCulloughCreed for the Third Millennium
  ''978-5-551-00986-3Cathy Cash SpellmanExcess of Love
  ''978-5-551-00999-3Robert B. ParkerA Catskill Eagle: A Spenser Novel
  ''978-5-551-01114-9Isaac AsimovExploding Suns: The Secrets of the Supernovas
1985978-5-551-01125-5Georges SimenonSurvivors
  ''978-5-551-01296-2Rosemary SassoonPractical Guide to Lettering and Applied Calligraphy
1989978-5-551-01320-4DaltonAnastasia Syndrome
  ''978-5-551-01483-6DaltonDark Half
  ''978-5-551-01523-9   ''Rolling Stone the Photographs
1985978-5-551-02310-4Pournelle Jerry · Niven LarryFootfall
1997978-5-551-03801-6MonkeesMaking of the Monkees: Justus [VHS]
1985978-5-551-04374-4M. M. KayeDeath in Berlin
2004978-5-551-04692-9VariousDancehall Baptism Chapter 1
1989978-5-551-04840-4Larry BondRed Phoenix
  ''978-5-551-04879-4Mary Higgins ClarkWhile My Pretty One Sleeps
1989978-5-551-04917-3Allan GurganusOldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All
1985978-5-551-05414-6Joseph Chilton PearceMagical Child Matures
1994978-5-551-05696-6Howard MeansColin Powell: Soldier/Statesman
  ''978-5-551-05921-9Mm KayeDeath in Zanzibar and Death in Kenya
1985978-5-551-06018-5Ed McBainEight Black Horses: An 87th Precinct Novel
1989978-5-551-06067-3John Le CarreThe Russia House
  ''978-5-551-07261-4Richard PeckAre You in the House Alone?
978-5-551-07549-3Gene WaldenMila 18 (R)
2002978-5-551-07714-5Anthony PiersSource of Magic
1987978-5-551-07760-2Dale BrownFlight of the Old Dog
  ''978-5-551-07852-4Daphne Rose KingmaComing Apart
1994978-5-551-07960-6Herman WoukHope Part 2
978-5-551-08620-8Gene WaldenIts Raining Cats and Dogs and Oth
978-5-551-09126-4   ''Boxed-Darksword Trilogy-3v
1985978-5-551-09424-1Dagmar O'ConnorHow to Make Love to the Same Person for
1985978-5-551-09437-1Christopher PriestThe Glamour
  ''978-5-551-09813-3Dotson RaderTennessee, Cry of the Heart
1985978-5-551-09865-2Meredith RichLittle Sins
  ''978-5-551-10047-8Asimov IsaacHugo Winners
  ''978-5-551-10313-4Gregory McDonaldFletch Won
  ''978-5-551-10536-7ERMA BOMBECKFour of a Kind: A Treasury of Favorite Works by America's Best-Loved Humorist
  ''978-5-551-10550-3Ideals Publications IncLittlest Angel
1986978-5-551-10731-6Warren FarrellWhy Men Are the Way They Are: The Male-Female Dynamic
1985978-5-551-11085-9Jackie CollinsLucky
1990978-5-551-11131-3Taylor DayneCan't Fight Fate
1985978-5-551-11316-4Lawrence SandersThe Fourth Deadly Sin
2002978-5-551-11614-1Raymond ChandlerThe High Window
2002978-5-551-11615-8Lin Carter · Raymond ChandlerThe Lady in the Lake
  ''978-5-551-11616-5Raymond ChandlerThe Little Sister
  ''978-5-551-11617-2Lin Carter · Raymond ChandlerThe Long Goodbye
  ''978-5-551-11619-6Warren Adler · Raymond ChandlerThe Simple Art Of Murder
  ''978-5-551-11620-2Raymond ChandlerTrouble is My Business
2002978-5-551-11625-7A. Larry Elliott · Richard J. SchrothHow Companies Lie
  ''978-5-551-12052-0David SchicklerKissing In Manhattan
  ''978-5-551-12053-7Christopher ReichThe First Billion
  ''978-5-551-12054-4James WebbLost Soldiers
