year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-4-88647-178-9Java Introduction to Programming to learn in the game making (SCC books) (2003) ISBN: 4886471781 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88647-187-1Java class design Introduction to learn in the game to make - object design to remember In contrast to the structured design (SCC books) (2003) ISBN: 4886471870 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88647-221-2How to get the privacy mark - how to make the compliance program (SCC books) (2000) ISBN: 4886472214 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88647-222-9Produce professional Web Basics - Web site creation as a professional (SCC books) (2000) ISBN: 4886472222 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88647-612-8Basis of revised communication network (information processing basic course) (2004) ISBN: 4886476120 [Japanese Import]
2005978-4-88647-619-7EsushiÌ"shiÌ".Basis of a computer system (information processing basic course) (2005) ISBN: 4886476198 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88647-693-7Day trading haste teaching - the secret to make money on the stock market and make full use of computer and Internet (SCC books) (2005) ISBN: 4886476937 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88647-698-2Wonders of the mobile phone - to solve the trick (SCC books) (2005) ISBN: 4886476988 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88647-768-22000 corresponding original system notebook printing technology office (SCC books) (1999) ISBN: 4886477682 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88647-769-9Idea tree PC Thinking (SCC books) (1999) ISBN: 4886477690 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88647-819-1Burning Dalian - software development situation of Dalian City (SCC books) (2005) ISBN: 4886478190 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88647-821-4Practice techniques for object-oriented development in Java (SCC books) (2005) ISBN: 4886478212 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88647-836-8-J2SE1.4/5.0 Enabled Java programming Introduction to learn in future making games (SCC Books 325) (2007) ISBN: 4886478360 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88647-843-62008 Introduction to Visual Basic to learn in making games (SCC Books 332) (2008) ISBN: 4886478433 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88647-847-43.0-enabled Visual C # to learn in the game to make 2008 Introduction-XNA Game Studio (SCC Books 336) (2009) ISBN: 4886478476 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88647-899-3I-appli programming to learn in making games (SCC books) (2002) ISBN: 4886478999 [Japanese Import]
2002978-4-88647-922-8多田 多恵子したたかな植物たち―あの手この手のマル秘大作戦 (SCCガーデナーズ・コレクション)
  ''978-4-88647-935-8野中 文雄モーショングラフィックスで学ぶActionScript―Flash MX (SCC books)
  ''978-4-88647-939-6エリザベス オレアリー成功するリーダーへの道―10分間でわかるマネジメント (SCC books―10分間でわかるマネジメント)
2012978-4-88647-987-7中島 省吾 · 工学研究社ゲーム作りで学ぶJavaプログラミング入門 Java7版 (SCC Books)