Takagi Shobo

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-4-88471-054-5I question the mettle to day morning negotiations - tragedy of abduction (2002) ISBN: 4884710541 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88471-055-2lie in China Asahi reveals (2003) ISBN: 488471055X [Japanese Import]
978-4-88471-066-8global strategy of "America the two" Japanese people do not know (2004) ISBN: 4884710665 [Japanese Import]
2004978-4-88471-067-5Masayuki TakayamaWorld scheming - different opinions freely (2004) ISBN: 4884710673 [Japanese Import]
2008978-4-88471-074-3Sachihiko KawamataQuantum theory and the meaning of life (2008) ISBN: 4884710746 [Japanese Import]
2009978-4-88471-079-8川又 三智彦死の意味と量子論
978-4-88471-084-2Life theory of Tamogami Toshio - aims Japanese (2010) ISBN: 4884710843 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88471-086-6Forty years from the self-determination - Yukio Mishima to revive now (2010) ISBN: 488471086X [Japanese Import]
978-4-88471-090-3From Japan, the world's first "hydrogen rich water 'save the world (2011) ISBN: 4884710908 [Japanese Import]
2010978-4-88471-418-5ヴィクトリア ブーテンコグリーン・フォー・ライフ
2012978-4-88471-425-3Jennifer CornbleetRaw food BASICS (2012) ISBN: 4884714253 [Japanese Import]
2009978-4-88471-506-9宗形 明異形の労働組合指導者「松崎明」の誤算と蹉跌―「JR東日本革マル問題」の真相と現状