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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-4-88412-230-0It's my challenge-University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine study bravely mentioned (2000) ISBN: 4884122305 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88412-236-2Practical Introduction to Statistics (2001) ISBN: 4884122364 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88412-242-3In the theme of paper of statistical Q & A-international medical journal for EBM practice (2002) ISBN: 4884122429 [Japanese Import]
2004978-4-88412-260-7Futoshi AkiyamaBenign lesions of the mammary gland easily mistaken as malignant (2004) ISBN: 4884122607 [Japanese Import]
2005978-4-88412-262-1マーシャ・エンジェル · 栗原 千絵子 · 斉尾 武郎ビッグ・ファーマ―製薬会社の真実
978-4-88412-268-3Invitation to scientific thinking - the epidemiology of Rothman (2004) ISBN: 4884122682 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88412-269-0How to learn ABC-medical education, teaching (2004) ISBN: 4884122690 [Japanese Import]
2004978-4-88412-270-6長浜 正彦Try another challenge―アメリカ医師免許取得奮戦記
978-4-88412-280-5To multivariate analysis of linear algebra - Multivariate analysis Introduction (2005) ISBN: 4884122801 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88412-315-4Commentary medical information technician proficiency exam questions
2009978-4-88412-323-9Masahiko NagahamaToward Tomorrow-tomorrow - American resident living bravely mentioned (2009) ISBN: 4884123239 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88412-324-6Medical physicists training core text - basic knowledge for medical physicists in the radiation therapy field (2009) ISBN: 4884123247 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88412-329-1New edition medical information medical information system reviews (2009) ISBN: 4884123298 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88412-330-7New edition medical information Medical and Hen (2009) ISBN: 4884123301 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88412-331-4New edition medical information processing technology reviews (2009) ISBN: 488412331X [Japanese Import]
978-4-88412-335-2Introduction to oncology (2009) ISBN: 4884123352 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88412-342-0Theory and practice of medical education (2010) ISBN: 4884123425 [Japanese Import]
2010978-4-88412-344-4大西 洋がん・放射線療法 2010
978-4-88412-346-82010 separate cancer, radiation therapy target - on CT and typical radiation field (2010) ISBN: 4884123468 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88412-348-2Fact of palliative care consultation team - 55 palliative care (2010) ISBN: 4884123484 [Japanese Import]
978-4-88412-352-9Medical information sub-notebook [Tankobon Hardcover]
2013978-4-88412-372-7KennethJ. Rothmanロスマンの疫学―科学的思考への誘い
978-4-88412-630-8Direction of the (2011)-Japan Journal of Health P Nippon Medical Professor Systems Association 1-1 capacity building of health care workers (2011) ISBN: 4884126300 [Japanese Import]