Okura publication

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-4-87278-062-8Psychic Force game - Comic Anthology (Oak comix) (1996) ISBN: 4872780620 [Japanese Import]
978-4-87278-235-6Secret (Pic chinquapin comic) (1998) ISBN: 4872782356 [Japanese Import]
1998978-4-87278-304-9Rowan RobinsonThe Great Book of Hemp: The Complete Guide to the Environmental, Commercial, and Medicinal Uses of the World's Most Extraordinary Plant
978-4-87278-314-8ちっちゃな約束 (OAK comix)
978-4-87278-334-6おんなのこ遊園地_ガールズパーク (OAK comix)
978-4-87278-342-1Baby powder_やわらかい気持ち (OAK comix)
978-4-87278-461-9Thirty Anniversary Dashing Photos singer Ichiro Mizuki - brother Mikoto (Anime Song) (1999) ISBN: 4872784618 [Japanese Import]
1999978-4-87278-485-5もりしげ子供の森・完結編―もりしげ作品集 (Oak comix)
  ''978-4-87278-520-3Beverly A Potter · Sebastian Orfali · Takao Bakuya · Orutado Dimenshon KenkyuÌ"kai.Brain Booster - medicine to better the head, vitamins, nutrients, herbs (1999) ISBN: 4872785207 [Japanese Import]
978-4-87278-547-0Electronic games 70's & 80's Collection (Ultra Book (14)) (2000) ISBN: 4872785479 [Japanese Import]
978-4-87278-564-7Voice actor white paper (2000) ISBN: 4872785649 [Japanese Import]
2001978-4-87278-748-1國津 武士天然少女児童会 (OAK COMIX)
978-4-87278-915-7LOVE <SEX (2002) ISBN: 4872789156 [Japanese Import]