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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-4-87932-006-3Zaikai kenkyuÌ"jo.Pachinko chain Dai Nam strongest in history (1999) ISBN: 4879320064 [Japanese Import]
2003978-4-87932-027-8Takeshi KoÌ"tsukaPractice of Takatsuka Takeshi lecture "Science resurrection company" (2002) ISBN: 4879320277 [Japanese Import]
978-4-87932-030-8Consciousness revolution of -4 million people fight of 3650 day Sagawa Express reconstruction (2003) ISBN: 4879320307 [Japanese Import]
978-4-87932-032-2I Okoseru venture even to you - day sardines drinks whale! (2003) ISBN: 4879320323 [Japanese Import]
978-4-87932-036-0Men grab the times (2003) ISBN: 4879320366 [Japanese Import]
978-4-87932-038-4spirited story comes out - to challenge leaders (2004) ISBN: 4879320382 [Japanese Import]
2004978-4-87932-040-7Kazuo InamoriI think of you always to achieve - to children in the 21st century (2004) ISBN: 4879320404 [Japanese Import]
  ''978-4-87932-042-1Yasuyuki TakimotoDisposable time to solve the deflation -! Consume Why Did Narisaga~tsu to "consumption"? (2004) ISBN: 4879320420 [Japanese Import]
978-4-87932-054-4Wisdom Cool prominent manner anonymous people of Japan and <2> Japanese (2007) ISBN: 4879320544 [Japanese Import]
2009978-4-87932-061-2Hiromichi Take · Zaikai KenkyuÌ"jo.Hospital management standard-bearer, Wu Hiromichi medical reform talks will be human (2009) ISBN: 4879320617 [Japanese Import]
978-4-87932-065-0The management draws people (2009) ISBN: 487932065X [Japanese Import]
2014978-4-87932-098-8永守 重信 · 志太 勤 · 清野 智 · 塚本 勲 · 渡 文明 · 清水 信次 · 本庄 八郎 · 鈴木 敏文母の教え