  ''978-5-551-12055-1John Calvin · Connie BrockwayBridal Favors
2002978-5-551-12056-8Christopher ReichThe Runner
  ''978-5-551-12057-5Bronislaw Malinowski · Mary Manin MorrisseyNo Less Than Greatness
1986978-5-551-12065-0Ruth MontgomeryRuth Montgomery, Herald of the New Age
2000978-5-551-12496-2Franklin H. LittellThe Anabaptist View of the Church
1997978-5-551-12971-4Jade Star
978-5-551-12989-9Catherine CoulterThe Sherbrooke Bride
1996978-5-551-13584-5John Douglas · Mark OlshakerMindHunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit
1999978-5-551-13599-9Mary Higgins ClarkAll Through the Night
2001978-5-551-13684-2   ''On the Street Where You Live
  ''978-5-551-13691-0Stephen E. Ambrose[ NOTHING LIKE IT IN THE WORLD: THE MEN WHO BUILT THE TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD 1863-1869 ] Nothing Like It in the World: The Men Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad 1863-1869 By Ambrose, Stephen E. (Author) Nov-2001 [ Paperback ]
2000978-5-551-13705-4Stephen KingOn Writing A Memoir of the Craft
2001978-5-551-13840-2An Hour Before Daylight
978-5-551-13862-4A Mind at a Time: America's Top Learning Expert Shows How Every Child Can Succeed
2001978-5-551-14133-4Elizabeth. BergNever change
1985978-5-551-14183-9Pauline KaelThe Citizen Kane Book.
2001978-5-551-14215-7Christopher GoldenBrain Trust
2001978-5-551-14256-0Martin DugardFarther Than Any Man - The Rise And Fall Of Captain James Cook
1985978-5-551-14676-6Garrison KeillorLake Wobegon Days
  ''978-5-551-14830-2Norman SpinradChild of Fortune
978-5-551-14943-9Anne McCaffreyCrystal Singer
978-5-551-15018-3Eating Well for Optimum Health: The Essential Guide to Food, Diet, and Nutrition
2001978-5-551-15098-5Anne TylerBack When We Were Grownups
1985978-5-551-15352-8Alice AdamsReturn Trips: Stories
1985978-5-551-15425-9Stephen KingBachman Books: Four Early Novels
2000978-5-551-15455-6UnnamedLife Is So Good
  ''978-5-551-15460-0Charles M. RobinsonThe Men Who Wear the Star
  ''978-5-551-15462-4Zadie SmithWhite Teeth
  ''978-5-551-15495-2Jeff . GoodellSunnyvale: The Rise and Fall of a Silcon Valley Family
978-5-551-15686-4Kingdom the Far Reaches
1985978-5-551-15690-1John NaisbittRe-Inventing the Corporation: Transforming Your Job and Your Company for the New Information
  ''978-5-551-15772-4Danielle SteelSecrets
1985978-5-551-15814-1Robert B. ParkerLaguna Heat
2001978-5-551-15820-2Helene StapinskiFive-finger Discount - A Crooked Family History
978-5-551-15921-6Like Water for Chocolate
1985978-5-551-15946-9Pete TownshendHorse's Neck
  ''978-5-551-16037-3Richard FredeThe Nurses
2000978-5-551-16076-2Kevin PattersonThe Water in Between: A Journey at Sea
1985978-5-551-16245-2Paul TherouxImperial Way
2002978-5-551-16349-7Ian McEwanAtonement: A Novel
1985978-5-551-16369-5Rona JaffeAfter the Reunion
  ''978-5-551-16370-1Isaac AsimovRobots and Empire
  ''978-5-551-16409-8Victoria HoltRoad to Paradise Island
1985978-5-551-16623-8Nancy FridayJealousy / By Nancy Friday.
1995978-5-551-16654-2Virgin GamesDaedalus Encounter
978-5-551-17223-9The Complete Poetry and Selected Prose of John Donne
2000978-5-551-17242-0Henry JamesWashington Square
1995978-5-551-17265-9Brent Iverson · David Luoto · Brian ConeryU.S. Navy Fighters: Air Combat Series
1950978-5-551-17278-9Saint AugustineThe City Of God
978-5-551-17286-4Vanity Fair: A Novel Without a Hero
1989978-5-551-17365-6Louis L'AmourThe Man Called Noon
1987978-5-551-18030-2DaltonChapman Piloting Seamanship
1994978-5-551-18634-2Learning CompanyTreasure Cove Ages 5-9
1986978-5-551-18794-3Venita VanCaspelMoney Dynamics for the New Economy
1995978-5-551-18843-8Lucas ArtsIndiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
  ''978-5-551-18874-2Spectrum HolobyteStar Trek The Next Generation: A Final Unity
2001978-5-551-18986-2Adriana TrigianiBig Cherry Holler
2001978-5-551-18990-9Thomas RicksA Soldier's Duty
2001978-5-551-19006-6Stephen King · Peter StraubBlack House
  ''978-5-551-19010-3Laura ClaridgeNorman Rockwell: A Life.
  ''978-5-551-19035-6J. KellermanFLESH AND BLOOD
2002978-5-551-19045-5Greg ChildOver The Edge
1986978-5-551-19176-6Joan RiversEnter Talking
1987978-5-551-19513-9Erma BombeckFamily: The Ties That Bind and Gag
1995978-5-551-20620-0Works Inc WizardD! Zone 2
1994978-5-551-21442-7Media VisionWiggins in Storyland
2001978-5-551-21760-2Inc. Icon Group InternationalThe 2000 Import and Export Market for Manufactures of Leather and Composition Leather in Bangladesh
1985978-5-551-22381-8Joseph P. AllenEntering Space: An Astronaut's Odyssey
1989978-5-551-22432-7Lawrence SandersCapital Crimes
1985978-5-551-22441-9William GoldingEgyptian Journal
1995978-5-551-22742-7Specturm Holobyte · Spectrum Holobyte1942 Pacific Air War Gold
  ''978-5-551-23232-2Lasersoft IncBoard and Strategy
1985978-5-551-23456-2James MichenerTexas
1986978-5-551-23479-1Gail SheehySpirit of Survival
1985978-5-551-24650-3Irving WallaceSecond Lady
  ''978-5-551-25040-1Christopher IdoneGlorious American Food
1985978-5-551-25042-5Don HewittMinute by Minute
  ''978-5-551-25051-7Carl SaganComet
  ''978-5-551-25112-5Anita BrooknerFamily and Friends
  ''978-5-551-25539-0Anthony BurgessFlame Into Being
  ''978-5-551-25807-0Anthony SummersGoddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe
1985978-5-551-25846-9Piers AnthonyWith a Tangled Skein
  ''978-5-551-26650-1Bill YenneEncyclopedia of U.S. Spacecraft
  ''978-5-551-27026-3Peter UeberrothMade in America: His Own Story
  ''978-5-551-27039-3Donald KnoxKorean War: Pusan to Chosin
  ''978-5-551-27078-2Joseph WambaughSecrets of Harry Bright
1985978-5-551-27091-1Lewis GrizzardShoot Low, Boys--They're Ridin' Shetland Ponies: In Search of True Grit
1985978-5-551-27350-9Leo GirouxThe Rishi
2003978-5-551-27517-6Susan SizemoreI Burn for You
1985978-5-551-27571-8Anne EdwardsA Remarkable Woman: A Biography of Katharine Hepburn
1990978-5-551-27625-8Bryan and Helyar, John BurroughBarbarians At The Gate - The Fall Of Rjr Nabisco
2003978-5-551-27735-4Terry BrooksHigh Druid of Shannara
1995978-5-551-27868-9InterplayVirtual Pool
2004978-5-551-28585-4Robert A. HeinleinFor Us, the Living: A Comedy of Customs
  ''978-5-551-28586-1Robert A. HeinleinFor Us, the Living: A Comedy of Customs
1985978-5-551-29549-5Wayne W. DyerWhat Do You Really Want for Your Children
1954978-5-551-29737-6AnonymousMorals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
1986978-5-551-30135-6Tracy CabotHow to Keep a Man in Love with You / By
1993978-5-551-30905-5Bob MillardThe Judds
  ''978-5-551-31379-3J. S. BorthwickDude on Arrival (R)
978-5-551-31542-1Jo's Boys
2004978-5-551-31544-5The Castle of Otranto
2010978-5-551-31599-52010 Jan 01Antony and Cleopatra

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